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3 years ago

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Oh yes! Today is Meatless Monday and my friend gave me an awesome recipe for General Tso’s Tofu. I was like, yes, I will make this. Because tofu is best when it’s fried anyway, so why the hell not? Not only is this a vegetarian dish, it’s actually a vegan dish! Whaaat? I am totally winning. I might even be Mommy Reaganing over that shit right there. Check this out:



You want to eat that, fo sho. Seriously. It was delicious. Just poppin’ cubes and cubes of it in my mouth. Major loved it so much that he asked for seconds. Seconds of tofu from my 5 year-old! Yes! Mommy winning! My husband made a face at it. He ate it, but commented, “it’s still tofu. It’s… it’s still tofu…” Can’t win ’em all. I really like tofu. What’s the big deal?

Anyway, lemme tell you every little detail of the cooking process with intricate pictures of every–


The picture at the top?

The nursery looks like it got painted?

Oh, right.


Sorry. Let me find my composure.


Yes, the boy’s room finally got painted this weekend. Finally! It took such a monstrous amount of effort from my amazing, persistent, fantastic, handy Husband. He, with some assistance from my neighbor, was able to get it all done this weekend. Of course, there is much left to do–the bunk beds need to be constructed (not until the big Cousin Visit on this weekend), the Star Wars decals need to be put on the walls (can’t do that for 3 weeks to let the paint fully cure), and shelves/quilts/pictures and other stuff need to be put back on the walls (probably this week). So… it’s not done. But it’s better.


Of course, now the boys are asking about when bunk beds will be available for sleeping. Major, in his anxiousness, actually decided that he wanted the bunk beds in his room but also wanted to keep the cribs in there, too. “Just in case I get scared. New beds are scary.”


We explained to him that probably wasn’t going to work out for him, what with the limited space and all. He cried. We sighed. We’ve got a week to figure that out…

In the meantime, the boys are certainly enjoying their space. The crib next to the yellow wall is actually Major’s. But, because Minor loves the color yellow so much, the boys have actually switched cribs so that way Minor can sleep next to his favorite color a little bit early. Isn’t that amazing? They did that all on their own, too. I couldn’t believe it when I went into their room on Sunday morning. “I love my brother and I know how much he loves the color yellow,” Major explained. “So I decided he could have my bed.”

This heart, Dear Reader… this heart.

Speaking of the Yellow Child, this is a big week. Minor turns Four on Friday! Birthdays mean lots of work for Mommy! I’m parent-helper at school this week and we’re having All Yellow Everything Snack: Yellow-cake cupcakes with yellow frosting, liners and sprinkles. They will be served alongside slices of pineapple and cubes of cheddar cheese.

Yes, I know that cheddar is orange. It’s the best I could do!

I’ll serve it all on yellow napkins and yellow plates if I can get back to the store tomorrow. Otherwise, we’ll settle for what they have at school. As I mentioned, his cousins are coming to help him celebrate this weekend. You know what that means? Gotta get this house clean. Doin’ a little every day on top of all the other stuff I’m trying to get done. It’s a pain, but it’s worth it.

Next weekend, we’ll host his little classmates for another All Yellow Everything Cookout complete with cake from Wegman’s (gotta order that) and much grilled goodness (one of the moms actually requested my jerk chicken! ha!). Busy times, but good times.

Did I mention that we planted our first seeds of the season this weekend? Bibb lettuce. Butter Crunch, specifically! Supposedly they like to start a bit cold. We’ll see how it works out.

I also did a little cooking experimentation this weekend, making Pasties, a Michigan delicacy. I read a wonderful book called American Gods last year and that is how I was introduced to them. I’d never heard of them before but, thanks to Neil Gaiman’s exceptional writing, I just had to have one. So, I found a recipe. I’m sure that mine look nothing like the real thing, but they were delicious and interesting. I’d certainly make them again in the future. Maybe with a different filling, though… or at least a different spice profile…


I know they aren’t pretty! Be nice to me, Dear Reader!

I’ve got dirty rice on deck for tomorrow. So bad for you but so delicious!


Anyway… there is just so much to do. I have to get back to my many tasks. I made my calls today. Stuff will be covered by insurance no matter where I go. I told my primary physician which surgeon I’d like to go to. I’m waiting for the referral so that I can make my appointment. I’ll let you know when I do. Thank you for the gentle pushes, specific shout-outs to friends Marney and Leah. There were texts and emails from others, as well. I’m grateful for your care. I won’t let you down.

What are we doing this week, Dear Reader? What is the one thing you must accomplish by Friday? Let’s work on it together, yes?

Until Wednesday, take care.

3 Replies to “Busy Kitchen!”

  1. Cheddar is yellow in England — orange cheddar is weird 😉 And pasties are originally from Cornwall, as far as I’m aware. Cornish pasties are pretty common in train stations here. 🙂

    1. So what goes into a Cornish pastie? The ones in the recipe I found have rutabaga, potato, onions, a meat combination and some garlic powder. I doctored a bit, but not much. The result was a hearty meal with a flavor profile that was different from what we’re used to. But it was nice!

      How yellow is yellow? Here, the prevailing yellow cheese is American cheese. Actually, now that I think about it, there IS yellow cheddar cheese… but it is extra sharp. The kids probably wouldn’t have eaten that…

      1. It’s usually a pretty pale yellow. When I was in Canada recently they did have yellow cheddar but orange was much more prevalent — not sure why that is.

        Honestly, I’ve never actually eaten a Cornish pasty. I think you can get all different types. I couldn’t eat them these days anyway, I’m coeliac, but your description sounds relatively accurate?

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