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1 year ago

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Photo: The first thing we saw when we came up our driveway was a garden that was very well taken care of while we were away. Our tomato plants are taller than we are! The kale is huge and we are going to eat a lot of it this week! There is an adorable baby melon and this beautiful flower will, we hope, turn into a pumpkin! I am really putting this up because wow, so much texture in one photo, yeah?


It is a glorious 58 degrees in MetroWest Massachusetts and it has been raining all day. Perfect weather for settling back into a house that has been without my attention for three whole weeks. Now, I admit, I didn’t leave this house spotless when I left it. I was sorta in a hurry to get out of here. But what I came back to… sigh I love my Husband, but goodness gracious…

So, I have spent my day scrubbing bathrooms, doing laundry, entertaining babies… trying to reconstruct the house that I left, preparing it for, yes, a playdate tomorrow morning. Yes, Dear Reader, I am a fool for thinking that was a good idea. Hm? What? Do I have an assignment due this week? Shhh… we don’t have to talk about that.

The biggest task in front of me when getting home was putting the kitchen back together. The Husband took out everything to paint it and to give some love and attention to our butcher block counters. All of my stuff was scattered to the winds (mostly the dining room), and none of it was put back when he was done. So, over the last two days, I’ve been rebuilding.

Hm? The kitchen? What about it? Painted? Pictures? Oh, right. I promised that, didn’t I? Well, I suppose I could share…

Ta da!!


A little wider and lighter…


So… I know what you’re thinking: “what happened to the green!?”

Well, two things happened: we brought the green home and put it on the walls and we hated it. There was something about it and the wood and it just didn’t look right. The second thing that happened was my sister, the awesome artist. She came and I asked for her help and she took a picture with her Surface, put it in Photoshop and next thing you know, we were experimenting with color. My only requirements for colors in this house are that they are a) not white or beige or egg shell or any other neutral palette and b) they are warm and inviting. The kitchen is the first room you see when you walk into my house. Especially in the winter time, I need this room to boldly speak and invite people in. So, we started flirting with oranges and yellows on the computer, then went to the paint store, where I ran into my color consultant!

I thought my color consultant had left our paint store. Imagine my surprise when I walk in and she is there! We showed her a picture of my kitchen and… well… she made a little bit of fun of me.

“Does your flour always live on your counters like that?”

“Are you attached to that television on the counter? What is it? 20 years old? Are you watching old cooking DVDs or something?”

“I noticed that your blinds have that green on them. Did you choose that?”

“We have to do something about how cluttered your counters are. If your flour and sugar jars must live on your counter, we should at least put them in more decorative containers…”

Deep healing breaths… I really like my color consultant…

I had to explain that my kitchen is a utilitarian kitchen. It’s a kitchen that must be functional at all times. Every inch of it. Because it’s always in use. So yes, the jars must be on the counters. Yes, I admit, it gets cluttered… we’re working on it. No, I’m not attached to the damn television! I just choose to pay for electric guitar lessons instead of a damn flat screen. (“But look at all the counter space you’ll get back when you get rid of it!” she said to me. Lordy!) I told my husband we might make a flat screen in the kitchen my birthday present this year.

Anyway… when we got to talking about warmth and color the prominent dark wood in that space, we started really talking about yellow. To lighten up the room and warm it up at the same time. But to keep the boldness that I really like in this house, we brought the red from the dining room walls and painted the vent shaft with it, which is a nice touch and helps with the coherence on the entire floor. I’ll find some damn red ceramic jars for my flours and sugar, and I am going to embroider a skirt for my sink and little valances for the windows in a pattern akin (but likely different) to this one:


That is going to be after all of my holiday crafting, of course. I’m already in over my head with all the knitting, embroidery and weaving I have to do. 🙂

Do you know what this means, Dear Reader? It means that the first floor is painted!**

Our focus turns to the upstairs now. First stop: doing some wiring in the little room that’s off our bedroom. Can we get that done before the end of the year? Who knows!?

Happy Monday to you, Dear Reader. What are your plans for the week? Don’t go booking yourself for something every single day like I have! I’m a super foolish fool sometimes! And don’t ask me about my writing assignment! It’s due on Thursday and I just… I don’t even know. If I can manage to make any writing happen, I’ll post a paragraph or two on Wednesday. But… you know… no guarantees… because right now, I’ve got nothin’.

Your job this week? Stay inspired in a crazy world. We need you, Dear Reader! Stay focused!

Until Wednesday, take care.


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  1. The red on the vent shaft is like the red hearth block in a log cabin quilt block. The colors look fantastic. And did you say you weave too? Very cool.

    1. Thank you, thank you! We have to have you over to see it in person soon. Sorry I’ve been a flake about getting together. As you can see, summer has been wall-to-wall bonkers!

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