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1 year ago

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Photo: Looks like we aren’t the only hot young couple in the neighborhood anymore. We got new neighbors yesterday!


Can I just say, before I get rolling on this blog post, that I am so pumped about that featured photo. Longtime readers have suffered with me and my little crappy camera phone for a long time. I’m so proud that I have the capability of capturing awesome stuff like this now! I watched this blue bird couple vet the birdhouse and move in yesterday afternoon. They circled it and pecked at it, hopping around it and making little noises. Then one of them decided to take the plunge and venture in. The second went hopping in after. Next thing I know, they are both out and stripping bark off the tree for nesting materials! I’m so excited! We’ve had those boxes up for three years and hadn’t had a single resident!

It was a delight to sit out and watch the action, given it was 85 degrees here yesterday. 85. In April, ya’ll. It ain’t right. Ya’ll know it ain’t right. I enjoyed it anyway! I dropped the boys off at school, went out to the yard and simply laid in the sun for a while. There are few greater pleasures than pure early sun, new Spring birdsong, and no interruptions from two little boys fighting over nothing! The day was so enjoyable that after I got the boys home from school, I threw dinner out the window and ordered a pizza so we could all be outside until sundown. We sat in the new plastic lawn chairs with pizza in our laps. It was glorious!

Unfortunately, I am really not ready for warm-weather mothering. I neglected all the important essentials: the sunscreen, the mosquito spray, the “get all your chores done before you go outside” routine. It all came to roost when I came back inside to a house that needed to be cleaned, Ursa Minor with a sunburn and a tick on my leg.

Lord, I can’t have nothin’ nice.

It’s all fine. The tick was removed with little complication. Minor’s skin looked better this morning and he didn’t seem to be bothered. The kitchen was handled, though the rest of my house is a disaster. April Break next week means Spring Cleaning for me. It’s time to open up the windows, roll up my sleeves and get this house ready for the next set of seasons.

That will take a bit of mental clarity as well: warm weather means new logistics. Some nuisances (fighting about snow pants and gloves) fall away for the year while others (the daily “why can’t I wear shorts today” fight) crop up in their stead. How am I going to balance my freelancing, this blog, my creative writing, keeping the house clean for impromptu visits (that happens a lot when the weather turns nice), cooking dinner without the grill available (that’ll change this weekend, I hope) and having the boys outside all day from the second they get home from school? In other words, Winter sucks, but at least everyone was in one place so I could be efficient. Now? The entire way I approach my day is going to have to change.

I know, I know… one day at a time. I’ll figure it out. I have to be patient with myself and forgive myself for the inevitable failures that will come.

Anyway, did I tell you that we’re growing our own Easter grass for our Easter baskets?


So I’m in the grocery store two weeks ago and I was thinking about Easter stuff, and I spy this really cool egg-dyeing kit among the usual PAAS kits. It’s by a company by Eco-Kids, which is based in Maine. They offer naturally-derived dyes (made from beets and stuff) and they offer soil and little grass seeds for kiddos to plant. Supposedly they sprout in 48 hours and then can grow up to an inch a day afterward! I was so proud of myself when I bought it! I told Mom, “I shopped (relatively) local, I supported a small business, it’s eco-friendly and I’m supporting STEM learning for the boys! It’s the ultimate Millennial Mom win!”

I wish you could have heard my mom’s heavy, judgmental sigh. “My poor grandsons… they’ll never know the joy of purple plastic grass in their Easter baskets. That’s what Easter is for, Kyra: purple plastic grass. Nobody wants to grow their own Easter grass. Why are you depriving my grandsons?”

I think she’s just kidding. I’m pretty sure she is? I don’t really know sometimes. I sent her pictures and texts exaggerating how much fun the boys were having planting their seeds.

First, you have to soak the seeds and the dirt pucks that they give you. The boys really liked watching the pucks of dirt turn into a big ol’ bowl of mud:


Then you scoop the dirt into the egg carton they provide with the kit:



Then you squish the seeds into the dirt!


Isn’t that just adorable? The boys really enjoyed themselves! When you are done, you cover the cartons with plastic and then you stick them in a sunny spot. The grass is supposed to sprout in 48 hours (We’re in hour 30ish right now). If we’re lucky, I’ll have little sprouts to show you to go with my Quiet Thoughts on Friday! You’ll have to wait until Monday to find out how the eggs come out.

Am I the only Mom who really doesn’t look forward to the egg dyeing? I’m already annoyed and not looking forward to the mess.

I cannot believe it’s Wednesday. Part of me is like, “it’s only Wednesday?” and there is another part of me that is like, “it’s already Wednesday!” Anyone else feeling this way? I need a heating pad, an advil and a good night’s sleep. 🙂 Stay with me, Dear Reader. We’re almost there. You can do this!

See you Friday for Quiet Thoughts.




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