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Photo: If it’s a brisk morning in November, it must be a good time to shoot rockets into the air.


With The Husband taking on a leadership role in our Boy Scouts pack, our weekends have been almost completely consumed with Boy Scout obligations this Fall. This isn’t a horrible thing. The boys are occupied, The Husband is stretching his skills as a leader and growing as a consequence, and I am usually left with a quiet house for extra hours during the week. This weekend ended up being a little different, as The Husband needed to head out to an empty soccer field with a bunch of other dads at 8am on Saturday, a full 90 minutes before the rocket launch event. He’d thought about taking the boys with him, but I decided to spare them all. Of course, that meant that I was committed to going to the event.

I’m not sorry I went. The rocket launch is a pretty cool thing. Scouts of all levels of our pack brought their painted rockets, some decorated with stickers, others with little men glued to them, to a spacious empty field with excited grins on their faces. Moms and dads alike, dressed in all of their warmest gear, Dunks splashing in styrofoam mugs, could barely keep up with their excited kiddos. Helpful adults helped stuff parachutes, tissue paper and “engines” (what looked like wine corks filled with gun powder to me. I’m sure that’s not quite what they were, but that’s what they looked like) into the rockets and then the boys went to anxiously stand in line, waiting for their turn to launch.


It really was a sight to see those things go into the air and then come down again. Each boy got to launch their rocket at least three times before the event was over. When they were constructing the rockets at home, I had no idea that they were reusable! On the third try, Minor’s flew so far that we had to cross the street and go far into a pumpkin patch to find it!

When we got back home mid-day, we settled into raking and yard work, preparing the garden for a restful winter. We made our last harvest of the season, some carrots!


They were ridiculously sized. Gardening readers should know that these were the Red Samurai carrots. They were delicious, with a nice crunch and a sweet taste. I added them to my lasagna for last night’s dinner and they added a fantastic taste to the dish! The rest of the remaining plants in the garden were chopped up for compost, hopefully giving the garden much-needed nutrients in preparation for new growth next year. The only bed to remain unharmed is the strawberry bed, though we put some leaves on top of the plants to protect them from the harsh winter cold to come. Ash from the fires we have been having also went into the beds, which we hear is really good for the plants.

Christmas trees aren’t available yet, but we are feeling a little anxious to get the holidays started. I opened up the Christmas card list in the hopes of trimming a few names off of it this year. We did a pretty cathartic purge last year, but this year only two families came off while some six families were put on! We’re up to 99 names on the list this year! And since cards are purchased in bundles of 20 (so I’ll probably order 120), we have a little wiggle room to add a few more names! That’s a slippery slope, mind you… I’m sitting here trying to decide if I have to give a card to all the ladies in Women’s Bible Study or can I get away with giving a card to one or two of the women…? Maybe three…? But that’s gonna be a thing… yo, that’s 10 cards right there! If The Husband starts going crazy with Boy Scout families, we’ll quickly get to 120! What fools we are for doing this every year!

I got a jump on the boys’ holiday craft for the year: painted holiday plates.


Cheaply priced porcelain plates at Homegoods painted with high-gloss acrylic paint = holiday craft gold! Where I thought this project was going to be like pulling teeth (we’re doing 13 of these!), the boys actually took to the project nicely. Some trees look more treelike than others… but that’s part of the fun, I guess. Trees were painted today and then the ornaments and decorations will be added later this week. I’m really pleased with this project. If you’re looking for a good kid holiday craft to give to grandparents, I highly suggest this!

Speaking of suggestions, I’ve been compiling a list of a few of my favorite gifts to give and favorite items that I absolutely love in my own home. I’ll be publishing the list tomorrow! If you’re looking for a little inspiration for your holiday giving, I hope this will help!

It’s the Monday before Thanksgiving and I’m overwhelmed already! Lordy! I hope you are feeling ready to take on the week, Dear Reader. To my awesome international readers, apologies in advance for my Thanksgiving craziness. To ya’ll American readers, I’m certainly thinking about you this week! Cooking, traveling, traversing the family drama… this is just one of those weeks, isn’t it? I’m here for it! Let’s hold each other up this week, ok?

Until Wednesday, take care.


2 Replies to “Childhood is Magic”

  1. Those are amazing carrots! I’ve never gotten any to grow so…wow!
    I’m sure it was crazy cold, but those rockets sound fun. Across the road and into the pumpkin patch – Minor’s got some major bragging rights there.

  2. The look on Minor’s face in the carrot photo is priceless <3 I can't help but smile. Your musings warm my heart. I have never heard of Red Samurai carrots before, I am going to see if they will grow up in Canada, perhaps for when I relocate to a new home, hopefully, I can create a healing garden (gardens are so good for the heart, mind and soul).

    A card list 100 long?! I just ordered my "cards" this past week and I find card writing day daunting, when that day arrives for me I will think of you, your strong pen hand getting through 100 cards! You're my personal card hero! 😉 🙂

    I adore your gift idea with the plates, I think I will look into doing that for my kids to do for the special someones on their lists. Thank you for sharing, the smile that has lit up my face and for the inspiration. I hope you & your family have a wonderful weekend <3

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