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2 years ago

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Photo: Look at this ridiculous haul! And to be clear, my only contribution is the bubble machine in the middle and the two little superhero dolls. The rest of it? Grandparents! You guys! This is crazy!


My two little boys are down stairs playing with cheap Star Wars Walkie Talkies thanks to my mother. My mother sent my sons walkie talkies, Dear Reader, and I’m sitting here like, why? Why would you think that’s a great idea?

So there is one child saying, “Hello? Hello? Can you hear me?”

And then the other one is like, “No. No I can’t. Hello? Can you hear me?”

“No, I can’t hear you. Can you hear me?”

“Hello? Can you hear me? I can’t hear you!”

My brain is going to explode. “You have to let go of the button or else you can’t hear each other!”

“What? No! That’s not right!”


My boys are the most spoiled children in MetroWest. All I got them for their Easter baskets was an automatic bubble machine (because this mama is sick of blowing bubbles for children’s amusement) and cute little Superman and Batman dolls. That’s all they needed! Well, lemme tell you, the rest of their extravagant baskets were exported from the great state of Maryland: easels, walkie talkies, suspenders, little toy cars, little toy chickens, feathers for no reason, and enough candy to feed the children of MetroWest. My mother sent up two large bags of M&Ms!!!!! Why? Why would you do that?

“Oh, it’s just candy. That’s the only size they had!”

know that’s not true! Lordy!

So… where did we begin?

Well, The Husband is still working on the wallpaper in the nursery, so I took the boys outside with their new easels to try them out. Mom sent them little smocks, too… Mom… I don’t know what the hell she was doing. Anyway, two children, smocks, easels, too much money’s worth of Crayola washable paint and a not-so rainy day resulted in the following:



Nobody can tell me how the child got yellow paint in his hair.

It was at least 2 hours of entertainment. Hopefully there will be some sunny, warm days in our future and they’ll want to do more. As you can see, Major was really excited about his work. Minor ended up getting into it, too.


I need to consult with my artist sister about more sophisticated tools. I’d like to produce something a little better than what I came up with. 🙂

The creativity didn’t stop there. There were eggs to dye too!


The Husband decided that Easter Sunday would be a fine time to be an usher for church service. While I’m excited for him and his new role, I was none too pleased that he chose his first time to be a service when there was no Sunday School and no nursery. It was me and two little boys in the pew on the holiest day of the year. Awesome. Well, actually, not awesome. At least they looked adorable:


Major hasn’t parted with those aviators since I gave them to him. The suspenders came from my mom (“Boys who wear bow ties NEED suspenders!”). He was pretty fly yesterday, I must say! Too bad he was such a stinker during service! This child dropped his communion wafer during service! I had to give him mine and then ask my pastor to give me communion after everyone had left! Thank God she wasn’t in a rush! Yes, The Husband did a great job ushering. Everyone paid him many compliments as we left church. I guess he’ll get called to do that often. I told him that’s fine, but only on days when there is Sunday School!

We got back here and played and ate our fancy duck dinner…

and now it’s Monday and I’m turning around wondering where the hell to begin. There is laundry to do, bathrooms to clean, a kitchen that is a disaster… work to do! Of course, it’s a rainy day and my boys are doing their best to work off this sugar high that they’ve been on. That involves a lot of running, jumping and crashing in this house. I shouldn’t even be up here right now. I don’t know what or who is gonna break! At least there was school today… if only it could be longer. 🙁

There is beer in the house, so… I’ll be ok. I hope.

How was your weekend, Dear Reader? Are you on a sugar high? Did your parents send you children an inappropriate amount of candy? Are you gonna eat it all? Don’t eat it all!

Did you recall that I did no Meatless Monday this month? (sigh) I suck. April… there will be redemption in April! I’m taking my first cooking class ever tomorrow evening. The subject? Ramen! Surely that will inspire some future Meatless Mondays (and hopefully a few Meaty Mondays. Helloooooo pork belly! yum!).

Let’s have a great week, Dear Reader. Tell me what you’re working on! Anyone doing Camp NaNoWriMo this April? I’ll be doing it with a few locals here. Let me know if you are, too!

See you Wednesday!

2 Replies to “All Easter'd Out”

  1. LOL. There’s nothing wrong with grandma spoiling her babies. Munch was in Danville with his dad and he got spoiled by his grandmother down there. He’s on a sugar high. I love their artwork though. Keep it. They grow up so fast.

    1. It’s true, they do. Some of this artwork is gonna get distributed. I figured the Great Uncles provided the equipment, so they should get first dibs at the master pieces. I need to designate a display wall for the artwork and upcoming school achievements… maybe in the kitchen? I’m thinkin’ about it.

      Look at you! Easter weekend to yourself! Good for you!

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