[Quiet Thoughts] "It's Friday, my dear"

Photo: Put a little coconut oil and water in their hair and set a comb to those curls and you would have thought I was ripping every hair out of their little heads. Five minutes later, of course, they act like nothing happened. Lordy!


I took the boys to the farm and had them run their little hearts out (more on that in a moment), then I realized that the church has an awesome little playground and thought we’d go there to play. There, one of the women on the Alter Guild pulled up with a few bouquets of flowers. They were stunning, of course. We chatted for a second and then I said to her, “Oh, but will they last until Sunday? It’s so far away!”

“It’s Friday, my dear.”

It’s Friday, my Dear Reader. But for a few hours during the day today, I’m pretty sure I thought it was Wednesday.

I quickly explained that I’m not crazy. It’s just been a long week.

“Oh, I know. Isn’t school vacation week the pits?”

It’s the pits. For reals.

I promise that my Quiet Thoughts won’t be a long lament about how much I hate February vacation. That would be fairly ridiculous.

You know what I will complain about? Star Wars bedsets. Clearly, that’s not ridiculous.

So I throw into Google the following: “Star Wars bed in a bag twin” and the first thing that popped up is this Pottery Barn Kids bedset. As soon as I read “Pottery Barn Kids,” I knew that I wouldn’t be able to afford it. But this inquiring mind just had to know! So I clicked.

$200 just for the comforter, Dear Reader! Just for the comforter! 

I had to email a friend, my Mom, my sister, my aunt and my husband! It was like dang that’s ridiculous!

Now, I’m not gonna knock it for the quality because, seriously, I now have some new #CraftGoals in my life. That design and quilting is absolutely stunning. I hope I have the skills to quilt like that some day. But still, it made me a little sad, a little mad, when I started doing the math. Every expensive element times two! Oh, the times two!

Not to worry, Bed Bath and Beyond has a few very acceptable sets for a more reasonable price. I think I’m partial to that “classic reversible” one… but I’m going to let the boys choose.

Then I went clicking and found this awesome bean bag chair. Do you think this is too obnoxious to put in the boys’ room? Be honest! I think it’s kinda adorable, but I don’t think I can justify the cost… Might have to sucker guilt convince some grandmas to help out a bit.

Hopefully I’ll have more for you when I write on Monday. All three of us are gonna go see the color consultant about the walls  and that’s gonna make me feel better. Look forward to that! In the meantime, thanks again to genius Marneymae, who suggested Forget-me-nots as a natural pallet inspiration for the boys’ bright blue and yellow choices! Hopefully I will have swatches that will impress and delight!

I keep telling myself that next week will be a more productive week. I’ll get so much done, the boys will be on their regular schedule, hell, they might even learn something. We’ll all be better next week. This really isn’t a fair thing to say, and I’m short-changing everything that we’ve managed to do this week, which is a lot. Little boys did learn, little boys did get exercise, this Mama did get some things done.

For example, as I said, little boys went to the Farm today. The best thing about the farm is that they notice something new every time they are there. What have been things to run past in search of more interesting (read: accessible) things are now becoming familiar objects ripe with opportunities to learn something.




It’s also become a bit of a yardstick for me. Remember pictures of days past when both of them could sit on that seat and spin the wheel together? Or when Minor could barely fill up the seat at all, and I had to hold him so he could grab the wheel? That child climbed into the seat today by himself, insisting that I not help him. The time really does melt away sometimes, Dear Reader. A throwback to 2013:


This blog got done this week (not one Fail post! Boom!), and so did some fiction writing. Even some crafting got done. My Lenten embroidery is coming along nicely:


and all of my quilt blocks are done! Look!


Though… that was the easy part. I actually have to get them together and the baste them to the batting and the backing by this time next week if I want to stay on schedule… here is a preview of the design. I hope to have a full picture for you next week:


What I love about Fridays like this one is that I turn around and I recognize that a miracle has occurred. Everything managed to get done. Nobody got hurt. Maybe… maybe there were even joyful moments along the way. The boys didn’t kill me and I didn’t kill them. We’re looking to next week, a normal week (if there is no snow!) with optimism and excitement. I have two boys who love school and miss it when they can’t go. How lucky am I? (For now! I realize this won’t last long!)

And to think… we’ll do it all over again in April. At least we’ll have the benefit of warmer weather then. If we’re lucky.

And we are lucky, Dear Reader. You and me. We’re lucky because we are here, and it’s Friday, and somewhere along the way, we did something that made us proud. We reached out to someone else, we did something kind, we accomplished something big or small, we created something that brought a little joy to our corner of the world… We’re lucky for so many reasons, not the least of which being that we are sharing our stories and listening to others tell theirs, and we’re all the better for it. And, as illustrated this week from your wonderful comments about the boys’ color palette, I’m the most lucky of all. Thank you for being so wonderful, Dear Reader. I’m grateful for your readership and your comments. Happy Friday to you.

As always, I have wishes, but I’ll keep them short and simple. I wish you a few quiet thoughts, emphasis on the quiet. That’s probably the only thing I didn’t get this week. I wish you a quiet room, a quiet activity, and the mental space to think your thoughts and do your deeds. When solitude no longer nourishes you, I wish you time to hear a story and to tell one of your own. Preferably over something warm and spicy. Bonus points if it’s accompanied by something flaky and sweet. I wish you the satisfaction of a week well done and an optimistic look toward the week ahead. Most importantly, I wish you the time to take a look at yourself in the mirror and to remind yourself that a) you are loved, profoundly and without reservation, b) that love comes to you from near and far, in seen and unseen ways and c) you are worthy of it. You always have been and you always will be.

So pass a little of it on to someone else, yes? Think of how much good you can do with it, Dear Reader.

Until Monday, stay warm, stay safe and take care.



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  1. Marneymae says:

    One of the things I love about your blog is the timing.
    I find myself laughing one moment (star wars bedding) then swearing out loud at the cost of the bedding (following my more laughing and a defiant stance that embroidered comforters are evil (and too heavy) and anyhow the fluffier ones remind me of childhood & so I’m all for the “alternate” ones)

    How awesome that you can still go out to the farm!
    I hope you are enjoying this balmy sunny day out your way.
    As ever, deep bow to you (& holy wowie the sewing skills!!) & wishing you all good things

    1. K.C. Wise says:

      Thank you! I’ve been working on the way I structure the storytelling in my posts! I’m glad that I’m improving! 🙂

      Embroidered comforters ARE heavy! When I read your comment, I was like, “oh yeah… they really are!” And it’s kinda like, why? But I guess with applique, you’re adding fabric all the time, so it totally makes sense. Anyway, beautiful but ridiculous. We’ll be purchasing from BBB sometime this week.

      It was SUCH a nice warm weekend. And the birds are returning to Massachusetts! I’ve been putting some seed out under the bird houses in hopes that we’ll get a resident or two. It’s just such a gift to hear them singing in the trees. There is some budding happening here, too! It feels like it’s too early, so I hope there isn’t a cold-snap that kills everything! I have not seen any bulb activity yet, which is what is making me wonder…

      1. Marneymae says:

        It was lovely here too!
        And fingers crossed it’ll be a long, slow-coming Spring.
        I noticed the birdsong today!
        Round & around we go…

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