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12 months ago

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This post contains affiliate links leading to a product that I use and think would be helpful to you, Dear Reader. A purchase through these links earns me a small reward that helps me pay to host my blog. Please never feel pressured to make a purchase based on my sponsored posts. I value your readership above all. 


I would not be surprised if you fellow bloggers can relate to the following statement:

Sometimes, I hate my own blog.

Not all the time, not always for the same reason, and it is always a fleeting thing. But I’ve been writing this blog for a considerable amount of time now and sometimes, I get frustrated. I run out of ideas, I encounter some mega blog with a million followers that and I get that feeling like, “why not me?” or I get to a space where I just wonder what this space is really for. Am I really doing something good here? Am I producing something worthy of your time, let alone my own?

Last year at about this time, I had a very serious moment when I thought I was going to wind down the blog. I told myself I’d break the news in October, have a blast during NaNoWriMo, say my good-byes in December and then press the delete button on January first. It wasn’t my best thought and that was a tough time for me, as you recall.

I’m so glad I didn’t give up and walk away. Part of the reason why is because I just so happened to stumble across last year’s Genius Blogger’s Toolkit. With it’s offering of courses, ebooks and bonuses, as well as the opportunity to join a masterclass cohort to keep you accountable for change, I thought it was a great investment for this space that I love (and I know you love, too!).

In the course of the year, I’ve done quite a few things to this space, I thought differently about my posts and offerings and, while I haven’t done everything in the toolkit, the things I have done have made a different. If you love this blog and you have noticed little tweaks and changes, it’s likely because of the Genius Blogger’s Toolkit. And it’s just the beginning, frankly, because I’ve got really cool things going on in the next few months, including a new logo (ooooooh!) and an ebook of my best Quiet Thoughts posts (aaaahhh!) and a new Facebook page! (Whhhhat?) All of that will launch before the end of the year.

What I learned in the last year really is

Instead of giving up, get brave. Get bold. 

Or, in my case, especially because I write so many big, bold wishes for you every Friday afternoon, I really needed to learn to practice what I preach. I need to keep trying. I need to try new things, learn from people who have done this well, and I need give myself the opportunity to fail (so that way I can also give myself the breathing room to succeed).

So, what do this all mean for you, Dear Reader? 

I’ve visited many of your blogs over the years. I know that many of you are in this blogging thing because you have a message you want to get out there or you are seeking to make a little money, a little side hustle. If you want to grow, if you want access to some masterclasses and courses, or you want to be exposed to what more your blog could be, I really think that the Genius Blogger’s Toolkit is right for you. I’ve bought this year’s toolkit already, because it’s even better than last year’s, and here are some of the items that I can’t wait to dive into:

ConvertKit Masterclass: The Exact Formula I Used to Grow My Email List to Over 14K in Under a Year by Monica Froese (Would normally cost $47 if you bought it alone)

Brand Intimate: The Essentials of Your Purposeful, Profitable Brand by Vanessa Ryan (normally $27)

Creating and Formatting e-Books: Convert Your Word File to Kindle by Susan K Stewart (Seriously! You have no idea how hard it is to format for kindle! Anyway, this could would normally cost $180 if you buy it alone!)


I know that I’m not going to get to everything in the toolkit (like, for example, there are two products for podcasting that look lovely, but not for me), but even if I just use the three products I’ve listed above, purchasing the bundle would still be the bang for my buck: Because the Genius Blogger’s Toolkit is only $97. 

And I haven’t even mentioned that there are 10 digital bonus freebies that come with your bundle, including the biggest thing I took from the bundle last year: switching from being hosted on to managed hosting with Agathon Group, which hosts my blog now. Switching away from has essentially “unlocked” my blog. I can sell things, I can post video, I have a lot more security protections, I can upload larger files… it’s amazing. And the Agathon team is the absolute best. They are so kind and so patient. They are awesome. I’ve been so happy with my year with them. Their bonus for the Toolkit is pretty awesome, too:

Agathon Group is a web development and hosting company, offering WordPress-optimized hosting plans that provide a fast, reliable and secure environment for professional bloggers looking to monetize their blog and grow their community. Try out their AGhosted plans with one free month of hosting, a six- month trial subscription to their WordPress management services, and one free WordPress site health check.

All of that comes to about $490 worth of service from Agathon. But it’s a free bonus that comes with your bundle purchase. And that’s not a joke and it’s not an inflated number. They are worth every penny and they do great work. Purchasing the toolkit just for the opportunity to get started with Agathon is actually totally worth it. Absolutely and totally worth it.

Want to know more? Want to see if the folks who are teaching these courses are actually legit? There are actually a bunch of seminars this week to help with that. Here are the topics:

Crystal Paine is presenting on “3 Strategies to Start the Blog You’ve Been Dreaming Of” tonight at 8pm Eastern. If you consider yourself a beginning blogger, this might be for you. Register here!

Ryan and Stephanie Langford want to share their story, struggles and solutions with work-life balance and blogging in their webinar: “5 Ways to Improve Your Blog/Life Balance (and What We’ve Learned from 10 Years, 5 Kids and 4 Businesses).” They are giving their webinar on Wednesday at 7pm Eastern. Register here!

If you’re ready to start making better money for the time you put into your blog, you’ll want to check out Rosemarie Groner’s webinar on “Chasing ROI: How To Maximize Your Blogging Income When You’re Tight on Time.” On Thursday at 7pm Eastern.  She will show you where to spend your time to have the greatest impact on your revenue. I think I will be sitting in on this one, too. Register here!

Finally, Amy Lynn Andrews likes to make blogging as easy and painless as possible. Join her for  “10 Ways to Make Your Life Easier as a Blogger”  tomorrow, Tuesday, at 7pm Eastern. This one is going to be great for you bloggers like me who have been doing this for a while. Register here!


Ya’ll know I don’t do this often. And I really try to only do this for products that I fully believe in. I think that Ultimate Bundles crew puts together really interesting stuff, but I think this particular bundle is their most useful. I’ve used it, I loved it, and I bought it a second time because I know that I will learn new things and grow as a blogger because of it. For less that $100, you can make a difference in your blog, grow your audience and make a larger impact. Set some goals, purchase the bundle, read and learn, then launch for the stars, Dear Reader!

Thank you for sticking with me, Dear Reader. Thank you for giving me new reasons to keep writing and growing. I promise I won’t give up on this space any time soon. Please check out the bundle and give it a try! You won’t regret it!


This post contains affiliate links, leading to a product that I use and think would be helpful to you, Dear Reader. A purchase through these links earns me a small reward that helps me pay to host my blog. Please never feel pressured to make a purchase based on my sponsored posts. I value your readership above all. 

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