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Seeing as it’s my birthday month and it would seem that all my bestest friends around here all have their birthdays this week and next, I was out tonight with one of my favorite most bestest friends. It’s been a few hours of giggling and laughing and talking and, well, I’m tired. Prolonged belly-laughs will do that to you.  So this is a short post.

But, I promised you a picture, didn’t I?

This is 4pm “oh my goodness the boys are fighting over which game they should play on their individual tablets” me:


There. That is a thing that I have done. This was supposed to be my “before” photo.

Now, I did put on my new Fenty highlighter today before stepping out to go have a drink with my friend. I used the lovely brush, which really is quite cool with its contours and stuff, and I swept it over my cheekbones and forehead with a little of the glittery looking stuff in the pack. I have tried and tried to take a picture of myself but, frankly, because I’m not a beauty blogger, I don’t have the special super-bright light required to really get that glam to show up in my selfie camera. So, imagine the photo above but with glitter. Not a lot. Just a little shimmer. It’s supposed to come off as a glow and I guess I can say I’ve got that. Not a lot, but some.

So I go to The Husband and I say, “do I look like I have makeup on?”

He says, “Uh… you have makeup on?”

“That either means I did it really right or I did it really wrong,” I said.

“Well, uh, you’re beautiful, though?” He said.

“Sure. Ok… well, so much for that. Guess I have to watch more tutorials about makeup and try again.”

“I find makeup to be really off-putting,” my husband announced.

Sigh My husband is great at a lot of things. He’s a good man. Just… he’s not great at everything. But he’s fixing the dishwasher right now, so I’m not going to complain.

So. I own makeup and I have put it on. I have worn it outside of my home and another person has seen my in it. I’ve also posted a selfie of myself and not hated it. These things represent personal progress and growth for me. (Little victories are still victories, ya’ll.” So there. Wednesday weird.

Quiet Thoughts on Friday? Hmm… I’ll sleep on it.

Good night, Dear Reader. See you Friday.


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  1. Miriam Joy says:

    It’s strange but in a good way to have a face to put with your words 🙂
    (Also, I honestly still don’t really get makeup. I’ve worn it a few times but mainly on stage — so subtlety is definitely lost on me because my only experience is making it visible from a looooong way away. But I’m always here for glitter.)

    1. K.C. Wise says:

      omg posting pictures of myself is so PAINFUL! I’m like, “omg my face. So manish. So many chins. Such ugly. What was I thinking?” And then I take a few deep breaths, remember that I –really– like my new glasses and then I just keep scrolling.

      As for makeup: stage makeup makes sense. You need to exaggerate the face so all expressions can be seen, even from the cheap seats in the back. Totally makes sense! Upclose makeup? For hanging out in a dimly lit BBQ joint? I have never understood. And the thing is, MEN DON’T NOTICE. Or, at least, not the kind of men I like to hang out with, anyway.

      My friend who sent me the highlighter also sent me some tutorials and reviews of the Fenty line. That lipgloss DOES look awesome. I do kinda like lipgloss (it’s like, “look at my lips! Not the rest of my face, which is terrible! Just these lips! They look nice, right?”). But $20? I dunno. Maybe I’ll get a little birthday gift for me. Maybe. I’d be more likely to wear the lipgloss than the glitter, as awesome as glitter surely is. 🙂

  2. Tikeetha T says:

    That’s what’s wrong with the natural look. If you do it too light it doesn’t look like you have make-up. Too dark you could look like you’re trying too hard. You look beautiful sis. When is your birthday?

    1. K.C. Wise says:

      Next Wednesday! Next Wednesday!! Hellooooo mid-30s! You see all those grey hairs at my temples!?!? Lordy, Lord!

      I guess I would prefer the philosophy of “makeup that looks like there isn’t any makeup” but then again, makeup is HELLA EXPENSIVE. So… nah, some of that should show. Maybe? I dunno. Do you own any of this stuff? It —does— look nice and the brush —is— nice. I had never heard of Fenty until is showed up at my doorstep, but the two products I magically now own I would totally recommend.

      1. Tikeetha T says:

        Nope. I don’t. I am still learning how to apply it at the age of 42.

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