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[Short Post] Setting Out to Wander

1 year ago

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It is Ash Wednesday, and I’ve decided to take the evening after a challenging day with the boys to sit in silence, settle down, and prepare for these 40 days of wandering in the “wilderness” in contemplation and prayer. I have so much that I need to put down and leave here before I get started. There are other things I’d like to pick up instead and take with me. All of that takes time and thought. I should have better prepared, but this is where I am right now.

I come to Lent with a lot on my plate. A few opportunities to consider, a few obligations that must be met, new projects I’d like to take on, others I’ve been putting off but ought to pursue. I’ll write more about my Lenten practice for my Quiet Thoughts on Friday but, tonight, I’m going to take the time to breathe and to rest.

For those of you who observe, I wish you a night of contemplation and prayer. I hope you’ll share a bit of your Lenten practice with me over these next 40 days. I want to know what you are reading and doing. ¬†For you wonderful Dear Readers who practice the other beautiful religions of the world, I thank you for your patience as I take the night off. May this time of transition from winter to spring be a transformative time for you, as well.

See you Friday for Quiet Thoughts.

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