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1 year ago

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Photo: I went through the photos of little mister Ursa Minor’s birthday and this made my heart stop. Those eyes. Lordy. I don’t know where this child came from.


What a weekend. Minor’s Birthday and Easter? What is a Mama to do? We’re still eating birthday cake, and then there will be Easter candy to deal with. What in the what what?

Oh, and you know it’s the start of April Break, right? Two little boys home all week? Yeeeeaaaahhhhh… the fact that I’m able to type a complete sentence right now is a minor miracle.

At least there was Patriot’s Day stuff to do entertain the boys today. The Revolutionary Woods are alive with the sound of musket fire once again. Men with tri-corner hats and women in hoop skirts parade about and enjoy the gratitude of tourist and local alike. The boys were put off by the entire affair. What is history to a 5 or 6 year-old? They cannot yet grasp the idea that they just got here and the world has been turning for a very long time. When we walked up on a local historical reenactment place, complete with ladies quilting blankets for the troops and cooking something that smelled awesome on an open fire, the boys got really shy really quick. You could see their heads working it out: something is amiss. Why is everyone dressed so strangely?

A gentlemen riding horseback was very kind and invited the boys to pet his horse and ask questions. Again, the boys were put off (horses are huge. I’m always so surprised by their massiveness), but they warmed up quickly. Thank goodness for that guy and his kindness. Except for his big plug for the boys learning how to ride horses. Why, oh why, bro? As we walked away and went to another point of interest, Major had the nerve to ask: “can we learn how to ride a horse?”

I said in all seriousness, “this suburban life is expensive enough without adding horses to the mix.”

Maybe they will get an opportunity during Boy Scouts or something. Who knows?

Anyway, it was an eventful weekend. Ya’ll should probably see this nonsense right here:

Minor on the Drum

There it is. The child has his very own drum set. Happy Birthday, Minor! What a freaking birthday indeed. When I pulled up from my early morning Wegmans run on Saturday, I could hear the drumming through the windows and from across the yard! What a foolish woman I am! Now, to be clear, we moved the sucker to the basement on Saturday afternoon. Basement does a pretty good job of absorbing most of the noise. The problem? Minor isn’t very used to being down there. Every little noise creeped him out and he couldn’t concentrate on practicing. sigh Can’t win for losin’.

So then there was this:


Oh my God the cuteness could not be contained! Could not be contained! I totally outdid myself this year. I mean, just to be clear, the shades make the outfits. I saw them at The Children’s Place and just had to have them. The little jackets and hats came from The Children’s Place, too, just in case anyone is wondering. And no, I’m not getting paid to tell you that.

I’m so proud of my two little boys because yesterday’s Easter service was…ahem… high energy. There was a lot going on because there was no Sunday School. Believe it or not, it was 86 degrees here yesterday, which is just unheard of for Easter, so church was hot. Kiddos in all corners of the sanctuary made their presence known! My boys were chill with their crayons and their clipboards. We had to give them “the look” from time to time, but otherwise, they were great. I couldn’t be prouder of them!

And now here we are, staring down a week of no school. There is plenty to do to keep them entertained thanks to warmer weather. It’s my hope to have fairy gardens to show off to you by Wednesday. We’ll see.

What are you up to, Dear Reader? How was your weekend? I hope you are feeling optimistic, with big plans and awesome ideas. I hope you’ll share with me!

Until Wednesday, take care.

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