Sometimes, Sleep Wins

Photo: Birthday month rolls on with fun gifts from my sister that came in the mail yesterday! I think I’ve decided that I like pins. I didn’t know it until I started collecting a few and now they are my thing. The Maryland one is especially beautiful and well-made. They are going on my nerdy laptop bag, joining other pretty pins that I love. My sister knows me so well!

At around 9:00 last night, I plopped into my favorite chair in the living room, put this computer in my lap, wrote about 300 words of a perfectly good Quiet Thoughts post and promptly went to sleep. I’d felt my eyes dropping, but told myself I was going to power through and get something out. And not a short post. No way!

The Husband informed me that my snoring was disturbing his Zelda playing at about 11:30 last night. I wandered upstairs, did my bedtime routine, got down under the covers and was gone until the boys got us up at 8. It was a pure sort of exhaustion that had taken hold of me. Bone deep, velvety and warm, strong and unshakable.

So I’m sorry to leave you hanging, Dear Reader. A rarity for me, for sure, but not unprecedented. The sad thing is that I don’t really know the what or how of where that fatigue came from.

Today offers heat and sun, accompanied by cloudless blue skies and just the faintest amount of breeze. My house is jazzy, but otherwise quiet, as two little boys left with their father in their Scouts uniforms to sell popcorn. I’m sitting here grateful for the reprieve, but also a little mortified on their behalf. I really dislike the door-to-door salesman thing. I don’t like it when solicitors come to my door, so I’m sitting here hoping that people will be nice to my children when they open their doors. (I’m never mean to solicitors, of course, but I am not delighted by them is all!) I hope the boys come back with positive stories to tell.

Fundraising is important, I know, and it is a character-building activity that every kid should do, but it still makes me uneasy. I don’t know why. Maybe because I rarely find the products sold to be worth the value. We got the packet for the Christmas gift wrap sale for school and I’m like, oh no! That stuff is expensive and, I mean, the wrapping paper is ok, but is it worth that price? I don’t know. And here is my big confession: I absolutely hate the Boy Scouts popcorn. It’s awful. It’s always been awful. It tastes terrible. The pre-popped stuff (which is a sin on principle) and the stuff you can pop yourself. Doesn’t matter. Awful. The Husband buys his obligatory bags and brings them in here at eats them and I scowl at him from across the room. “It’s not that bad,” he says to me.

Oh, but it is!

Anyway, I’m sorry for missing my opportunity to share some Quiet Thoughts with you, Dear Reader. Sleep happens, yeah? But at least I can still send some wishes your way, and make a commitment to writing a full week of posts next week.

On this, a hot Saturday afternoon, the first Saturday of Fall, I think I wish you a little audacity. Summer has decided it’s not done with us yet, demanding that we put away our cut boots and our pumpkin spice. I appreciate the audacity of it, and I wish for you to be equally audacious. Demand to be seen this weekend, Dear Reader. Demand to be heard. Be memorable. Be unforgettable. Walk into a room and own it, grab someone’s attention and keep it. And when you leave, when you walk away, do it in a way that leaves them thinking of you. I trust you’ll do all of this in a tasteful way, of course. 🙂 Don’t start any brawls this weekend! I wish you the chance to do a new thing, trying something that makes you uncomfortable, something that will teach you a little something about yourself. Grow a little this weekend, Dear Reader. Be as bold or as cautious as you want, but do stop out of your box in favor of an unknown thing. Your story will only get richer, you know. I wish you laughter with good friends, food and drink made by masterful hands, and a little time to appreciate who you are, right now, and how much it has taken to get you here. In your celebration of still growing and being, I wish you the opportunity to give a little something to those who are in need of help. Choose one area to support this weekend: Houston still needs help, so does Florida, and now the Caribbean, with Puerto Rico that latest to call out for help. Whatever you choose to do, it will be enough.

You, Dear Reader, are a thoughtfully made light, meant to shine and bring comfort to others in the world. No matter what you may see when you look in the mirror, no matter how you made feel about yourself in any given moment, I’ll remind you that you serve as a guiding light in a dark world for someone in your life. Near or far, known or unknown, you are infinitely beautiful in someone’s sight. So shine brightly, Dear Reader. You’re amazing.

Thank you, as ever, for your presence and your patience. I’ll see you Monday. Until then, speak up, reach out, be bold, and take care.


UPDATE!!!: While writing my wishes, the boys came in for a water break! I was ready to give conciliatory hugs and kisses. Instead, two little boys were amped up. “We sold a lot!” Major informed me. “Really?” I asked to The Husband. “Yeah, actually. Like $400 worth.”


Welp. I don’t even know what to say!

How did this introverted Mama and her super introverted Husband make two extroverted boys? Salesmen no less!?!?!

(I still don’t like that damn popcorn).

More on that adventure on Monday, I guess!

So, happy weekend, ya’ll! Take care!


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