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This is Gonna be More Trouble Than It’s Worth

1 year ago

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Photo: Lordy. Of course the Five & Dime didn’t have TerraCotta Pots, so we had to go to Ace. Of course, after Ace, I realized that we only have washable kid paint at home, so we went to another “they have everything” store in town. No good paint there. Start texting around and a friend is like, “Did you try the Five & Dime?”  So, probably gonna borrow some paint from a friend and… end up back at the dang Five & Dime. Ain’t nobody got time for that!


Before I get into the Fairy Garden Odyssey, I must first start with the hilarious things my children said to me today.

We’ll start with Major, while he was getting his socks on this morning. He put on his socks, leaned back a little bit, and puffed out his cheeks while glancing at the ceiling.

“What’s wrong?” I asked. I’ll admit I wasn’t fully sincere. I was trying to get him to start moving so we could get to breakfast (and lunch packing for me).

“Well, I’m just hoping [Classmate] is at school today. He’s supposed to be line leader this week. But he wasn’t there yesterday, so I had to do it.”

“Oh yeah?”

“Yeah, and line leader is hard work. You’ve gotta do a lot when you are line leader!”

I held back my chuckle as I made a shooing motion with my hands. He got up, but he was still thinking about the day to come. “And last week, when [Another Classmate] was absent, I had to be the door holder. That’s not easy, either! And when [So and So] was absent, I had to do the attendance and run to the office.”

“Oh! So your job is kinda to be the substitute?” I asked him as I nudged him toward the stairs.

“Yeah,” he sighed as he put his hands on the rail. “And that means you never know what they are gonna ask you for next.”

When did my eldest turn 40? I did laugh at that! It just goes to show that every age is challenging and nobody likes their day job!

Onto Minor, who was my co-pilot for the Fairy Garden errands. I wasn’t actively curating the playlist during the drive, so songs that we don’t normally listen to came on and stayed on. Minor didn’t seem to mind, but then a good song came on and I was singing along.

Minor, incredulous: “What is this?”

Me: “Hm? This is Linger. It’s by The Cranberries.”

Minor: “Is this grandma music?”

Me, outraged: “What!? Grandma music? No way! This is a great song!”

Minor, giving me the side-eye via the mirror: “Not really. It’s not that great at all. It’s grandma music.”

Me: “I’ll have you know that your Nana wouldn’t listen to this song either. It’s not for her. She listens to different music.” (I immediately regretted this, as it did not help my point at all.)

Minor: “So is it Mommy music?”

Me: “It’s everyone music!”

Minor: “But it’s not Nana music. And it’s not music for little boys, either.”


…I turned off my radio…

Minor was lucky this conversation happened after my three-store run to gather the materials for his precious little Fairy Garden. You’re probably wondering what elaborate set-up we’re going for here, what with all the pots in the photo. Minor reported to Major that he was going to get to make a Fairy Garden, and this got Major calling foul for the unfairness of it. When I informed Major that he, too, would have the opportunity to make a garden (this is the perfect April Break activity), he was satisfied… but then The Husband started crying foul.

“What if I want to make a Fairy Garden?” Brutus asked me in all seriousness.

“Really, bro?”

So, I went shopping for 4 of everything because, you know, this isn’t out of hand at all. What I found were terra cotta pots of all sizes at fairly reasonable prices. I was hoping for something wider and shallower (like what we saw in the videos), but this is what I found, so I’m gonna be cool. I started evaluating sizes, thinking about how things can fit, and here’s ol’ Minor with the extra.

He pointed to the 12-inch pot. “I want that one!”

“Well, ok, but that is a really huge pot. You are going to have to share with your brother.”

Whaaat? But why? There won’t be any room!”

“Child, do you see how huge that pot is? There is plenty of room for two fairy houses.”

“Uh…” He took two of the small pots (we designated them for the “fairy houses” that we’ll paint), and placed them next to each other at the bottom of the pot. They could sit side by side, but barely. “See? There isn’t enough room to share!”

I explained to him that the circumference at the bottom of the pot was smaller than that of the top, which lead to me having explain what a “circumference” is, and that led to other questions and, “Look. I’m just saying that there is plenty of room for both boys to share this pot!”

“Why don’t two little boys get their own pots and you and Daddy share a pot?”

I rubbed my eyes and regretted all my life decisions. On my knees in an Ace, fresh off a rudimentary geometry lecture, it seemed like a pragmatic solution. “Fine.”

So I grabbed two 10-inch pots for two little boys, kept the single 12-inch pot that will likely just go to The Husband and four little pots for houses that we’ll all paint. Maybe, if I’m lucky, I’ll find the wider, shallower pot that I’m really hoping for so I, too, can just have my own dang pot.


He’s spoiled rotten. You know it. I know it. I’m not proud of my weakness.

Next week? Planning. I’m going to see if I can get the boys to visualize their gardens before we start painting. It’s also great stalling before April break and gives me more time before it’s time to go to the garden store for soil and plants.

It’s Wednesday, Dear Reader. How are you doing? I haven’t written a word. 🙁 Gotta get it together. If you are feeling as discouraged as I am, take a deep breath and forgive yourself. There is plenty of week left!

See you Friday for Quiet Thoughts.


8 Replies to “This is Gonna be More Trouble Than It’s Worth”

  1. I think you are a fabulous mother. I love how lessons are learned through your storytelling. Minor taught me that the big ones can share just as much as little ones. Major demonstrated that he is a substitute because that’s how much leadership potential and belief his teacher has in him. Great kids. Thank you.

    1. You are so kind! I really appreciate it! I read this post a few days later and was so embarrassed. Like, wow, I can’t believe that child got away with all that. It just goes to show: they really do wear you down! You just get too tired to teach and preach!

  2. Minor is smart. He figured out a way to make you turn of that music. You said “I haven’t written a word”, I think your blog counts as writing, and you do it well.

    1. It’s writing, sure… but I really want to write fiction. I’ll never sell a story if I don’t write one. I was SO disciplined about it until this school year. Gotta get back to it. 🙁

  3. i find myself laughing & nodding & shaking my head through this post.
    (especially when the husband chimed in about wanting a pot too… priceless.)
    as ever, i’m touched and moved by your seeing & telling of the goings on, and looking forward to seeing the gardens that grow.
    (btw – there are a number of vegetables which are quite content growing in containers, in case the husband wanted to go that route with the larger pot…)

    1. My children are spoiled beyond measure, aren’t they!? Lordy me!

      Which veggies? Should we start them in our little seed pods first or can we directly sow? You know our season is so short here!

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