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2 years ago

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Photo: Doesn’t this photo just make you feel cold? Seriously. There is nothing warm-lookin’ about this picture.


The forecast for Thursday night into Friday morning? Windchill of -25 degrees. NEGATIVE TWENTY-FIVE DEGREES!! Now, I know I’ve got a few Canadian readers, and maybe ya’ll ain’t that impressed… but I’m impressed! I’m really impressed! Coupled with those temperatures, the super handsome weatherman is talkin’ nonsense about 60 mph wind gusts tomorrow night that will be sure to knock out power. “Don’t get caught without power in a night this cold,” he warned. I swear he was ominously staring right at me through my television screen. Might as well have said, “Kyra, find all the blankets in the house and hide under them. All of them!” The husband and I have made our plans: turning on the boiler on a higher cycle for few times tomorrow night, dressing the boys in their warmest pjs, and making sure all of the blankets are available if needed. We just got a full tank of oil, so we are ok to keep it a little warmer than usual for one night. Oh, to be homeowners. This is what we have to think about!

So, that’s awesome. This is one of the few times when I wish Major was still in preschool. How lovely it would be to just shrug and say, “welp! Ain’t nobody leaving the house today! Hot chocolate for everyone!” Instead, I’m going to have to bundle and rebundle him to get him down the driveway and on the bus tomorrow and Friday.

“This is what New Englanders do, honey,” I was told at the grocery store by the cashier. “It is what it is.”

Welcome to Massachusetts, Kyra.

I can’t be too depressed about the weather. You know why? Because, as the post title alludes to, the coolest thing happened yesterday. I took the coolest picture I’ve ever taken ever. You ready? You aren’t even ready. Actually, I’ll put a quick trigger warning on this: If you don’t like spiders, scroll past. Okay? Ok. Ready, go!

IMG_2364 (2)

Ba. Bam. BABAM! Is that not the coolest picture you’ve ever seen (on this blog) ever!?

I sent that to my husband yesterday and he was like, “damn. I wasn’t convinced you needed that crazy camera, but… I was clearly mistaken.”

Yuuuuup. That’s called a Wifey Win right there.

Longtime readers know that I am not by any means a fan of spiders. I was out taking pictures of the three pumpkins on my picnic table when I noticed this little guy. I have been meaning to play with the macro lens, but haven’t had a lot of success. I don’t really like how freaking close I have to get to a subject in order to get a clear picture.  But when I saw this little spider, I thought this would be the perfect test to see just how good this camera can actually be. Could I get the details of this little teeny tiny spider with this camera?

Well… I think you can see the result!

The little guy didn’t really love the attention. He quickly decided to get away from me and hide. Can you find him?


IMG_2378 (3)

Coolest ever, yeah? How in the world will I ever top these?

I’m keeping it short tonight so I can participate in a goal-setting seminar. I’m thinking a lot about 2017 and how I can stop seemingly bouncing from crisis to crisis (or busy season to busy season). While I’ve always been goal-oriented, I’ve never formalized what my goals have been at any given time and I’ve never been purposeful about achieving them. With the freelancing, this blog, two boys who are increasingly busy by the day, and new opportunities presenting themselves, I’ve finally decided to seek new resources and ideas to manage myself and my time a little better. I’m not sure if the guy who is running this particular webinar is going to be my new success guru, but I’m willing to spend an hour listening to what he has to say.

Maybe I’ll share some of my takeaways in my Quiet Thoughts on Friday? We’ll see how it goes.

Stay warm out there, wherever you are, Dear Reader. Stay safe and stay focused. It’s a crazy, cold world out there.

See you Friday for Quiet Thoughts.

7 Replies to “The Coolest Thing”

    1. I’m not going to be able to top this one for a long, long time. I should have saved it for another occasion! Now everything I do from now own will be BAD! lol

    1. We did not lose power and I thank God over and over again for that fact. We cranked the heat last night just to be sure that if we -did- lose power we wouldn’t freeze instantly. The boiler worked all night and I got up this morning, went right on down to the basement and thanked it. I know it’s crazy, but I was grateful.

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