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[Bloggy Fail] Ran Out of Time Today

1 year ago

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Oh, Dear Readers, I did my absolute best to have a perfect and full blogging week. Unfortunately, the snow disruptions and other obligations completely and totally caught up with me, and I have yet more that must be done.

But it’s Friday, and Friday is for wishes, even if I can’t fully write the Quiet Thoughts I wanted to today.

So on this snow-covered Friday, I wish you laughter. Laughter can ease so many things, Dear Reader, especially in the face of struggle. So tell a good joke this weekend, Dear Reader, and laugh at one sincerely. Sincerely. Hold your belly, throw back your head and, for a moment in time, laugh and be joyful. It will be infectious, I promise. I wish you a held hand, warm and precious. When was the last time you spent time with another person’s hand held in yours? Let that warmth extend and expand between you for a while. Let it linger for a time after you are done. I wish you fresh fruit and cheese, something bright and interesting to wake up your senses after a long winter of heavy foods and spice-laden broths. Relish the crunch and the bite, mixing and matching the flavors if possible. I wish you a good long hug, a kiss on the cheek, a story that holds your attention for a little bit of time. I wish you a call from someone who loves you, a text from a friend who hasn’t been in touch for a while. Above all, I wish you some time with yourself, to reconnect and recommit to who you are and what you love most. This world is hard, it’s mean and it’s cruel, but you are still here and you have a lot of power. Ground yourself and reaffirm your values without apology, then reach out your hands in service to someone else this weekend. Remember that what you do matters, and someone out there is looking up to you, counting on you, waiting to see what you will do next. Don’t see it as pressure. See it as a call to action: you are the light against the darkness for someone, Dear Reader. And no wonder: you’re infinitely beautiful and brilliant. Don’t forget. And don’t forget to remind someone else of their infinite beauty this weekend as well.

I’ll be back on Monday. Until then, stay warm, be brave, stand firm, reach out and take care.

2 Replies to “[Bloggy Fail] Ran Out of Time Today”

  1. I love the photo in this one, your boys are doing what I LOVE to do (and my little kiddos too) = Tobogganing/sledding followed by hot chocolate (or in my case tea). They grow so quickly. I savor moments like these. I think your Friday posts are my absolute favorite, they are words for my soul that fill me up with comfort and goodness. <3

    1. Thank you and thank you. 🙂 They do grow quickly. Two years ago the thought of sledding would have made both boys wail with fear and loathing. Suddenly they are pros who can’t do anything but eat, sleep and sled. It’s like, what? Remember that one time? No? Oh fine, just go.

      And they are too busy for hot chocolate. Straight inside to bath and some sort of screen. I’m like, what about this other stuff? They are like, “no thanks. Got some goldfish!?” Lordy!

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