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[Short Post] What the huh?

1 year ago

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I don’t usually write about silly, trivial things… but I have to stop what I’m doing really quick to discuss a most pressing matter:

People Magazine decided that Blake Shelton is the sexiest man alive and I’m a bit… befuddled.

Befuddled really is the perfect word for this. I don’t usually pay attention to this sort of thing. The magazine usually chooses an attractive man who I don’t necessarily think is amazing, but who certainly has a certain appeal, so I don’t argue. But this time… this time? I don’t understand. Really. Luvvie captures it all pretty perfectly.

I chose not to deep dive into the rationale to find out all the reasons why. There seems to be an implication that because Blake treats his girlfriend Gwen super nicely, we’ve decided that his gentlemanly behavior is sexy. Indeed, the sexiest. I… am unimpressed by this argument. I get it: in an age of extraordinarily toxic masculinity, it’s nice to see that some men are choosing to buck the trend and be awesome instead. I’m even all for highlighting men who set a great example for manhood. But… just to be clear, positive masculinity is sexy, but it should also be the standardExpectedPar for the course. Blake treating Gwen nicely shouldn’t make him an exemplar. It shouldn’t elevate him to sexiest of them all.

And aren’t there super nice married guys who are doing the right thing? Ryan Gosling or something? Ryan Reynolds? Both of those men are plenty sexy and plenty nice.

But really, the crime here is that neither Idris Elba, Jason Momoa, or Dwayne Johnson were awarded this title. And I put Jason on the list because he’s a popular choice, for sure, but really, for me, it’s between Mr. Elba and Mr. Johnson which is just… an impossible choice. They are both perfect in every possible way that perfect can be.

Maybe that’s what happened. Maybe the editors at People came down to Idris, Jason and Dwayne and the choice became so impossible that they punted and came up with Blake. They were just so overwhelmed by the awesomeness of everyone else that they had to seek the most mediocre of choices in order to make sense of the world again.

Or not.

I’m out of excuses.

It’s a silly post, but I simply must ask you, Dear Reader: who is really the sexiest man alive? And if you really think Blake deserves the title, I’d love to know why. Please cure my befuddlement!

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