Third Time’s the Charm?

Photo: Sledding and igloo-making this morning because little boys woke up with their voice volume set to 100. I was like, oh, ya’ll need to go outside!


I always want snow days to be weekend days. I want pancakes. I want bacon. I want The Husband to stay home and also entertain the children. I want long hours of catching up on television and also crafting. I want boys to play outside for a bit (with their father supervising), have hot chocolate when they get back inside, have a spontaneous dance party, and maybe even take a nap. I want it all to be gloriously leisurely.

But it just can’t be so. Not on the third snow day. The novelty of the snow and an extra day to be together as a family has worn off. The boys woke up at 7:30 at full volume, jolting me and The Husband out of bed. The Husband, was cranky as hell thanks to this, which made him go grumbling and stomping downstairs. Bacon was not thawed over night (why? I don’t know) and he didn’t feel like thawing a pack, so next thing I know, cereal bowls were put out for breakfast. Disaster. Disaster!

After cereal, coffee in hand, The Husband retreated upstairs to the office to get some work done, leaving me with little bears not groggy and full of pancakes, but spry and ready for adventure. They proceeded to wrestle, play “army soldier”, then play Voltron (all of that involving wrestling and hitting, of course!), then they built a pillow fort and proceeded to… you guessed it… wrestle! Lots of “stop it!” and “you’re hurting me!” and “he hit me!” and “you hit me first!”

At full volume.

I didn’t finish my cup of coffee this morning.

“Ya’ll gotta go outside!” I declared.

But The Husband was upstairs on a conference call, sooooooo…

We had to go outside!

The very recollection makes me want to weep. Poor me! No pancakes! No bacon! No crafting! And out in the snow!

(You are feeling sufficiently bad for me, right? Right?)

I got dressed, I got them dressed, I squeezed them into their snow gear. I booted them out into the snowy wonderland. I put some handwarmers into my gloves like my New Englander friends taught me to do.

And it was, indeed, quiet. It was also, indeed, peaceful. The crunch of new snow under my boots was pleasant. Watching the boys zoom down the hill into our neighbor’s yard with their zippy little sleds was fun. Watching them, with each trip, get a little more tired as they came charging back up the hill was quite satisfying. I really am trying to find a love for the season. It’s taking a lot of effort, but I’m here for it. Winter, I’m learning, requires all the senses to really understand. You must see the detail in the monochromatic landscape, you must hear the whispers of a world hushed by falling water crystals, and you must push past the sensation of cold to reach down and find the joy in crunching and compacting the snow under foot. I am not a fan yet. I’m just saying, that I’m thinking about the season.

When they were done sledding, they packed snow into little brick makers I bought at Wegmans and tried to build an igloo. We quickly learned that such an effort would require a lot of snow, and time, and… we were ready to get warm. All in all, it was a good 90 minutes outside!

While behavior inside did improve, it was still a pretty crazy day. Crafting did happen, but not what I’d planned for. The boys and I painted flowers to bring a little warmth and color to the day. We also had a Hamilton sing-along because that’s just an awesome way to spend a little bit of time.


As you can see, The Yellow Child is still true to his color. I laughed as he was painting. “That makes me think of Black-eyed Susans and home,” I said wistfully. I had planned on painting cherry blossoms because that’s what I think of when I think of Spring, but I decided to follow Minor’s lead and go with Black-Eyed Susans instead.

The menu tonight was French onion soup and burgers. I started the soup early in the day so the kitchen is warm and the house smells amazing. Burgers will sit heavy on the belly, giving us all a good night’s sleep tonight. Tomorrow… well, we’ll be right back at it, disruption not withstanding. It’s hard to have a mid-week snow storm, especially when there was no school on Monday and we’ve got insanity coming up this weekend. Ya’ll know it’s Major’s birthday weekend, right? Right. Madness. And that isn’t even the half of it. More next week.

It’s going to be a busy stretch, Dear Reader. And least I’ll have something to write about, yeah?

Hope your mid-week is warm and productive. I hope you have fun plans to look forward to as the week comes to a close.

I’ll see you Friday for Quiet Thoughts.



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  1. Theresa says:

    Sounds like an eventful day! But full of love. 🙂

    1. K.C. Wise says:

      Much love.
      and whining.
      and wine. 🙂

  2. Debra Franke says:

    Thank you for your beautiful and heartwarming words–we need these in a cold season! I love when you wrote about winter: “Winter, I’m learning, requires all the senses to really understand.” You are absolutely right, winter is a beautifully unique season, one that is often underrated and judged unfairly, because when we use all the senses, we see the beauty in it that is often so hidden. I love your poetic words about the sounds, sights, textures etc. I don’t have children, but I am a runner and have been out this winter more than ever. Once I’ve been running and I warm up and get accustomed to the air and roads, oh the beauty. My heart becomes still, the flakes falling and lamps reflecting in diamonds on snow, the quiet still world… you are indeed right, it takes effort to love it, but it’s worth it. Happy snow days I hope your weekend will be lovely! xo

    1. K.C. Wise says:

      God bless the runners during this time of year! I don’t know how ya’ll do it! Especially because there is no place to do it! Stay safe out there!

      Everyone here is training for the Boston Marathon. Are you training for a spring Marathon as well?

  3. Miriam Joy says:

    Happy birthday to Major for Monday — my almost-but-really-not-quite twin! He’s going to be … seven, this time, right? (I hope I’ve remembered that correctly.) Time flies!

    1. K.C. Wise says:

      You totally remember correctly!
      7 is really hurting my feelings…

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