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Camp Mama Starts on Wednesday

12 months ago

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Photo: At least I have this gorgeous new piece of equipment to help out!


So I woke up on Saturday morning, had my coffee and waited for the truck to come up the driveway. This cedar play structure was built in a few hours, but it represents the extraordinary blessing of community, friendship and incredible generosity. A friend and parishioner of my church gifted this to my two boys, an extreme gesture of kindness that I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to fully repay. It’s a kindness beyond words.

Even better than helping my family, the playset was designed and built by a woman-owned local company. The woman, her husband and one of their three children came to install the playset themselves! I’ve never met nicer people, and it was a joy watching them work (and to have my boys watch the entire process in awe). Better yet, it’s nice to see one act of extreme kindness snowball into so much more: a blessing for my family, a financial boost for a family-owned business. If you are a New England reader looking for a new playset, I really hope you’ll visit Triumph’s website and give them a look. You won’t be disappointed. The boys are absolutely in love.


I promise better pictures with my good camera during the next sunny day.

The play structure (which I’ve named the Eastern Fort) is going to be a very important tool to help with my sanity this summer. We’ve opted for swim lessons at the end of the month and a week of summer camp in July, but we opted out of the beach pass for the town pond this year (it was covered in goose poop last summer. Covered. I refuse to do that again!). So it means that entertaining the boys will require different spots for hanging out and field trips to new places that aren’t too expensive. Between the big-boy bikes, the play structure and friends with pools (or access to them), I think we’ll be ok. But for these next 3 weeks in particular, I’m in a pinch: Ursa Minor’s last day of school is tomorrow.

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times: preschool is the worst. Yo, what am I going to do with this child for the next 3 weeks while his big brother is in school!? Why can’t preschool end when regular school ends!? Who does this to mothers!? And what am I going to do with him when he can’t get his cast wet and shouldn’t get it muddy or sandy? No beach day. No splash park. No public parks (they all have a sand box!). He hates art museums. The aquarium takes a million years to get to and costs 2 million dollars to get into. So does the Children’s Museum in Boston. Sigh I guess we can go back to the Garden in the Woods… that was nice during the Fall and I’m sure something is blooming… oh, but the ticks… Lord, it’s probably the metropolis of ticks… We’ll skip that…

There are plenty of errands to run and little things to do around here to occupy our time. I’m worried we’re just going to end up vegging out in front of the television more often than I will want to admit to. Playdates will be scheduled, but those are so social and therefore exhausting. Lord.

And did I mention that I’m starting a 10-week writing course on Wednesday? The first one I’ve ever paid for? And I’m going to be working with a coach and I’ll have to turn in assignments diligently every week?

And did I mention that I’m going to a Disney influencer event on Wednesday morning? (I was invited? I don’t even know how that happened? I have no idea what to expect! I’m…excited? No, I’m nervous. I’m not even gonna lie.)

So really what I’m trying to say is: help! There is no way I’m going to make this all happen! No way!

Probably shouldn’t start the week with my hair on fire… should I? I promise to find some optimism between now and the start of Camp. The Disney conference has been billed as a “working” event, so I’ll be bringing my laptop and probably tweeting about it? Maybe I’ll post some Instagram stuff? I’ll be sure to blog about my experience, so be here for that. I seriously have no idea what to expect.

I hope you are starting your week with high hopes and a good list of things to get done. Send me your productive energy! I need calm, I need focus, I need ways to entertain this baby that don’t involve a screen! Lordy!


I’m gonna get it together, Dear Reader. I promise. 🙂

Until Wednesday, take care.

2 Replies to “Camp Mama Starts on Wednesday”

  1. That play structure is all kinds of incredible! WOW! I want to pack a bag now and camp out in the back yard with my kiddos too! lol It has been a while since I could take a breather and come back to read your posts, I think I caught them all now.

    As always, no matter what you are writing I find your words soothing to read. Life has been sounding similar to yours, packed calendar, events, social gatherings and so forth. Thank you for continuing to write, each week as often as you do. My world slows down, becomes quiet as I read, smile along and learn from you.

    I hope your work schedule clicked,found your focus & your work flow easy and your week breezes through to the weekend. There it will be in your back yard with your feet up, a cool cup of iced tea or lemonade at hand and your sons playing happily away on the Eastern Front & a nice breeze to keep the summer heat at bay.

    1. Welcome back Prairie Raven! I’ve been thinking of you!! I was wondering if the snows have finally receded? We have had almost a straight month of cold rain here in Massachusetts. It was 70 degrees and sunny here today, FINALLY, and everyone was happy for the first time in weeks! They are talking about 90 sometime soon and it’s like NOOOOOOOO. Come on, man! Can’t we have some nice in-between days!?

      Anyway, I’m SO happy to see you. Glad you’re back!

      And thank you. It’s been such a crazy few weeks. “Rough” isn’t quite the word, though it hasn’t been smooth sailing by any means. I’m so tired. So is The Husband. It just feels like we’re holding on to a roller coaster out of control! Can’t wait for summer to truly begin so we can get some un-scheduled days and I can get it back together…

      Is school out for you and your kiddos?

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