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[Bloggy Skip Day] The Sun is Too Warm

2 years ago

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Photo: Oh yes, today is a day for swings. Maybe another picnic, too. It’s certainly a day for reading and writing outside. Not quite warm enough for the sundress, but at least I can leave my heavy coat in the closet!


I’m giving myself permission to go frolic in the sunshine today, Dear Reader. It has been a busy stretch, we’ve all been working really hard and I’m itching to sew under the sun’s warm gaze and let the changing air wash over me. I enjoyed my coffee while watching heavy clouds roll overhead, but now they’ve given way to perfectly blue skies and brilliant Spring light. It is too good to pass up. It must be enjoyed.

and since I haven’t had a bloggy fail in a while, I feel like I deserve a break. 🙂

So do you, Dear Reader! What are you doing? Get outside and play!

I wish you blue skies, puffy clouds and a soft breeze, Dear Reader. I wish you birdsong and excellent people-watching from a favorite perch. I wish you iced tea and coffeecake, a hearty salad and maybe some pasta. Yeah, today is a really good day for pasta. Pasta served with a light sauce and a grilled something… do I feel like cleaning my grill? This is an important question…

I wish you a chance to shed that Winter Self and become your Spring Vision. It’s a transition, for sure, but a wonderful one. Be sure to look at yourself in a fun spring outfit and relish it. Love it! Sunshine and fresh air do wonders for the mind and body, Dear Reader!

Now you know what to do: Love and be loved, perform a kindness, share a bit of yourself with someone else. Do this and come back fresh on Monday.

Until then, Dear Reader, enjoy, stay safe and take care.

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  1. Not really a fail when you post something, and never a fail when it’s to speak of the joy you steal for yourself. You are one of the most successful people I’ve ever known. I am honored to be given your time, and more so to call you friend. Be absent as long as it takes you to be present.

    And seriously, that needlepoint vignette better be amazing.

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