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12 months ago

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Photo: I confess that I’m not a big fan of board games. Outside of chess, I don’t really play them. Because opposites attract and the universe is funny, The Husband is a big fan of such games. So when I came home with this from a yard sale on Saturday, he was really pleased. Surprisingly, the boys love the game… though The Husband is quite merciless and beat them pretty roundly during that first round. Oh well. Gotta learn somehow.


I am buzzing off of my second-ever homemade latte and I am so happy. And, you know, caffeinated. The instructions say that espresso has less caffeine in it than regular coffee, so… you know… I totally believe that… they wouldn’t lie about that… right?

Anyway, I scored a totally unused, box still sealed, espresso machine on Saturday thanks to a friend’s awesome yard sale. I want to tell you that I’m a huge yard sale person but, the truth is, I’m not. I rarely find something that I really like or I do but the something I desire is ridiculously priced and I end up feeling frustrated. When my friend sent her text, she was like “I’m having a yard sale!” and I huffed and said “oh…” with a yawn. But then she followed up with “hockey equipment!” (no thanks) and “books!” (mkay) and then “there is even an espresso machine, still in the box!”

“Wait. It does that frothy thing with the milk and everything?”

“Yeah, I’m pretty sure…”


And now I never need to go to Starbucks again. Best twenty bucks I’ve ever spent. Aaaaahhhhh…

There were other things picked up: a gorgeous acoustic guitar so that me or The Husband can help Major when he is practicing on the electric. (Did you giggle at the thought of me playing the instrument? Me too. So, basically, it’s for The Husband or for Major if he wants to experiment.) There were a few children’s books and some board games. I walked away feeling like I really scored some cool stuff and feeling happy that I could contribute to a friend’s bottom line.

Of course, now having an espresso machine, I want all the things for it. The instructions say that milk steaming and frothing should happen in a metal pitcher for optimum results. I also need different mugs than what I have now… I think? Because the heater at the top of the machine doesn’t get my mugs warm. Anyway, when I went to Wegmans for the usual shopping yesterday, I popped by the kitchenware aisle in the hopes that the grocery store was just fancy enough to have that sort of thing.

It was early in the morning (7am) and I had not had my coffee. I had a cart full of stuff already and was browsing the aisle. A very fly young man with a super-nice beard was sharing the space with me, stocking items on the shelves and, because everyone who works for Wegmans is super pro, he asked me if he could help me with what I was looking for.

“Well, it’s a bit ridiculous, and I’m pretty sure you don’t have it, but…”

“Well,” he shrugged. “Try me.”

This is me, the moron: “Well, you see, I bought an espresso maker yesterday…”

I wish you could have seen the look on his face. It’s a look that I admit I give to a lot of the people I hang out with a lot. I know exactly what he was thinking and how he was thinking it, and I knew exactly what I sounded like.

“Oh, um! It was from a yard sale! It’s not what you think!”

He opened his hands and shrugged again. I’m just kept sinking. “The directions said something about using a metal pitcher instead of a ceramic one for, you know, the milk part….uh, the frothing…. or the steaming? I… I’m pretty sure you don’t have them…”

He feigned a look at the shelves, so blessedly indulgent. “Yeah, you probably need to go on Amazon for that,” he concluded.

Yes, of course! I’ll get on that!” I said too loudly, grabbing my cart.

“Sorry I couldn’t help you!” They are so professional at Wegmans. Seriously.

“No, no! It was a long shot! Don’t worry about it!” I said, running away.

And I got to the other side of the store and just kicked myself. Mom was just making fun of me while I was in Maryland. “I don’t know how it happened, but you Millennials simply do not know how to speak to people without being awkward. Kyra, you like words and you were taught to speak clearly. Why is it so hard for you to talk to people? ”

At the time, I took great umbrage to her statement. Mostly on behalf of myself, not really for the entirety of my generation. Truth be told, we’re an awkward bunch. Fine. And a lot of us are introverts in a world biased toward the extroverted. It’s a hard life, ya’ll! But, me? I can speak to people! I am good with the wordy thingies! And stuff. And junk.

But not yesterday morning. Yesterday morning was a hot mess. All because of my wonderful, beloved, stupid, horrible, frothy, excellent espresso maker of awesome (complete with frothy steam thingy). That I love. Did I mention that? But I totally didn’t pay full price for it. So don’t judge me. Or something.

Anyway, Dear Reader… it’s Monday already and I simply cannot believe it. My business associate and I landed a new client on Friday, which is fantastic. My story coach got her notes back to me on my Opening Scene and there were… a lot of notes. Good thing I didn’t post it! Bwaahahahahaaaa!!! Basically, I write prose that is readable (good) but I am having a hard time effectively articulating the happenings in a scene and balancing elements of composition (dialogue, action and prose). I’m a novice… I have a lot to learn and a lot to do in order to keep growing. It’s a good thing. This feedback is worth every single penny of this class and my coach has been so very supportive and reassuring. It’s great to know I’m not a horrible writer. I might even, with more practice and better execution, have a shot at being published some day. But Lord, the journey is long and fraught and exhausting.

I’m still here, though. I’m not giving up yet.

Happy Monday, Dear Reader. I mean that with all sincerity. Happy new opportunities. Happy start to another week, fresh and new, full of dreams to chase and seize. I’m here with you, just as challenged and just as thirsty. Thank you for sharing the road with me.

Until Wednesday, take care.


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