Holly Jolly List: The Things I Love to Give

Photo: Shout-out to all the magical girls in the world! When I found this Sailor Moon pin by Adorned by Chi, I had to have it. I loved it so much, I bought two: one for me and one for my sister! Love Adorned by Chi so much! Check them out!

Heya Dear Reader! I’ve been asked by some of my readers over the years to put up a holiday list of things I’m giving or things I personally love. I thought I’d share a few key things that make me happy. Most of these items come with affiliate links to Amazon or other companiesFollowing these links and making a purchase is the best of the both worlds: you order an item that is awesome that you or a loved one will really enjoy, and I am rewarded with a little money that will help me pay for this space and my writing. As ever, no pressure to buy!

Books for Kiddos Big and Small

These books make fantastic gifts any time of the year. A few are go-tos for birthday gifts and are always appreciated.

Harvey Potter’s Balloon Farm by Jerdine Nolan  (Hardcover or paperback).

Harvey Potter’s Balloon Farm came out when I was a little girl. Mom came home one day with a hardcover copy, signed by Jerdine, saying, “hold fast to dreams like you would a big balloon!” Though the family moved a few times, we made sure that book stayed safe, and when Major was born, it was the first book I asked for. The pages are gorgeously illustrated, the voice of the main character is fantastically strong, there is a fun section where the reader gets do to a little bit of whoopin’ and hollarin’, and it’s just… this is my favorite book to read with my two boys.


 The Talking Eggs, by Robert D. San Souci (Hardcover)

This is another one of those books that I’ve cherished since I was a little girl. The talking eggs is a Black Southern cinderella story, brought to life by the most glorious illustrations you can encounter in a children’s book. I will add a small note that the old woman takes off her head in the middle of the story… it’s not bloody or anything, it’s fine! Buuuuut, the littlest of little kids might be freaked out by that. Your 5 year-old+ should be cool.


All the World by Liz Garton Scanlon  (Hardcover recommended)

This is another lyrical book I love to read to my boys. It calls for a soft voice and a cozy moment. It’s a quick read, but so very beautifully written and illustrated. In a world gone mad, this book is a soft reminder that there is beauty to be seen and enjoyed everywhere and anywhere.



The First Forest by Jon Gile (Hardcover recommended)

We only recently discovered this book, but it’s beautifully written and illustrated. Ursa Minor, especially, loves this book and we have been reading it almost nightly since picking it up at the church library. It’s not overtly religious in any way. It’s contemplative and lyrical, another cozy and thoughtful read.



The Fortune-Tellers, by Lloyd Alexander (Paperback)

This is another classic from my childhood. It’s clever and fun, and the illustrations transport you to a totally different place. The boys are only starting to understand the cleverness of the text, which is funny and sure to make any adult who is reading the book smile and laugh. It’s another quick read and a fun gift.


Nativity by Cynthia Rylant (Hardcover)

If you are looking for a beautiful and religious book to give this year (perhaps a great book from a grandmother to the grandkids), Nativity offers simple, inviting, charming imagery with sophisticated, lyrical, and beautiful words. It’s most certainly a fantastic addition to any child’s library.




Simple Stocking Stuffers

Wool Dryer Balls

No, seriously, this is one of my favorite things. I came across via one of the Ultimate Bundles I bought while thinking about doing affiliate marketing for them and I’m so glad I did. Natural wool dryer balls are an easy, awesome alternative to dryer sheets, which I find to be messy and wasteful. They help your dryer work more efficiently by making more spaces between clothes for the hot air to flow. You can add essential oils to add a smell if you want it, too! 6 is great, but you can add as many as you want. I put 10 in my dry and they have really transformed the way I dry my clothes. This is a fun gift for you and also a fun stocking stuffer for a friend, a college student in your life, or even a fun thing to take to the Yankee swap!

Stitch Fix Gift Certificate

Have a friend who already has everything? Why not gift your friend a Fix this year? $20 is all it takes to set up a friend’s first Fix. This also works well for the young adults in your life who you want to love and support. Stitch Fix has lines for men, women and maternity, so this is a quick, easy and wonderful life-saver if you are looking for a new sort of flexible gift.



Enamel Pins

This is sorta quirky, but I love enamel pins and have started a little collection. I especially love the pins with clever twists on familiar characters, like this Zaria pin that I sent to my sister this year.

Adorned by Chi made the one in the featured image. Sailor Moon was my first and still favorite anime. To find that pin means the world to me and I proudly display it on my knitting bag.

There are plenty of other pins for your favorite nerd out there! If you are looking for a fantastic and unique gift for the collector in your life, I strongly suggest to look out for one!



Funny for the Yankee Swap

 Mr. Sniffles Egg Separator 

My in-laws do a yankee swap every year and it’s silly and stupid and often isn’t fun. I’m really excited to show up with this little number this year because it’s hilarious and gross and sure to make one of those prudish women at the party blush. Believe it or not, I purchased this egg separator for another friend and it’s actually beautifully made. It’s real pottery, not plastic or anything! It will actually make a handsome, silly addition to any kitchen!



For A Favorite Host/Hostess

 Cuisinart Grind n’ Brew

This is my coffee maker and I wouldn’t be able to live without it. The hopper is the reason why I love it: you put the beans in, tell it your preferred strength, and it does the rest. It’s not quiet, but it’s not as loud as my old grind n’ brew, and I have never had a bad cup of coffee. If you have friends who are coffee snobs (me! lol), this is the best out there. I brew very strong french roast coffee, and this delivers the perfect flavor every single time.


Soda Stream

I purchased this Soda Stream two years ago and have never looked back. I drink more water than I ever have, I rarely drink soda (they are too sweet for me), and I save so much money on sparkling water. This particular model is relatively affordable, takes up little counter space, and doesn’t need power.



Lodge Cast Iron Skillets

I cook exclusively in cast iron. I have a full set of Lodge cast iron products, including 2 12-inch pans, the 10-inch, a flat griddle and a dutch oven. They never fail, they cook up beautifully, they provide consistent heat… they are excellent. American made, meant to last forever, if you take care of these skillets they will take care of you. My goal is to pass my two 12-inch skillets down to my boys some day. If they are good to these pans, they’ll pass these skillets down to their children. These skillets are affordable, durable, beautiful and just awesome. They’d make a wonderful gift for any cooking enthusiast!


I hope that you enjoy these gift ideas! I’ve got a million more, actually, but this seems like enough. Again, thank you for supporting my blog by taking a look at these affiliate links. It’s my hope that if you see a product here that you like, you’ll make a purchase, which will earn me a small reward in support of my blog. These are all products that I personally use or give, so I feel good about writing about them for you, but there is never, ever any pressure to purchase!

Thank you for reading and for your support!


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