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[Short Post] Until Monday…

1 year ago

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My Dear Reader, it is very late and I have been enjoying a wonderful day. I’ll have more for you on Monday, but suffice it to say, today is over, tomorrow is going to be very full and tonight I need to leave you some Friday wishes and be off on my next adventure. I promise to tell you more on Monday.

It’s a clear, cooling Friday night, with a moon high on the horizon and the promise of lots of laughter ahead. It’s a night that promises heavy sighs and laughter, with high promise for tomorrow. Though this is a short post, I can still have wishes for you, Dear Reader.

Tonight, I wish you a little time outside. There will be a supermoon this weekend, there will be brisk air moving, there will be Christmas lights to behold… no matter if you live in a place where the air is chilly, or an arid place where the weather is warm, I wish you a little time with fresh air in your lungs and your feet on the pavement (or the dirt. Whatever makes you happy). I wish you the joyful surprise of an unexpected action–walk into a store you normally wouldn’t or a restaurant you haven’t tried. Something new… a little break. There is plenty of time to do the routine thing, and I certainly appreciate that this is a month full of busy work and rushed days. Make the break to give a gift to yourself. Surprise yourself with a new idea and see just where it might take you. I wish you a bowl of warm soup. Is there ramen around you somewhere, Dear Reader? I had a big bowl of it today and I don’t think the taste will ever leave me. If it can’t be ramen, I wish you a bowl of any other kind of noodle: something that you’ll enjoy slurping down, that will sit on your stomach and make you, if nothing else, content. Indeed, Dear Reader, that is my biggest wish for you: a blissful, if fleeting, moment of contentedness. Even if it is brief, even if you can’t hold on to it for longer than a blink of an eye, I wish you a moment of contentedness this weekend. Let it be a little bit of calm that you can hold on to in what is a ridiculously busy month. I wish you a kiss on the cheek, a squeeze of a hand, and a reminder that you are loved. Near and far, seen and unseen, you are a beloved person, Dear Reader. You are seen, your are heard, you are admired, and the things you do matter to the people in your life. Go out into the world, daily, in peace. Reach out your hand in service to others. Be a light in the considerable darkness. You never ever know how much your actions can do.

Thank you for your patience with me for this week of short posts. I’ll do better over these next three weeks. Until Monday, my Dear Reader, take care.

2 Replies to “[Short Post] Until Monday…”

    1. You are always so kind to me. Thank you, my dear. 🙂 I am always worried that they run on too long or become incoherent. I’m glad that they are actually nice to read.

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