White Out There, Color in Here

Photo: I long for golden, warm sunshine, but this is the next best thing. I took this with my macro lens! The Husband got a jump on Valentine’s Day and had my gorgeous bouquet sent over a little early. Gerber Daisies were in my wedding bouquet and he tries to include them in the flowers he has sent. Genius, no? I’m thinking about sending this to CBS Sunday Morning. Doesn’t it look like one of their awesome transition screens? You could put the logo right in the middle!


Direct quote from yesterday evening, after the boys came in from 2 hours of sledding, most of it nighttime sledding, which my husband has decided is the only sledding worth doing.

Minor: Mommy! And… and Mommy? Tomorrow, we are going to go sledding again, because sledding is the best, and… and… we made a trail and it goes really far and, …and, Mommy? I’m going to teach you how to go sledding because, you just don’t even know, Mommy. You just don’t even know!

I wish you could have seen the child yesterday. His eyes were wide and twinkling, his cheeks and chin were red and puffy from the biting cold. He was breathless with his excitement,  exhilarated and exhausted all at once. It was a moment of revelation for that child. I wrote about the breath of life on Friday, and here it is again. The child understood something last night as he was standing in my kitchen, barely able to get all of his cold, wet gear off. He experienced that feeling that there aren’t really words for–that movement of spirit, a confirmation of the fullest kind of joy.

He sat at the dinner table, put some black beans in some roti and ate with a reverence that I’ve never seen before. Exhilaration and exhaustion met hunger. He barely made it through one book at bedtime.

What a stretch. 24 or so inches of snow in just a handful of days. Snow day number 3 for the boys. They are sitting in the living room watching cartoons while I’m here in the living room watching the strong wind blow the snow of the trees. I look up from my screen to see the van covered in snow, the sun peeking through the clouds. A minute later, I can’t see the van at all as a gust brings down all the snow from the branches and causes a brief whiteout. The boys are fascinated by it and a touch fearful of it. I don’t blame them. They are grateful to be toasty warm in here while I’m praying hard on the power.

This was a weekend of big doings. Ursa Major participated in his first Boy Scouts pinewood derby this weekend and earned himself his first ever trophy.

20170211_171515 (1).jpg

He is so very proud. He didn’t win the race and he’s a bit disappointed in that, but he is excited that he gets to do it again next year. Minor, who made a car as well just to be included, is also excited that he gets to race next year. I have heard them discuss how they will design their cars next year.

While the boys were having fun racing wooden cars, I attended a knitters gathering a few towns over. It was so nice to get away and be with other crafters for a while! I didn’t know what to expect at all, but I was very pleased with how it went. The event, called Knit200Together, aspired to get 200 crafters in a room just to share a bit of time and get to know each other, in the ultimate hope of knitting a community (and thus, multiple communities) together. The result was 160 knitters in a library getting to know each other thanks to a fun little bingo game. There were women of all ages, shapes and colors there, as well as a few men, which was pretty cool. There was chatting about projects, chatting about crafting, there was swapping of childbirth stories, laughter about gossip. We had a lot of fun. The best part? I won a prize! Knitting readers know: Baby alpaca yarn is the om noms. The kit came with the needles, too! Yay! Oh, and I cast on a baby blanket. My sister-in-law is having her fourth boy. I told you that, right? Hmm… another post for another time. 🙂

The leader of the group is an intrepid young woman who really believes in this idea. She is looking for others to carry it to other places in the hopes of bringing together communities of people to sit and share, using needles and yarn as a start point. There was little to no political talk. That wasn’t the goal. The goal was to leave our usual bubbles and sit with others, to hear different voices and learn something new. She was able to accomplish her goal with a library conference room, a few donated door prizes, an eventbrite website, some bingo cards, Facebook and the prayer that people would show up. I say this all to say: if you think your community could use something like this, seek Maura out! It doesn’t look hard to replicate! Matter of fact, I’ve gotten in touch with her to see about creating a scaled down version that can meet more regularly in a community near me. In the meantime, there is talk of another large gathering sometime in May. I hope we can do it outside!

I’m going to press the “publish” button now while I still can. This wind is not a game! Stay safe and warm out there, Dear Reader! If you read this from a far, wonderful, warm place, please send me a picture of blue skies, yeah?

Until Wednesday, take care.

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