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1 year ago

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Photo: I took pictures throughout the storm and this was as bad as it got yesterday. The roar of the wind really was something. I know that everything was adjusted downward as the storm tracked more to the west, but still, it was intimidating when it really got going.


We made it through the storm with our power and most of our sanity. Two little boys enjoyed batteries in all of their trucks, and even that big annoying helicopter my aunt gave the them for Christmas. It makes the worst sound. It’s the worst toy ever in the existence of man.


Despite clearing out a Costco-size pack of AAs and AAAs (and even a few Cs), the joy of having all of the vehicles light up and make sounds again had a finite amount of time. After about 2 hours or so, they were sick of each other and the living room, so we had to pop some popcorn and put on a movie. They got to play a little Mario in the afternoon. Some mom on my Facebook feed posted a photo of her kids walking in the snow yesterday morning with the caption “#Childhood unplugged” in the text. Lord, Facebook is the devil. Motherhood and Facebook is a marriage made in the most petty, stupid level of Hades. I guess there are moms who simply do this better than I do, because it would have been a much more difficult day if not for my television. The Husband telecommuted, I did a little freelancing, and we all made it through. Nothing broke. Nobody got thrown across the room. Hell, there weren’t even many real tears! Crocodile tears, yes. Actual real tears? Nah.

I always go into these days thinking that I’m going to be monstrously productive and relaxed. I fool myself into thinking that somehow having both boys at home as well as The Husband is going to make it a weekday that is magically more interesting, even better than usual. It never lives up to my expectations. Snow days are days for compromises: yes, we get “real” breakfast as a family, enjoying some bacon and french toast. No, I don’t get to sit on my favorite couch, knit and watch Let’s Make a Deal. Yes, we exchange our crazy schedule for a cozy day at home, but… No, there is no respite in the schedule being thrown out the window. The boys will get cranky and there will be something to fight about. And, of course, the lesson I never seem to learn: just because The Husband is working from home doesn’t mean he’s available for regular parenting duties. Matter of fact, The Husband working from home and taking calls means there is more regulating of the boys, constantly shushing and fussing… Lordy. The day is different, but not relaxing. I got work done, but I wasn’t productive.

So it goes. Another day in the life of a young family in a small house in New England. The snow came and went, we parents were up this morning for the clean-up, Major had delayed school this morning and then we were off to the races. People around here act like nothing happened yesterday!


Oh! There was one cool surprise yesterday: one of the foxes emerged from the barn briefly! I suspect that the vixen is very, very pregnant by now. We usually see kits in April. So the mate came out during the height of the storm, got blown back by a gust and made a very quick circle back instead of doing any hunting. I’m sure he got an earful for returning empty-handed! This is going to be the year when I get ya’ll a picture of the foxes! They are so gorgeous, and to see his bright fur against the stark-white snow… perfection, Dear Reader. Really.

Anyway, I can’t believe it’s Wednesday. Having a Tuesday storm completely kills the groove for the rest of the week. All of my meetings and calls are stacked tomorrow, today was off-kilter and Friday is going to be a disaster. Are you feeling as out of sorts as I am, Dear Reader? I hope not. I hope your week is going according to plan.

I’ll get it together enough for Quiet Thoughts on Friday. I hope. See you then, Dear Reader.


5 Replies to “We Made It!”

    1. No, thanks be to God! We don’t have a lot of table lamps anyway and that helicopter doesn’t fly. We DO have a flying toy, but they are only allowed to play with that in the playroom.

      It DID make a hell of a lot of a noise and I’m SO sorry that I put batteries into it!! But… the boys were happy…if only for a time

  1. I can’t wait to see the photos of the foxes. I love the ones enclosed here, the one of the blustery snow is amazing, it captures the mood of the outside and the one of the toys with all the batteries in it are so warm and soothing. Makes me wish we had some snow days this year. Glad you all kept warm, entertained and cozy together 🙂

    1. I mean, do you REALLY wish for snow days? I hear we are getting more snow on Sunday. I could just send it in YOUR direction because I don’t want it anymore!!

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