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12 months ago

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Photo: I got a poinsettia plant from church today! It didn’t name a specific sender, just my church. Certainly a warm and fuzzy wonderful kind of gift. I enjoyed it next to our Advent wreath for a while this afternoon.


The Husband got this bright idea in his head that he was going to take the boys out to purchase new ornaments for the tree on Saturday. He did this because he wants the boys to cultivate their own ornament collections. Major wasn’t terribly keen on the trip, retorting, “but we already have, like, 600 ornaments!”

“Correction,” my husband stated with his hands on his hips. “I have, like, 600 ornaments. You have maybe 5.”

Uh huh. This is why I’m stepping away from this tree thing. It’s suddenly becoming most unfun.

It would seem that Major agrees with me. He totally and unequivocally backed out of the trip. The Husband was disappointed, doing his best to push the almost 7-year-old to go. There was a little bargaining, some threatening, some begging. Lord knows I wasn’t going, so I might have also tried to push him out the door so I could enjoy some quiet. But Major wouldn’t be moved. So, Minor and The Husband left. Major sat at the dining room table with some playdoh. I, done with embroidered project #2 (only the scarf is left!), did a little bit of clean-up.

After about 10 minutes of quiet in the house, Major let out the most relaxed, satisfied “woooooo.”

I smiled and let out one of my own and enjoyed sharing the house with a kid big enough to entertain himself, chill enough to really want nothing to do with me for a little bit of time. He doesn’t have the language to say he was seeking a little bit of Stillness, but he was. That kid just wanted a little bit of alone time. He, like me, is an introvert who just happens to have some outgoing qualities.

After a while, I put my Christmas playlist on so we could enjoy a festive ambiance. He bopped along to Linus and Lucy and some of the other Peanuts album. I have that mixed in with the R&B classics that I like to listen to during this time of year. He’s always been a fan of the Temptation’s Little Drummer Boy and the Jackson Five’s I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus.

I personally love Stevie Wonder’s That’s What Christmas Means to Me and I always sing along when it comes on. When it popped up on the playlist, I started singing with gusto as per usual. Well, you know what? Next thing I know, Major is right next to me, dancing along and singing it too! Word for word!

Pure fun joy is dancing and singing to Stevie Wonder in your living room with your eldest child. I feel like I never get to spend time with Major without his brother around. When I do, it’s always for serious business and rarely for fun. In some ways, I admit that I feel guilty. I wonder if he’s ever forgiven me for giving him so little time to be in the world without a little brother. I fear he has always held a little something back from me.  I hope it’s not true, but I wonder sometimes.

All of that fell away for a little bit on Saturday. I absolutely love listening to him sing. I love how much he enjoys music and how much music seems to mean to him. He doesn’t know that he reflects some 4 generations of musical talent, coming by it really honestly on my side of the family, as well as his father’s. All he knows is that when he hears music, he’s happy.

It took a while for The Husband and Minor to return for ornament shopping. They came in with two jumbo-jet ornaments, one with a broken tail-wing. It would seem that the store has a you break it, you buy it policy and Minor had an oopsie. “We were going to buy it anyway,” The Husband grumbled. Alrighty.

I cannot even believe that we are all 7 days away from Christmas. It’s just… what? Where did the time go? My shopping is done, I think. My week is going to be dedicated to knitting this scarf until my fingers fall off. Oh Lord, I have no less than 50 inches that I need to knit in 7 days. No pressure. No pressure. No pressure. No pressure!

So… uh… yeah… I’m gonna get off now. Annnnnnndddd…. I’m going to do my best to not write a [fail] or [short] post on Wednesday… but no guarantees. We’ll have to see my progress. I’ll at least post a picture. I really want to end the year strong, so if I can avoid a [fail], I will.

Happy Monday, Dear Reader. I’m here with you. This week is going to go by rocket-fast, yet improbably slowly. Breathe with me, Dear Reader. Let’s commit to performing a miracle or two, for moving in kindness and spreading joy. This is the week when all the magic of the season really happens. Do your part, Dear Reader. I know you’ve got it in you!

Until Wednesday, take care.

4 Replies to “How Many Days Did You Say?”

  1. Hello, how long did your poinsettia last? I bought 2 and the leaves keep falling off, it was disappointing. I have 2 daughters (9 and 6) and sometimes I feel that the eldest doesn’t get much alone time, but they are at a stage I have to pry the phone/tablet out of their hands to get some time with them because I know in a few years I won’t get it. We have the time when we play music and sing and dance (just the 3 of us).

    1. Soooo, I gave the poinsettia to my neighbor. We travel home for Christmas, so it would have sat around the house and died. I’ve only seen one poinsettia ever last longer than a holiday season, and that’s when my mother-in-law got one to live for a whole 6 months before it finally died. I’m not sure if they “come back” if you keep them long enough… they are strange, pretty little things.

      It’s wonderful you all still have dance parties! Our “spontaneous dance parties” happen less and less around here, too. BUT, every once in a while, Ursa Major will get in a mood and tell Alexa to turn on a playlist. He’ll start singing and dancing and Ursa Minor will join in. It’s magic. 🙂

      Phones/tablets are the devil, aren’t they? *sigh*

      1. I bought mine about 2 weeks before Christmas, it is still struggling. Funny enough they’ll stay in the store for a long time and when you take it home that’s another story.
        Like today, when the eldest woke up the first thing in her hand was a phone playing some game. Some of their school homework is done online and when I think they’ll be doing it they watching videos..

        1. Isn’t it funny? So our school system sends us stuff all the time about “limiting screen time” and “balancing screen and family,” but then a lot of school assignments are done with the smartboard and they actively encourage us to sign up for some school app website or another. I’m so annoyed with the mixed messages and the guilting. It doesn’t help anything.

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