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[Fail Post] A Time to Call Home

2 years ago

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Photo: Two little boys got breakfast and a show when workmen came with chainsaws to take care of the dead trees yesterday morning. The resulting wood was a fun climbing wall for two little boys, and hopefully good fuel for our planned fire pit. Of course, given the way next month is going to go (not to mention the miserable severe drought), there probably won’t be any fire pits built until next spring.


So many Fail posts this summer…  I’m sorry, Dear Reader. These feel like a cheat, a throw-away. I don’t mean it that way. I hope you’ll forgive me.

For reasons that I will explain during my Quiet Thoughts on Friday, I have to take a break tonight. The Husband and I both are fielding calls from family as two separate and unrelated (yet oddly similar) events send ripples through the families and force us to make decisions and put together plans. Couple this with the normal exhaustion of Summer Parenthood and you have the perfect storm of mindless fatigue. I need to shower, stare at the television, and let the world wash over me.

Lest this cause worry, we’re fine. The four of us, anyway. Our extended families, our families down at home, demand our attention. In the immediacy of it all, there is such an inevitability to what we’re dealing with (aren’t we are all slowly marching to oblivion?). Yet, when oblivion comes calling for someone you love, the event horizon presents chaos, and that chaos requires all hands and all focus until the necessary decisions are made.

Of a certain age now, connected by the threads of relationship and duty, my husband and I are now party to so many of these decisions. So we’re on the phone and making plans, preparing to take care of others, as we watch people we love so dearly do what we all must eventually do.

I promise to see you Friday for Quiet Thoughts.

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