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2 years ago

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Photo: There was no shade at the pond, so we went to the park instead. There wasn’t a lot of shade at the park, but it was better than the pond. Two little boys were happy with trucks and equipment all to themselves! After about an hour, there were demands for ice cream and air conditioning. Thank God for the Blackmobile and those powerful fans!


“Oh, that’s just bullshit.”

That was my sister’s reaction to my retelling of Thursday’s fiasco.

“You can’t tell a 5-year-old he has to play the acoustic guitar and then sit down opposite him with an electric guitar and rock the fuck out and then expect the 5-year-old to be cool with the acoustic!

She was hopping mad.

At me!

“Seriously, Kyra! Why aren’t you more angry? You can’t do that! You can’t do that to a kid! That’s not how art works! That’s not how creative exploration goes down! If he wants to play the electric guitar, you give him the electric damn guitar!”

Ok, so… I should explain that my sister is an artist. An illustrator. She’s really quite wonderful, actually. Super talented. She started drawing pictures and coloring at a young age, and somewhere around age 7 or so, she started asking for serious artistic tools. Next thing we know, one summer, Mom and Father show up with a real set of real oil paints for her. “I had no business with real freaking oil paint!” She exclaimed as she reminisced. “But they got them for me, and I could do what I want with them, and I painted stupid dragons and cartoon characters and it was all mine and I got to grow and learn.”

There was a lot more, but it would take the entire post. The bottom line is: my sister is a serious artist who believes in the creative process and allowing the boys to creatively explore unhindered and with proper guidance and even free of assholish behavior.

The moral of the story? “He deserves another shot.  And you tell that teacher he’s an asshole. Tell ’em he’s an asshole!”

I didn’t tell him he’s an asshole. But I did cut ties with him today (there had been talk of a piano lesson this week). Furthermore, I did some more research and got some recommendations, then got in contact with another music school. They give electric guitar lessons, they accept students this young, but… I’ve gotta supply the guitar and amp! Ut oh!

So, a choice needs to be made. Do I rent ($100ish, 3-month commitment, beholden to a shop) or do I buy ($200ish, if he hates it I’m screwed)?

You’ll notice that I’m only talking about lessons for Major. I had respectfully ignored (at my peril) a good piece of that sage advice my friend had given me two weeks ago. I was told that I should consider signing the boys up for separate activities, allowing them to develop their own interests and giving Major, especially, more opportunities to relax and grow. I wasn’t enthusiastic about that part of the advice because, as you know, all I want right now is a little time with some other adult entertaining my children! One child being entertained doesn’t help me.

However, in this case… I think it’s the right thing to do. Major really wants this and seems (I think? I hope?) to be capable of it. He deserves to have a thing that’s his, that he doesn’t have to share with his brother. It’s the least I can do for him. How I’m going to deal with Minor is anybody’s guess…

So, here we go, one more bite at the apple. All because of my sister. We’ll see how it goes. I’ll keep you posted.

It is hot in the farmhouse, so I’m retreating to air conditioning and a little bit of reading. It’s a new week, a new opportunity for us all to do a little better. I realize there is going to be a circus on television this week, and the news is so full of grim, horrible stories… but I hope you take a bit of time to find something beautiful and helpful this week, Dear Reader. Don’t forget to fill your jar. It’s important.

Until Wednesday, take care.



3 Replies to “Demand for a Redo”

    1. Well, guess what? I’m taking your advice. Renting and gonna figure it out as we go!

      And yes, sisters. Lord! They are so powerful and FORCEFUL and junk! 🙂 But when they are right, they are right…

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