It’s Done! It’s Done!

Photo: Three dolls down, two more to do… and I’m almost out of black yarn! Of all the things!


Ok, so I know I said that I’d have those pics of the pillow yesterday…

…and what had happened was… I fell asleep on the couch sometime in the late night (because I’ve been getting up at 5) and, well, The Husband was all, “this is madness” and “come to bed.” So, in other words, it’s all his fault that I didn’t post last night. 🙂

Ok, that’s not true. It’s not his fault… I fell asleep before I could get done. The pillow wasn’t fully sewn until this afternoon. But it’s done. DONE DONE DONE! Ready to see it?


You’re probably wondering what’s up with that random fabric pinned to the middle of the pillow. I embroidered the boys’ names above their faces.

Honestly, as nice as it looks, I have many regrets. I wish I’d given myself more time to add more elements, especially words. It would have been nice to add favorite quotes and little sayings to fill in the large amounts of white space. It feels unfinished to me. However, it is what it is and I’m out of time. Next time, I’ll be kinder to myself and I’ll be more imaginative.

There are, however, many elements that I’m proud of:


I think this is my favorite element of the pillow. It captures the boys fairly perfectly. And, though I didn’t “color in” the bodies, it still feels complete to me.


This one, too, feels very complete, though it’s not colored in. Maybe I favor these two elements because they best reflect how I see they boys: heads together, looking out at the world or peering down at the next interesting thing to ponder and understand (or destroy).




In my point of view, these elements are more of a credit to my sister’s artistry than to my needlework. I sent her pictures of the boys and she was able to create outlines of them for me that were perfect. Yes, the hair is great and, yes, it took as long as you think it did. I had to sew, essentially in seed stitch, every single strand and curl on their head. Satin stitch (the long, sweeping lines used to reflect their shirts) simply would not have captured their texture in the same way.

Which is why it took so damn long to make this thing. The hair on these two figures represents two weeks worth of work. I underestimated how much effort it would take. It was absolutely worth it, though. The hair saves the entire work!

So yes, a sewn pillow, three complete dolls, two almost complete dolls… gifts got to the mail and everything will be delivered before Christmas (including two of the dolls in the featured image, who made it to the post office today!). All of the Christmas cards and other gifts made it out of the house today. It’s done. It’s done. Oh my God, it’s done.  it’s been quite a week. But I’m ready.

And yes, there will be Quiet Thoughts tomorrow. No slackin’ for me, Dear Reader! I’m here because I know you’re here!

We’re at the finish line, Dear Reader! Onward!

See you tomorrow for Quiet Thoughts.



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  1. Marneymae says:

    omigoodness those are amaAAAaaaAzing!!!
    such a skillful & creative expression of love!
    so glad you shared the goodness! thank you so

    1. K.C. Wise says:

      Thank you!! I really hope she likes it. I guess ya’ll will find out next week! I’m hoping something was dropped of for you today…? Or yesterday…?

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