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3 years ago

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Photo: Meatless Monday! I did it again! And yeah, that hunk of roasted garlic is pretty large on that slice of garlic bread. It was delicious, though… so who cares.


I’ve got the Spring Fever so badly. Must be why pesto was so appealing for today’s Meatless Monday menu. I was feeling very uninspired this weekend (let’s face it, I’ve been uninspired all winter) and I only got maybe 10 minutes to myself on Saturday to think about tonight’s meal. I flipped over to PBS to see if one of the Saturday Afternoon Chefs could give me some inspiration and Boom! There was Lidia, ready to hook me up with an awesome pasta recipe. When in doubt, PBS cooking shows can get you out of any cooking funk.

She didn’t add tomato to her pappardelle dish, but I thought it would be a nice touch when I walked into the grocery store today. Then I spied the asparagus and just had to have it! There is nothing better than some roasted asparagus. Top it all off with some homemade garlic bread? Whaaaat? Delicious. Yeah, we’re a family with stinky garlic breath but, you know what? It’s a small price to pay for the awesome. I’m sad that I only pulled off one Meatless Monday this month (thank you for saving my ass, Leap Day!). I’ll try to make up for it with three in March. My  husband might complain… we’ll see.

My husband was pretty awesome this weekend. He made the big Ikea trip to pick up two new twin mattresses for the little boys. He was brave enough to inspect the barn for the skunk invader (he has vacated the premises) . The Husband fixed the washing machine, then broke it, then moved the other washing machine over (don’t ask) so I can use it while we come up with a solution for the washing machine I prefer… and he finished the wall repairs in the boys’ room! We are on track to paint next weekend, Dear Reader!

I suppose I should show ya’ll the colors?


Benjamin Moore’s San Francisco Bay and Sundance. And yeah, believe it or not, they look really good next to the Star Wars bedding. It’s… crazy.  Our color consultant is a freaking genius. And yes, that blue looks very similar to the color we have in the living room. 20150121_130708

But they aren’t the same! See? That color was called Blue Jeans when we bought it, but now it’s called Faded Denim. And oh, hey, there is that swatch of fabric from the curtains I have yet to make… good job, me.

Unfortunately, she gave me gave the swatches, but neglected to provide me a note. We have to paint the walls and also the ceiling. Is the yellow for the ceiling or for an accent wall? Is yellow on the ceiling weird? Maybe not? If there were an accent wall, which wall would it be? I dunno… The Husband just came in here while I was musing about it and he asked, “maybe we should let the boys choose?”

To which I replied, “last time we let them choose something, they came up in here with those hella bright colors.”

And he quipped, “well, I really liked those colors!”

“Fine! I wash my hands of this! I’m being thwarted at every turn, so you decide!”

This is probably a poor solution for all involved…

Seriously though, what do you think? Accent wall yellow (with a white ceiling?) or blue walls and yellow ceiling? No, I don’t think I’m putting yellow on the walls with a blue ceiling… I think that would be weird…

Oh! Before I go, I have an update on The Husband’s cousin. It turns out she is facing an incredibly large car repair bill. nearly $900 for new brake pads (isn’t that crazy? I feel like that’s a lot!). Now that I know what the real problem is, The Husband and I are working on how to fix it. We can’t give her all of the money, but we are looking for resources to help and we’re going to supplement a little bit. My mother-in-law is also gearing up to offer her a place to stay in Maryland. I think it’s all going to work out, Dear Reader, and thank goodness.

It was 60 degrees here in Massachusetts today. Incredible. I’ve seen the fox (male) out hunting, the hawk is flying, the birds are chirping, the skunk is somewhere else… there are no blue birds in the birdhouses, but I’m going to keep trying! None of the bulbs are popping out yet, but I think I have some maintenance to do in the flowerbed. Soon, soon, soon!

Even more anxious for spring than than I am? Two little boys. They’ve discovered that they can climb the burning bush:


I’ll be putting an end to this practice sooner rather than later. I really don’t want this plant to meet an early demise thanks to the weight of my rambunctious children. But, for now, I’m letting them explore what they are capable of.

It’s the beginning of the week, Dear Reader, and I’m hoping to find some damn inspiration. I hope you find some too! Share if you do! If you are in a voting state like I am, please exercise your right and responsibility to get out there and vote tomorrow.

See you Wednesday.

5 Replies to “New Palettes for Spring”

  1. I’d go for yellow as an accent wall and white for the ceiling. A yellow ceiling might look good but it’s risky and it would be a pain to have to redo it! My bedroom at home is yellow (though the walls are too covered in books to see much of it) with a dark blue floor (too covered in junk to see it) and red curtains. It makes a change from uni where everything is very drab and faded. Also, did you know the Romans used to favour yellow, blue and red as colours for decorating, particularly bedroom areas? Something I learned while studying Pompeii and Herculaneum in Class Civ. A long and noble colour tradition.

    1. I thought it was a high price, too! I think some small-time mechanic told her something ridiculous. Then again, we just spent $300 to replace the rear brake pads and break shoes or something or other on the Fusion yesterday… so if you have to replace everything, maybe this isn’t out of the question?

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