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12 months ago

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Photo: This photo is one of three that simply took my breath away last week. The absolute purity of is what strikes me. It says so much with so little. Wait till you see the other ones, Dear Reader!


Today is a big day for the three of us. Today is the first day of summer camp for two little boys! All day camp, all week long! What!? Ooo oooooo!!! I can drop them off early and pick them up late and they are gone all day long! YAAAAS!!! The fact that I’m blogging in a silent house at 10 in the morning is a luxury, Dear Reader! It’s just… ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Can I get all the Mamas to say Amen?


I’ll confess that I’m a little bit nervous. (Who is surprised?) Will they get along with the other kiddos? Will Major like the sports he is going to try? Will the camp counselors pay attention and focused (and not let my kid wander off or something)? Will they both be horribly sunburned despite my packing a lot of sunscreen for both of them? Will they be super dehydrated despite all the cold water I sent them with? Will the boys come back tired enough to just want to eat and go to bed? Will they want to go back tomorrow? Will Major be able to eat the peanut butter and jelly sandwich I packed him (or is that banned? They didn’t say anything in the email about restricting peanut butter….)? Will Minor decide he doesn’t like the lunch they are providing him and decide not to eat?

etc etc etc… lots of Mom anxiety. Lots and lots. My nerves manifested in a full West Wing-style rundown of the day’s proceedings and expectations. Full stream of consciousness of things to think about rules and many admonishments along the lines of “make positive choices!” and stuff. The boys practically had to peel themselves from their chairs this morning after breakfast. I did my best to soften up before we walked out the door. “It’s gonna be great!” I told them over and over again as I made a few wrong turns on the way. “You’re gonna have a great day!” 

“It’s gonna be great!” The boys repeated. I think they were sincere!

And now here I am, after taking an entire week off, trying to find a groove for the next week. I have a writing assignment due tomorrow. Haven’t written a word for it. (Are you laughing? You should probably be laughing. Am I asking for an extension? Hell no, Dear Reader!) I’m doing my blogging now and I expect to be pinged for some freelancing work before too long. But still… I hope to pamper myself if only a little bit. Some reading and a pedicure, perhaps? Certainly a few yummy lunches (gotta find some sushi, for reals!). It’s gonna be good times, ya’ll. Good times.

But yeah, mostly I’ve gotta get this writing done. And editing, too! I told ya’ll about Meadowlark, and that makes it real and that means I have to get it done and out there! Oh Lord, what have I done?

I’m keeping this post short so that I can get this assignment done and turned in on time. But, a picture is worth a thousand words, right?

Photo twophoto three

I just can’t believe the air that child got! So amazing!

Wish us all luck today, Dear Reader! I’ll tell you on Wednesday how camp has done. I really hope I don’t get any calls about little boys who want to go home. That would suck!

And thank you for your patience as I took some time to spend with my family. It was a lovely week of splashing and visiting. I have so much more to share as the week goes on. Thank you, as always, for being here and peeking in on our journey. I hope that you enjoyed a little time to yourself as well! What have you been up to while I’ve been away? Let’s make it a productive summer week, yeah?

Until Wednesday, take care.

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