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12 months ago

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Can you spot it? Can you spot the missing thing!?

I sent that child to school with a head full of teeth yesterday.  Teeth we both worked so hard for him to get (yes, teething is a team effort, ya’ll. I’m taking partial credit for every one of those chompers. The Husband should as well!). His tooth had been loose for a little over a week, so this isn’t a surprise.

What was a surprise, though, was getting my child off the bus and looking him over the way a mother does, then registering something missing. A change had happened in my child in a few short hours! There was an actual jolt that went through me. I stopped a thought mid-sentence, stopped our walk up the driveway, reached out for his little chin to take a closer look.

When did that happen!?”

“What?” He asked me. He really didn’t know.

“Your tooth came out! Where is your tooth!?”

“Oh,” he said, turning away sheepishly. “Well, I think I swallowed it.”


That’s right, ya’ll. The first lost tooth at my house is lost forever in the most classic possible way. Of course he swallowed it. Of course he did! This had clearly been the subject of concern for most of his day. His little face was adorably scrunched up in thought.

“What happens when you don’t have a tooth to give to the Tooth Fairy?”

“Well, baby, I don’t know,” I answered truthfully. Nothing can simply be easy, can it? Here now I’ve gotta add an extra chapter to the Tooth Fairy canon. More questions were asked, and I told him we’d figure it out. We made it to the front door and I remembered we’d met a precious milestone. I had to mark the moment while it was just the two of us. So I snapped the picture above. Yeah, it’s blurry, but I’m ok with it. Here’s my baby, yet one more step toward grown.

The necessary people were told the good news. Mom needed to know what the Tooth Fairy was giving these days. “You’re not going to be a cheap tooth fairy to my precious grandsons, are you?”

Seeing as Major still thought that he was going to get $15 to purchase new Matchbox cars, I informed my mother that I was going to be very cheap indeed! But more importantly, what to do about the swallowed tooth? Is there some clever trick for that? Mom had nothing for me. “Maybe there should be a considerable delay in the tooth fairy’s arrival? That way he won’t swallow the next one?”

I knew that was going to lead to more tears than anything else. Besides, that would be more management for me.

I am happy to say that two dear friends helped me out immensely yesterday. The first was able to look over some old Tooth Fairy bylaws, finding a little-known procedural ruling that says that should a young boy or girl swallow their tooth, they may leave a single kernel of corn under their pillow. The Tooth Fairy must honor the kernel with the same payment that she would a tooth. Good stuff! When I informed Major, he was so excited and relieved!

Which left me with the last little challenge. What to give the boy. I guess today’s modern suburban child won’t settle for a mere quarter. A dear old friend just happened to tell me about the creative ways that the Tooth Fairy would deliver his little rewards. Special coins, often wrapped in special ways, were left under his pillow. I thought this was a really spectacular idea. So, for the very first tooth, we decided to go with something simple: a golden Sacagawea coin. I knew he’d never seen one before, so this would be really special.

The Husband performed the sacred parental duty of placing the coin without any trouble. I wasn’t here for the morning’s discovery because I was at the Disney event (which I’ll write about tomorrow). So, I had to hear about it from a one Mister Ursa Minor.

He was less than impressed.

“All the fairy brought was a coin,” Minor whined.

“Oh? A coin? Was it a special coin?”

No. It was just a dollar coin,” the child told me. “Now we can’t get anything.”

“We? Who is ‘we’? It belongs to [Major]. It was [Major’s] tooth.”

Minor didn’t really want to hear that. He just wanted to talk about all the Matchbox cars they won’t be purchasing this weekend.

Have you ever purchased a lottery ticket and had a wealth dream or two? You know, when you dream of winning a few million dollars, giving some of it away to worthy souls and then spending the rest on the things you need to spend it on (debt, mortgage, student loans) and the many, many things you want (Cadillac XLR, outdoor kitchen with wood-burning pizza oven and smoker)? I feel like my boys did that last night. I feel like they dreamed of fifteen whole American dollars and they were going to put two in the piggy bank in their room and then they were going to use the rest to purchase all the Matchbox cars in the whole universe.

So, like all of us who don’t win the lottery jackpot, Major and Minor woke up to their own sober reality, where funds are still limited and so too, therefore, are Matchbox cars. Major seems to be good with that. Minor… he’ll come around.

Anyway, I have so much to tell you about my morning with Disney. Because of the nature of the day, I’ve decided to write it as a [Sponsored] post. You’ll see it tomorrow if you are interested. If not, you know I’ll be here for Quiet Thoughts. Hopefully I’ll have some sunny pictures of the garden for you.

See you Friday for Quiet Thoughts.


5 Replies to “Something is Missing!”

    1. I am with Trish on this one! This is brilliant, I have a feeling my youngest will have a few chompers go missing entirely so this will come in handy!

      With my daughter I kept forgetting to put her tooth out so I had to send the tooth fairy a text message to schedule her tooth in for pick up …… and since she is a light sleeper I used a clear ziploc container filled with water and placed the tooth in there. In the morning there were the coins in the water along with “sparkles”.

      I remember the 2 weeks of her losing her 4 front teeth, coming home with yet another gap (the teacher kept pulling all the kids teeth out with dental floss) I shed a lot of tears, mourning the end of one era and celebrating the birth of another era. It is a bittersweet time <3

      Also, I love that smile in the photo!

  1. I used to have extensive correspondance with the Tooth Fairy. It’s funny — my parents never encouraged me to believe in Father Christmas, but the Tooth Fairy was fair game. Anyway, we had these back-and-forth letters, which largely consisted of me (a) trying to figure out which of my parents was behind it because the handwriting wasn’t either of theirs and (b) angling for more money because the Tooth Fairy used to only give me 20p — 50p if I was lucky and it was a big tooth. Kids at school got a pound so I was always jealous, haha.

    1. Now THAT is very interesting. 🙂 When did the correspondence end? What did the Tooth Fairy say to you (other than “brush and floss and stay away from sweets”)?

      1. Oh there was quite elaborate Tooth Fairy worldbuilding going on. At one point ‘her’ excuse for being late was that they’d had a general election in fairyland and she’d been a candidate but hadn’t been elected, so was back to collecting teeth! I don’t know where my dad came up with that kind of stuff, or why he was able to write in such calligraphic handwriting when I’ve never seen him do it in any other context, but… he did. I knew it was him because whenever he was away for work, the Tooth Fairy didn’t come.

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