On the Hanger: Black & Gold Wedding Wardrobe

I’m a big fan of Stitch Fix and a proud affiliate of their brand and service. Links in this post are affiliate links to Stitch Fix, giving you the opportunity to try out Stitch Fix and also help support my blog at no extra cost to you! Please feel no pressure to make a purchase. Thank you for reading and supporting! 


My step-sister is getting married next month, and the wedding colors are black and gold. According to the invitation, it’s a black-tie affair (which…I mean… okay… that’s going to probably get it’s own dedicated post at some point this month). I’m taking that to mean I can wear the classiest black dress I can find.  Black and Gold is a perfect combination for me, as I’ve met very few black dresses that I didn’t like.

I had a grand vision of a floor-length black dress, my locs up in a twist with gold ribbon interlaced within. As I have been wall-to-wall busy, I have absolutely no time to fuss around at the mall looking for a dress to make this happen. I turned to my Stitch Fix stylist and wrote out my vision.

I’ve been writing about Stitch Fix on and off for months. I’m a very proud affiliate because I really firmly believe in the service and what they offer. I get a lot of compliments on the clothing I’ve purchased from them. Whenever I say, “I got this from Stitch Fix,” there is a shock of surprise. What I’m encountering is a lot of misconceptions about the service. Let me clear them up real quick.

Myth #1: You have to sign up for automatic deliveries 

This is false. I think that when the service launched, this might have been the case, but it’s no longer a requirement. I send for a fix when I need one. That usually ends up being about once a quarter. For me, Stitch Fix is a fun, convenient fashion treat. It’s an indulgence with a purpose. If you think you’d like to get regular fixes that come at scheduled intervals, that’s an option for you, too! A fix is only $20 and that $20 goes toward your purchase if you buy something.

Myth #2: Stitch Fix is only for smaller sizes

I’m… not the smallest woman you’ve ever met. I’m not the biggest, either. Let’s say I’m an over-indulgent, yet relatively healthy, in between. Okay? Okay. 

When Stitch Fix started, it did have a size range that only went up to 16. Now they have sizes that go into “plus” sizes (and also, they offer more cuts that are flattering to bodies of all shapes and sizes) and those clothes are just as fabulous as what they offer to the smaller sized ladies. Don’t let the number define you, don’t let the number hold you back. I love myself and my body so much, I demand well-made clothing for it. Stitch Fix meets my standards.

Myth #3: Stitch Fix is for 20-something Fashionistas


I’m not a fashionista and I’m not a 20-something anymore. I’m a mini-van driving mom in my mid-thirties with way too much goin’ on. I know myself, I know my style. I know what I like and what I don’t like. I’m not takin’ selfies all the time, but I’m not hiding in a corner, either.

I like dressing well, but I don’t love fashion. I don’t read the magazines, I don’t care about trends, I really, really don’t care about what celebrities are wearing.

That’s why Stitch Fix is so perfect for me. They do care about fashion and trend, but they also care about my taste and my preferences. They perfectly align what I’m looking for with what’s on-trend and in-style right now.

Because my personal style is more “timeless” than “trendy,” and because the clothing I have purchased is so well made, I don’t have to worry about stuff getting stale within a season. These are pieces I’m going to be able to wear again and again, and that’s also a wonderful perk!



When I got my fix last week, there were three dresses, a very light-weight trench coat, and a pair of earrings (see above) waiting for me. It would seem that Stitch Fix doesn’t carry full-length dresses that aren’t more casual maxi dresses. What my stylist Shelley sent me instead were three dresses that come down well past the knees, but not quite to the ankles.

One of them was a lace number:


Very pretty, but because of my upper-body assets, it didn’t quite work for me. The detail drew attention for all the wrong reasons. I also found the lace to read more funeral than wedding. I sent this one back.

The next is a gorgeous sleeveless dress that I think I’m going to wear for the wedding itself:


I absolutely adore this dress. The simple silhouette is perfect for accentuating the parts of my shape that I love while taking away from the parts that I’d like to emphasize less. The pattern is stunning, and the paneling in the front assures a tailored, structured look, though the dress flows beautifully.


IMG_2958 (2).jpg

I’m going to need a wrap or something to put over my shoulders while I’m in the church, which leaves me in a bit of a lurch. If I were a faster knitter, I’d knit my own, but I don’t have time. I’ve actually sent for a second Fix to see if they have something for me that will help. Otherwise, I might end up doing a little shopping after all. It shouldn’t be too hard to do.

I’ll have the opportunity to visit with friends during the weekend of the wedding, so I asked my stylist to also include a dress I can wear to go out for drinks in. She sent me this wonder:

Full length look at knit dress delivered by Stitch Fix

This is the dress that Ursa Major says I look like a “judge” in. Again, simple silhouette, but that’s my preference, and that dress hangs so beautifully on me. The detailing in the sleeve is different and fun, and I didn’t think I liked it at first, but now I love it.

Sleeve detail of Vince Camuto Dress delivered by Stitch Fix

This dress has become a sudden workhorse in my wardrobe: I wore it to that important town committee meeting I had to go to (it made a powerful first impression), I wore it to church on Sunday for fun and got a lot of compliments, and I’m a parent volunteer tonight for kindergarten night at school and I’m sittin’ here wondering if I should wear it again… maybe… I’m just so in love with it.

Vince Camuto dress delivered by Stitch Fix

The box also included a light-weight trench coat that I didn’t love at all and won’t even bother to picture here. I find that each Fix has an item I don’t love. That’s perfectly ok–you don’t have to buy a single item in the box if they don’t work for you!

My stylist included the pair of gold earrings in the featured image and… I kinda regret not purchasing them. They are beautiful. The thing is, I don’t wear yellow gold. I really, really don’t like it. In her note, my stylist addressed that: “I know you usually prefer silver jewelry, but in the spirit of the black and gold theme, I included these gold filagree earrings from Marlyn Schiff…”

I can’t wear gold in my hair and then silver in my ears though… backed myself into a corner with that one! I’ll work it out.

Anyway, I’m really looking forward to showing up and lookin’ fabulous for this big event next month. More importantly, I’m so grateful that I’ve welcomed two new dresses into my wardrobe! I’m finding myself invited to more and more things and having these beautiful, well-made, curated just for me pieces in my closet has really elevated my self-confidence! I’m learning a lot about what makes me look and feel great when I step out into the world… especially this elite suburban world that I just happen to live in. The more times I can step into these rooms and look like I belong, the better. I can’t express enough how grateful I am to Stitch Fix for that!

Dear Reader, have you tried this service yet? Why haven’t you! $20 is all it takes to get started. There is no obligation to buy the clothes they send you! It works for women of all sizes (and women looking for maternity styles!) and men! You have no excuses!

Get your first fix TODAY!

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