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A Weekend to Finally Breathe

10 months ago

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Photo: I probably shouldn’t post this because I’m sure one of ya’ll is a pediatric orthopedist who is going shaking your head in much disapproval. But look at this child! What cast? For real! It comes off (fingers crossed) on Wednesday morning!


When Ursa Minor woke up yesterday morning, his first question was, “is it Father’s Day yet!?

“Yes, baby, it’s Father’s Day.”

Where’s my card!?” 

There was no time to get it in the envelope, let alone have the two little bears sign it (oops. Pro tip: have the children sign the Father’s Day card sometime during the week before Father’s Day. In other words, if you purchase the card on Tuesday or whenever, do be sure to have your children sign the card that day after school. That’s what all the good mommies do. Clearly.).

The Husband was confused and delighted by the ridiculous VR card. Construction of the paper VR headset and the following of many instructions to get the thing to work happened while I was in the kitchen working on Eggs Benedict (the king of all breakfast). The Husband enjoyed the video and then was forced to hand the entire operation over to the boys. They watched the video over and over and over again while we drank coffee, then figured out that they could watch all the videos if they just left the phone alone (because all the videos were delivered through the YouTube app. It was pretty nifty).

Minor: “Didn’t I get the best card for Daddy? Isn’t it the best card ever?”

Me: “It better be for fourteen dang American dollars…”

Husband: “What?”

Me: “Nothing! Happy Father’s Day!”

The husband doesn’t ever ask for much on Father’s Day. A little time with the boys, a little time alone for a project, and good food is all he ever asks for. Eggs Benedict was his breakfast of choice and then he asked for grilled ribeye with caramelized onions for his dinner. I did him spoiled him extra with grilled corn (another fave) and a triple chocolate mousse cake we picked up at Wegmans (another Ursa Minor choice). It was a very fattening, delicious sort of Father’s Day. He was pleased and full, my goal.

I spent my time this weekend working on my writing class (my assignment is due tomorrow and, Lord, I don’t feel like I’m ready to turn this in). When I wasn’t working on that, I was knitting, and when I wasn’t doing those two things, I was avoiding Facebook like it was my job. My entire newsfeed was filled with Fathers young and old, with heartfelt messages of this memory or that and… Lord… it was hard. It was a hard day. It didn’t have to be this way, but it was. Avoiding Facebook (as much as I could) did help a lot. Keeping my focus on The Husband was a big help as well. I spoke with my mother and with my sister for a good chunk of the day, which also fed my soul.

I am sitting here wondering if that’s going to be any easier next year or if it will hurt just the same. Even a small measure of less pain will be a victory.

Two more images for you from a weekend that was, finally, low-key. What an exhausting last few weeks. Having two days to breathe was a godsend.

First, collaboration:


The weather has been humid, but not oppressively hot, so we got outside yesterday after I got off the phone. The boys enjoyed their awesome fort for a little while, then looked to fill it with a million toys from the barn. Until this weekend, the T-ball stand had been everything from a spaceship to a sword. Major was the one who looked at it and decide it to use it right and proper. Minor went in search of the bat, which took a bit of time, but once all of the pieces came together, it was on.  I’ve got video of Major getting a good, clean hit in and making the ball go clear across the yard! I don’t know what I’m going to do with that child.

Another happy distraction. I’m hoping he will care enough about it that he’ll actually watch a little baseball with me. But then he’ll become a Sox fan like he’s a Patriots fan and then I’ll cry a thousand salty Maryland tears… maybe we’ll just skip sports for a while longer…

Besides, they don’t need sports. I’ll leave you with one last image from the weekend. We finally got around to cleaning the playroom and, with a freshly clean canvas, the boys were able to do a little magic.


The future engineers of America will build runways over garages. Or garages under runways. Or runways on top of buildings…? (When I asked them these questions, they answered “yes” in happy unison).

I think my favorite part about the entire design process is that they tried to actually paint the sky blue (because the lush greenery outside simply would not do). My second favorite part is that this build has absolutely nothing to do with legos. There are just some projects for which those things simply will not do. I preferred wooden blocks when I was little and I still sorta do now. The blocks here are from a big set of Melissa and Doug, but we’ve also got wonderful (though advanced) Keva planks that the boys haven’t quite mastered the patience for yet and then there are these lovely castle blocks from TreeHaus that have become a favorite for the boys as well. They love to mix and match the sets sometimes, with the castle blocks and the M&D blocks going first and then the Keva planks begrudgingly included as they run out of blocks but not ideas. I know the Keva planks will earn more love from the boys as they get older and seek new challenges.

It’s Monday, the storms are coming through, I have my second assignment due tomorrow and there is plenty of freelancing to do. Are you starting the week off right, Dear Reader? Bring your best and bring your optimism. We will make it to Friday together.

Until Wednesday, take care.

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  1. Dude, the helmet for T-ball, because clearly that can’t be the correct head position for bike safety lol
    Hey, is that “the pipe?” You cut it down and capped It? Brilliant!
    The plant beds look amazing! I am so proud!
    We had Lincoln Logs because we were real children, who played like men. *chest puff* *arms akimbo* *hands on hips* *lumberjack beard”

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