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Doin’ My Best Here

1 year ago

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Photo: Look at that well-patched knee, ya’ll! Not my best stitch work, but it’s hard to sew under these conditions! The boys’ jeans are too small to fit under my sewing machine, so I’ve gotta do it by hand and at a funky angle! Anyway, I’ll get plenty of practice… because I have four more pairs of jeans to mend!


I should take the time to actually explain those jeans. That patch is made from old suiting fabric that I picked up at a fabric/yarn/notions drop-off/swap-off event over the weekend. If that reads like a foreign language to you, I’ll explain: there is this awesome thing amongst us fiber folk where, from time to time, people will gather and put all of their unused and unwanted stuff out for other crafters to take. At the knitting retreat over the winter, there were four tables full of yarn of all sorts of colors and types that anyone could just have (including shibui, which was just awesome). There were patterns and books, and needles, too! So you bring stuff you don’t want, you take stuff that catches your eye… everyone walks away happy because we all fed our fiber addiction for free and did a bit of recycling in the process! Win, win, win. This weekend’s event was particularly cool because it included fabric. I got my yarn addiction and my fabric addiction fed. The Husband saw me come in the house with three bags full and his jaw dropped.

“What?” I shrugged. “I didn’t pay for it! The little old ladies told me to take more than I brought!”

I’m a rule follower. What can I say?

Anyway, the boys have put holes in the knees of all but three of their jeans. Major was actually ok with the holes for a minute, saying that they were cool. “Distressed” is in right now, so I let it fly. But on Friday, he came home and complained about them without much explanation. I suspect his little knees got cold at recess: it has been in the 50s here. I let out a big sigh. We’re so close to shorts season… I’m not putting any more money into long pants until the Tax Holiday in August. I’m sitting here already scouting sales and coupons for the shorts and silly t-shirts they are going to destroy this summer. So what’s a Mama to do?

I wasn’t even looking for patch fabric when I walked into the fiber exchange. I didn’t make the connection until after I got home that I’d found the most perfect stuff. I sewed while watching TV with The Husband on Saturday night and, when I was done, I was feeling very good about it! Major is also very pleased, which is a good thing. Now please, Lord, let all of these patches survive until I can buy these shorts and it’s warm enough to wear them!

That won’t be for another week, believe it or not. I’m not kidding. It’s going to be in the mid-50s all week this week, with mostly cloudy skies. Oh, the sadness. No fun at all. And I refuse to turn the heat on! It’s May, for goodness sake!

I’m trying not to be a grouch. It’s the week before Mother’s Day and my two boys are all about it. Both of them came home today talking about big projects at school that are “top secret” and a “big surprise.” The big surprise for them is that my plan on Sunday is to spend as little time with my family as possible. I’m even sitting here pondering how I can avoid church. The greatest Mother’s Day gift I can get right now would be to sleep until I wake up only to then gleefully turn over and go back to sleep again.

Fat chance, I know.

I’m sorry to say that it’s going to be a long week for me, Dear Reader. The Husband’s grandmother is being transferred to hospice sometime this week, adding a cloud of sadness and uncertainty to a month that is already severely overbooked. As we struggle to meet our many obligations to each other, the boys, family, friends and work, it’s hard not to feel overwhelmed. It’s hard to meet everyone’s needs and expectations. The cost to do so is high.

But we’re doing our best. We know people are counting on us.

I guess I will apologize in advance for what will likely be more [Fail] posts to come. I’ll strive to keep up my schedule, but I know I’m only human. I appreciate that you are here, Dear Reader, and I’m always grateful for your patience with me. Thank you!

Deep breaths. Forgiveness. Lots of patience. Lots of water. Sleep when you can get it. These are the things that will get us through the week. You can do it, Dear Reader. I’m right here with you.

Until Wednesday, take care.

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  1. Kiddo pant legs are so, well, tiny. I’ve sewn more than one leg together while trying to patch a hole. Well done.

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