There is a Sit-in on the House Floor Right Now


Are you watching?

I am. I’m watching. I’m supporting Rep. John Lewis and the Massachusetts delegation and Minority Whip Steny Hoyer (making me such a proud Marylander right now!) and the other democrats who are on the House Floor speaking about gun violence here in America.

We visited Mother Emanuel Church on our way back from Hilton Head and I wept.

We drove by Sandy Hook and Newtown on the way back here to Massachusetts and I wept.

I hugged my uncle and his wonderful partner on the afternoon after Orlando and I wept.

How many more? When will it be enough? Isn’t it enough? Let it be enough!

I fear for my sons. I fear sending them to school.

I fear for my husband. I fear his riding on public transportation and going to work.

I fear for myself. I fear going into the grocery store.

I do not fear foreigners. I do not fear a philosophy. I do not fear what assholes tell me to fear.

I fear angry people with weapons meant for battle.

I fear ignorant people armed to the teeth with a single misinterpreted sentence.

I fear people in power who hungrily take money from an organization which seems to exist only to misinform, misdirect, threaten, intimidate, fearmonger, isolate, and otherwise dominate this democracy for no other reason than “I like it, I want it, you can’t take it away from me.”

I fear people who value office over the republic, power over people, privilege over progress.

And so I watch and I applaud. Thank you to the members of congress who are standing on the floor and speaking the truth. Please do something. Please fix this.

And do those who stand in their way, those who shut off the cameras, who call this a “stunt,” who won’t come back and do their jobs: shame on you. We will remember in November and every November. You’ll never get quarter, up the ticket or down it. There will never be forgiveness.

If you care about the democracy, please consider watching the feed. Even if it’s only for a little while. Be sure to get in contact with your representative. If they are on the floor, please thank them. If they aren’t, ask them why not.

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