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Photo: The boys and I were treated to a day at the Worcester Art Museum, a beautiful and kid-friendly place to visit. Worcester is an undersung city here in Massachusetts, and I’m sad to say that I spend very little time there. Whenever I go, though, I’m pleasantly surprised by the beauty of it and the friendliness of the people who live there. The art museum was perfectly sized for two little boys and had a cool exhibit on Ed Emberly, who is a Massachusetts native. Do consider making a visit next time you are in the area! It most certainly helps to have kind, awesome friends to share the experience with!


It’s Wednesday! We’re almost done with school vacation week! I’m going make it!!

Ok, ok, I’ll stop being so dramatic. Truth be told, the boys have been fine and the weather has been fantastic. Between the art museum and music lessons, the boys were able to spend a little time outside and make a mess. Thank God for the good weather, eerie as it is, as it has given the boys the opportunity to burn off the extra energy they have. They are bored when they aren’t in school! Who wants to hang out with grumpy ol’ Mama all day when they could be with their very nice, bright and cheerful teachers who always have a story, craft and snack for them? Minor has asked me three times if there is school tomorrow. No, I weep. No, there isn’t!

Now that the snow has sufficiently melted, thoughts of sledding have transformed into thoughts of bubble-blowing and ball-kicking. Adult thoughts have gone to the plight of the yard, which hasn’t done well under the strange conditions. The freeze and thaw, combined with plenty of needed rain and/or snow, has turned the yard into a swamp. The driveway, once gravel, now just dirt, has suffered most of all. Every time I turn the van around, a new heinous divot shows up in the grassy edge between the driveway and the lawn. It really can’t be helped, but it’s so very ugly and it drives me bonkers. Who has time or money to pave the driveway this year, Dear Reader? I don’t even know where to begin with that. I’ll keep you posted. I’m sure that will quickly turn into an odyssey if any of our other home improvement stories serve as proper preview.

In the meantime, what in the world am I supposed to do with these here children until school starts again? Thanks to the museum, they want to paint and express themselves. With temperatures reaching the 60s tomorrow, they are in luck. Breaking out the easels and paints won’t be too hard (though the picnic tables are put away, so we’ll probably have to use the porch as our base for set-up. What could possibly go wrong?). We have playdates and appointments scheduled, but there is still plenty of unscheduled time left between now and next Monday morning!

I can’t put my finger on why I loathe February break so much. Maybe it’s because February is so full of snow days already, so if feels like the children are never in school during this month as it is. There is also the proximity to the holiday break: it feels like we just got back into the groove and this is an unnecessary interruption. Perhaps it’s simply because this week always sneaks up on me. I feel like I spend the first week of February grumbling about how nobody at school is doing anything for Black History Month, then I spend the second week of February running around trying to deal with the Valentine’s situation… and then boom, here we go, boys are home all week. And yeah, they expect to be entertained.

I said it last year and I’ll say it again this year: next year, I’m signing them up for a camp or something.

(yeah right. I’m going to be paying to get the dang driveway paved. Lordy.)

Anyway, I’m sorry to ramble on for this post. My brain is cooked! I hope I have enough synapses to write down some Quiet Thoughts? I guess you’ll have to find out!


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    1. So, the preschool doesn’t and we’re working on that. It seems that the kindergarten DOES, but it’s more about the older kids doing projects and then teaching them to the little kids. The hesitation about explicit curriculum for these young, tender ages is that teachers don’t know how to teach the history without introducing the oppression. Ok fine, I understand, but it’s not impossible. You can do Black History month activities without mentioning slavery, segregation and basketball. This is possible. I’m workin’ on them, Sis, but Lord… ain’t I got 10 other things to do??

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