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2 years ago

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Photo: Ol’ Farmer Husband is really showin’ off his green thumb this year. The started plants are thriving and the kale has already been sown into the beds outside (something has gotten to one of them already! What’s eating the plants so early!?). The carrots the boys planted a few weeks ago are also just starting to sprout. Good things are happening!


Being at home this week has been a blessing and a curse. The boys actually haven’t been too overbearing: the temperatures have been warm enough for them to be outside without much care and we got bubbles, frisbees and other toys to keep them happy in the yard. We took the picnic tables out of the barn and set them up, so I’ve been able to sit with my computer and get work done while they’ve frolicked in the sunshine. While the entire family is buzzing about the reawakening strawberry plants and the new sprouts emerging daily from the beds, there are still plenty of things to be done inside the house that are a bit distracting.

We’ve spent the winter thinking a lot about how better to maximize the house’s functional space and have identified three major projects that we’d like to get done before the winter months return: insulating the playroom (our 3-season porch) and getting a wood stove for the room, reducing and re-purposing the downstairs full bathroom, and adding electrical outlets to the upstairs “closet” room off of our bedroom so that we can turn it into an office. They are not small projects, but they would drastically change the way we live in the house and would allow us a little more breathing room in the months when we can’t live outside like we’re doing right now.

Of course, naming those three projects makes us exhausted. We are budgeting and planning, considering our options but, really, only dreaming out loud at the moment. The Husband thinks we can DIY most of the work, but we’re going to need to get some outside consultation on what is possible (a plumber is going to need to be brought in to help with the bathroom), which is a whole ball of wax we’re not ready for. The very thought of another contractor in this house just hurts my damn feelings.

So, we need an easy win. Just to get the momentum going. The kitchen desperately needs to be painted. It’s the first room people see when they come to visit and it should be more welcoming. There actually isn’t a lot of wall space to paint, so it should be an easy weekend warrior kind of gig. The boys and I ventured out on some errands and landed in the local Benjamin Moore store.

Our color consultant has moved on, which leaves me left to my own devices. Scary, no? We fussed around with color swatches and then I started flirting with the green. Green is good for a kitchen, right? What do you think of these:


So, I purposefully put the swatches on our picnic table when I took this picture because the wood stain is very close to that of the wood in the kitchen. Deep and beautiful. California Paints has a line of color based on 20th century New England houses. These swatches are chosen from the “Arts & Crafts” era, which they identify as 1900-1920. Our house was built in 1914, so it fits. These aren’t the only color in the line or for the era, but they are the ones that caught my eye.


So I know that orange and purple aren’t green… but I saw them and was like “ooh! Those are pretty!” The boys immediately attempted to veto the purple, as it is a “girl” color. I explained to them that they aren’t the ones preparing three meals a day in the kitchen, so they can take their bad attitudes and put them in their pockets. Also, I’m a girl. Also, purple is a beautiful color that I like. I brought home the orangish in the hopes that it might look nice with my particular shade of wood. It probably wouldn’t look good as a whole room color. I’ll have to find some other place for it. The Husband doesn’t believe in accent walls, so… there might not be a place for it in my house, which is too bad.

Anyway, Benjamin Moore also has a very nice historical color collection called the Williamsburg collection. I’ve always loved the colors.


I kinda love all those greens. What do you think? I’m really feelin’ the bottom two.

The boys took a bunch of over-saturated other greens from the various color swatches in the display. They insisted I bring them all home. One just happened to hold some colors I liked:


Maybe? I don’t know. Maybe green isn’t the way to go. These three make me feel meh.

Longtime readers will recall that none of our walls are white. We don’t believe in white walls. They drive me bonkers. Our color consultant loved me because I wasn’t afraid of bold colors. Now that she has moved on, I’m super sad! But really, how hard could it be? This is a good bunch of colors to choose from, right? What do you think, Dear Reader? Do any of these colors stand out to you? Green is good for kitchens, right? Especially wooden kitchens like mine?

It’s Wednesday, Dear Reader. I’m half-way though April Break! You are half way through your week! We can do this! Don’t forget to breathe!

See you Friday for Quiet Thoughts.

5 Replies to “It’s Project Season”

    1. It’s more of a Carriage House than a real barn. A horse DID live in it, back in the day, though! I’ll take a picture and put it up last week. We call it a barn because that’s how it was described in the real estate literature back when we bought the house. When you see it, though, you’ll see it for what it is: an oversized shed.

  1. I have most of the colours you have selected in my house. I have had orange in my entrance way for the last 5 years and it was the best decision made. It is warm, welcoming and happy for guests and for the inhabitants. I have a deep Caribbean Sea Blue in my reading room/library & music room which brings out the rich red in my hardwood floors and fireplace. In the kitchen area I have a deep dark green/grey. I hope your gorgeous purple makes it into your house, in your favourite space. Every time I read your Quiet Friday words I will think of you in your sacred space, writing, surrounded in purple with the sound of your boys laughter echoing nearby as your fingertips click the keys. It is gorgeous! I love all the colour samples above so I can understand how hard it is to pick one (I most recently put the green in my kitchen area – NO REGRETS!)

    1. Orange in the entryway, huh? I wish we had an entryway! I’m thinking purple for the bedroom. Too bold? Maybe the guestroom/office instead? Hmm hmm hmm…

      And I’m SO glad that your kitchen is green! I took all these swatches to The Husband and he seems to be on board with the green. I’m leaning toward “garden terrace.”

      1. OOOH purple in the bedroom would be luscious (wink wink!) lol it would be just as amazing in the office, I could imagine you becoming inspired being surrounded by that purple <3 The green does look pretty amazing in there! I am glad your husband is on board with the colour selection! If only I could come by and help paint (I am good at edging though I am terrified of footstools and ladders! lol Sadly it is a bit of a stretch as I am way over on the other side of the continent. 🙁 ) I can't wait to see the final decisions 🙂

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