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But Does it Really HAVE to Snow?

1 year ago

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Photo: Two little boys, fragile decorative items made out of glass, a giant tree with prickly needles and two parents who are perpetually exhausted. Whatever could go wrong with that combination? Nothing this time, but Lord if it didn’t take all of our energy to prevent little boys from knocking that tree over and breaking everything! How many times do we have to say, “no, you can’t crawl under the tree! That’s not what it’s for!” before they listen?


The first measurable snow storm of the season always makes me question all of my life choices. Of all the paths and all the ways to live this life, why did I choose the one that would lead me to Massachusetts and these long, miserable winters? This will be my tenth Massachusetts winter. Why? How? Who subjects themselves to this voluntarily!?

I spent my night tossing and turning, knowing that today’s snow would hit right during the morning commute. I was worried about The Husband and his little car, but I was mostly worried about myself. There is nothing worse than having to drive in the snow, especially because they don’t plow properly ’round here! But we had to get out of the house this morning because Major had an eye appointment that he could not miss and with Minor having so few school days left before winter break, I’m trying to squeeze out every second of school time that I can get (or, I should say, that I’m paying for!). I was committed to getting everyone out of the house and to where they needed to be, weather be damned.

but… as with every first snow, the roads aren’t ready for snow and ice. There is none of that good brine on the streets to instantly dry up everything. And it’s a myth that they plow around here. They just figure you’ve got all-wheel drive and you are just gonna make it.

“Hey babe, we’ve got all-wheel drive now,” my husband reminded me last night.

Yeah… Well…how do I know if it’s on?

“It’s always on. It’s how the car is built.”

“But there is a light. An all-wheel drive light. It’s not on all the time. Does that mean all-wheel drive isn’t on all the time?”

“You really should have read the manual.”

pfffft… manuals…

So. Here we go. Me, two babies, snow flying, country roads to navigate…

well, we obviously lived, else I wouldn’t be writing this post! Furthermore, the Sienna was freaking awesome. No spins, didn’t slip, never felt out of control! The boys were comfortable, even thrilled, andI relaxed enough to drink my coffee and sing along with the Charlie Brown jazz. It was fine. All of that fuss in the spring about all-wheel drive or a newer model? Wow, I really am so glad we held out for the all-wheel drive!

My husband reminded me that tomorrow will be a different commute because everything is going to be iced over. “None of this is designed for ice, so you have to be extra diligent,” he scolded. Ok, fine. I’ll pack my patience tomorrow.

The bottom line is, thank God for the Blackmobile. I don’t know what I’d do without her. She’s going to really ease my suffering during the Miserable Season.

You know what they have around here? Heated driveways. Yes, that’s a thing. I mean really, how hard would it be to do that to all of the roads everywhere? Surely that wouldn’t be extraordinarily expensive, right?

Ok, fine! I’ll stop whining. Look at this:


I got out with my camera yesterday and thought I’d try to get the moon with my telephoto lens. I’m pleased with the result! I was told today that a tripod and a shutter remote will improve night shots significantly. Good thing my bundle came with those things! Next time the moon is a perfect crescent (weather permitting), I’ll put those suggestions to work and share the result.

Since there is snow on the ground, I’m officially on Fox Watch. I’ll head outside to look for prints tomorrow. She usually heads under the barn after the first snow, so I think we’ll get lucky. With this camera and my telephoto lens, I should be able to get a picture of her this winter. I just can’t wait!

Oh! A quick blog update: migration from the servers to my new hosting service is complete and I have found a way to get back the “like” button at the end of posts, the share buttons that ya’ll are used to, and the blog should look normal when you read it on your phone now. Sorry for the growing pains! I don’t intend to make any other major changes for the rest of the month, though a widget or two might move around. I hope you’ll stick with me for the big changes and the small to come.

It’s Monday night, the moon is high, the air is cold and the farmhouse is filled with the clinking and clattering of the radiators. There are some good things about these winter months–I love the hiss of the radiators, the pop and clangs that they make, and the slow radiation of sweet-smelling warmth that they spread through the house. Find something small to appreciate this week, Dear Reader. Hold on to it as we go through another busy week! Know that I’m working hard alongside you! Share what you’re up to!

We’re gonna make it through the week. Until Wednesday, take care.

25 Replies to “But Does it Really HAVE to Snow?”

      1. laughing- looks like my miind is mush- I replied with a happy face twice in a row. My daughter just had a c- section for her second child and I am helping her- it is busy!. I do not know how I did it with 9!

        1. Congratulations to your daughter (and to you!). Yessss, those early days with a new baby. Wow, such a whirlwind. Joy upon joy… and thank goodness, because the no-sleep thing is not a game.

          I wish your daughter a smooth recovery!

          1. I don’t know if I miss the sleepless nights, but I will say that I miss babies. I didn’t know how good I had it in those infant months. 4 and 5 are giving me a run for my money.

            Hope you are warm where you are, and that things are well. 🙂

  1. Where my brother lives, in Calgary, it’s reaching -22 celsius at the moment. He says his breath starts freezing into icicles in his beard. He’s a Brit only recently adjusting to Canadian winters — while we’re used to cold, our cold is hovering a few degrees above or below zero (with the latter being justification not to leave the house at all), so I don’t think he’s enjoying it at all. It’s been frosty here, but no snow this far south in the UK (some up north, I believe), and this evening was more bearable than some days I’ve been outside.

    1. WHY does your brother live in Calgary!? I think I would cry every single day if I lived in Calgary. -22C??? Seriously!? I’d cry and cry and cry and cry.

      Ya’ll have a regular winter in southern UK, right? Like real cold and real snow, however brief? See what a terrible American I am? Don’t know anything about the weather anywhere else… Just to be clear, I use temperatures below zero as a perfect justification for not leaving the house at all, too! Matter of fact, I plan grocery story trips around it. Like, “OH, it’s going to be RIDICULOUS outside this week!? Hows about I hit up the grocery store, purchase ALL the food, and straight up not leave my house for the next 7 days!?” It’s been done before. Seriously. It’s been done before. I feel no shame about it, either!

      1. He moved out there to be with his girlfriend. Love makes people do strange things, like live in Canada where it’s -22°c and you get beard icicles.

        Where I live, and generally in southern England, we don’t have snow every year, and when we do, it’s often kind of pathetic — there’ll be like two inches out there but all the public transport will be delayed or cancelled because they can’t deal with weather. Proper cold depends on your definition, I guess. It was actually reasonably warm today (I was outside in just a jumper, no coat, and didn’t freeze), but that’s a change from the super frosty days last week. But winter here is mostly just rainy and windy and cold. Kind of miserable tbh. If we get a few days or a week of snow, it’s exciting and rare and schools close so we forget how cold it is, but mostly it’s just wet.

        1. I wish we could take the rain off your hands. We are still suffering from a prolonged drought here–11inch deficit for the year so far.

          And YES, love makes you do crazy things. Some people would just go vegan or something. I think I’d rather go vegan than live in a place that freaking cold. She must be some sort of wonderful woman if she could convince him to make such a change!

          1. Heh, she got halfway to converting him to veganism too, he’s a big fan of tofu these days even if he does still eat meat. And he used to be such a carnivore, hardly ate any veg. (She’s a vegan as well as a Canadian.)

          2. I’m sure her career as a burlesque dancer played a part 😉 Nah idk, they seem to really care about each other, and it’s never been Ben’s style to make life easy for himself. I think mostly she just helped him to grow up — he’s always been mature for his age but she’s older than him and I think that made him get his act together more.

        2. Jumper, no coat and no leggings? I am pumped that I get to look cute in a dress and leggings tomorrow. That’s “warm weather” for these months. Eventually, we’ll get to January and the legs will be gone gone gone until Spring.

          1. Mostly I’ve been in jeans/hoodie/jacket, with fingerless gloves, a beanie and a thin scarf. When it gets really cold I swap the fingerless gloves for proper ones and change to a thicker scarf, haha. Today I took the beanie and jacket off but kept the scarf, fingerless gloves and jumper. Meaning the British sense of jumper in this case (sweater) in case there was any confusion. 🙂

          2. OH! See, you say “jumper” and I think of a little dress. It’s usually a short little thing that you wear over a shirt… very girly look.

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