[Short Post] So close…

Photo: Foolish boys doing foolish tricks…


Ursa Minor has the sniffles.

Ursa Minor has the sniffles!!!

I ought to just let that be the blog post. I ought to just let those be the only words and just walk away from my computer. For real. What more is there to say? That’s a whole story right there in one whole sentence!

Ursa. Minor. Has. The. Freaking. Sniffles. 

That child gonna start the summer with a broken wrist and then I’m gonna keep him entertained every single second of every single day this summer and then he gonna reward me with the sniffles right here at the end of the summer. Kindergarten orientation is tomorrow, Dear Reader! School is next week! Why, Minor? Why!? Why does that child despise me and loathe me so?

ok… I’m… I’m ok…

The Husband gonna come downstairs after putting the kids to bed and be like, “I’m pretty sure [Minor] is sick.”

Really, bro? For reals?

Oh and nohe isn’t offering to stay in and take care of the sick baby. No, no, no… just another day for him!

Oy… it’s not The Husband’s fault… can’t be mad at him. Can’t be mad at anyone. Sickness happens. These things happen.

You know what? I am gonna make this the blog post. My brain is fried. Minor’s sniffles and anxiety for tomorrow’s orientation made for a fairly draining day. I need to get to bed early so I can be fresh for tomorrow. Hopefully, God willing, Minor will be well enough to at least get through the two hours I need him to get through while I get the information I need. Otherwise… sigh I don’t know what the hell is going to happen.

I promise to have many words on Wednesday. Sorry to start the week off with a short post but, you know, motherhood and its unpredictability are a thing. Just so full of little gifts and what not.

Praying the end-of-summer Mother’s Prayer: Oh Lord, please let us all make it to the first day of school in one sane piece. Amen.


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  1. Trish says:

    I love the caption for the picture of the boys. It says it all.

    Any chance the sniffles are allergies? It’s ragweed season.

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