[Fail] The First Cold Day


Just like the first warm Spring day must come and be celebrated, the first truly cold day must come, too. It’s been an evening for hiding under blankets, figuring out where “the good warm house socks” are, and falling asleep on the couch for no real good reason otherthan “it’s cold! Why is it cold?”

I’m being a brat for sure. Lord knows colder is coming. As soon as Friday, actually! Highs on Friday won’t leave the mid-thirties. And my behavior is even more unacceptable when I think about how unseasonably warm it’s been these last autumn weeks, and how lucky we were to spend so few October days with the heat on. The window units are still in the windows and it’s mid-November! Not because we’ve needed the AC, but because we haven’t been uncomfortable.

Until tonight. Tonight, I whine and yawn and complain while curling up under two blankets.

And maybe, just maybe, I’m also simply exhausted. There are stories to tell, but I’ve fun out of day and energy to tell them. It is night, Dear Reader, and the night is for stillness. and sleep. Warm, 2-blanket, don’t wake me for nothin’ sleep.

Thank you for your grace, patience and forgiveness, Dear Reader.

See you Friday for Quiet Thoughts.

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  1. Trish says:

    I think I recognize a bit of a prayer from the New Zealand Book of Common Prayer in there :-).
    I’ve been loving curling up under the quilt I bought this summer at a flea market. It was brand new, hand sewn, for $28. Crazy! But she said she just likes having something to keep her hands busy while she watches TV. She’s spreading cozy joy for sure.

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