Photo: A little fuzzy, a little smelly, a little dirty… but totally and fully free! That’s the smile of a boy who has his primary arm back! Woo hoo!


I cannot properly express to you the supreme, yet simple, joy of standing next to Minor at the kitchen sink and watching him wash his hands. For four weeks, I’ve had to stand next to him and rub his free hand with soap to get it clean, then follow up with a wet paper towel for his fingers wiggling just outside of the cast. Sometimes it was fun, most of the time it was a pain. Today, he was able to do it himself. He even splashed and laughed with pure joy. I did, too. It’s so nice to have that back!

Minor’s wrist has healed quite nicely. The bone lined up the way that it’s supposed to. The fracture, though still present, has healed significantly and will continue to do so over the next year. The next few weeks and months are critical, so Minor will wear a splint during the day and we have to shy away from certain activities. But swim lessons next week are a go and his upcoming week of camp is a go as well! The timing is so perfect! Minor got a head-to-toe shower today and has never felt cleaner in his whole life. I can’t tell you what a relief it is to know that the child is whole and clean. Isn’t that the only thing a mother ever really wants?

The thing I’m most excited about, though? Washing that child’s sheets tomorrow. As the cast got progressively filthier, it became more and more frustrating to try to keep anything clean. But tomorrow? Tomorrow, Dear Reader! Oh, tomorrow that washer will be workin’ overtime! I can’t wait!

Above all, I really must say that Minor was incredible for this entire thing. Brave, inquisitive, good humored… he was wonderful from beginning to the end. We had our moments over these last few weeks, but I can’t really tell how much of that was regular 5-year-old shenanigans and how much of it was acting out because of his situation. He never felt bad for himself, he challenged the boundaries of what he could do in the cast, and ultimately the weeks flew by because neither of us were thinking about his cast more than we had to.  And now here we are on Solstice day, Major’s last day of school is tomorrow, and there is so, so much to look forward to… and he gets to do it all, uninhibited!

I confess that I am looking forward to summer vacation in a way that I haven’t since I was a teacher. I am ready for the break in routine and I need this time to recharge. Major is also looking forward to a little time off. “I get to play all day!” He announced at dinner today. Yes you do, sir, and please include your brother so I can get some work done! I’m looking forward to mornings when I can linger over my coffee after The Husband leaves the house. I looking forward to the usual few hours of happy morning-time play in the playroom. I’m looking forward to unhurried afternoons and no need to be in the car. We need a break. It’s time for a break.

Ya’ll know I’ll be whining about this whole thing before August, right? How many of ya’ll longtime readers cracked a smile? I know. Who am I kidding?

I have to keep this short today so I can look over the notes from my writing coach. I sent her 10 pages of something yesterday. It was a fevered, disorganized mess turned in right on time (which is not my style. I was the college student who turned in papers early). She got back to me with very thoughtful notes this afternoon and I now need to honor that patience with a good, reflective read. It’s only week two of this class, and I am enjoying the exercise of it. I’m spending a lot of time chasing the muse, and my coach is encouraging me to continue to dig deeper and explore. The ultimate result, I pray, will be a story that is finally worth putting out there for ya’ll to read. It’s been a long, long time. I am ready to take the leap.

Please continue to send me your warm and creative thoughts as I try my best to actually do something with myself for once. As ever, your presence here means so much to me, Dear Reader.

Happy Solstice Day. I hear there are places were bonfires are set to keep the winter days from returning. Whatever your traditions, I hope you celebrate with a joyful heart and a laughing spirit. These are our long days. Frolic, give thanks, then get back to work. We have to be ready for the short days. Not just for ourselves, but for the neighbors who will depend on us.

See you Friday for Quiet Thoughts.


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