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3 years ago

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Photo: The Husband had to remove everything from the boys’ room in order to get started on the wall repair. It echoes and feels weird to be in there when it’s all out. It adds about an hour to the process to take all the stuff out of the room and then return it back when work is done for the day. I was cranky to have to babysit the boys this weekend, but grateful to The Husband for all of his hard work.


Did I tell you about the bunk bed, Dear Reader? The one that is coming up from Maryland with my in-laws next month? I totally told you about that, right?

Well, it all started with a pretty innocent Facebook post. Something like, “Hey, Mama friends! Do any of ya’ll have bunk beds? Tell me about it! I’m looking for one!”

I only got a handful of replies (we’re ahead of the baby game with it comes to our friends. Most of them are just starting to walk down the aisle or are just now popping their first babies…). Then I get this email from my mother-in-law with a picture of this starkSpartan metal rod bunk bed. It was… awful.

So I politely emailed her back. Thank you so much for thinking of us, I’m sure that will make a lovely addition to someone else’s home, we’re looking for something more in our aesthetic that will fit with our home’s already well-established decor of dark woods and warm features…

Long story short, she gets back to me 3 days later with a dark-wood bunk bed she found on the grandma’s listserv in Maryland. $150. Did we want it?

The Husband said sure. They went and looked it over and said that it’s sound. So I’m the proud owner of a new bunk bed that we bought for a song (We were preparing ourselves to spend somewhere around $800 for a new one at the furniture store). Now, it doesn’t have the cool stairs that I wanted, and it doesn’t have the storage that we need… but we’re saving a bunch of money here and delivery is free, so I’m keeping my problems to myself. We can fix the storage problem in other ways.

But the purchase and impending delivery has begun a process that we didn’t think we were going to start until the summer. The boys’ room needs to be painted before we install the bed. The wallpaper in that room is awful, and the walls and ceiling have cracks from settling that need to repaired.

So, The Husband has been at it all weekend. Scraping down the world’s ugliest wallpaper in that room revealed a different wallpaper underneath, The world’s ugliest wallpaper!


Here is an upclose detail so you can see them together:


I’m looking forward to covering it all up with fresh paint. The ceiling is getting painted, too. There is all sorts of space to get inspired and have fun!

Well… sorta. There is the matter of choosing a color. My husband, in his infinite wisdom, decided to give the little boys their choice of color in the room. “It’s their room. They should choose the color, don’t you think?”

My mommy brain screamed, “No! Don’t let them!”

But he took them to Ace and let them look at the rainbow of color cards. This is what they brought home:


Ok… so… awesome. The boys had made it abundantly clear that they wanted to choose their favorite colors. Major wants blue. Minor wants yellow. “Maybe we’ll just paint each of the walls a different color,” my husband proposed. I was like, what?

“It’s gotta be a room I’m happy to walk into every morning,” I told him.

“We’ll paint a stripe, maybe? Or chevrons?”

Lordy me.. I have no idea what we’re going to do.

So he came in the door with “alternatives”:


I hate them all.

It was my hope to have the blue on the walls and then use yellow (and other bright colors) as the pops of fabric around the room, specifically in curtains, pillows and bedspreads. We’re going to create a little reading nook, complete with beanbags and, hopefully, a little table and a lamp. Yellow beanbags would be awesome! And bedspreads with fun details in yellow or gold would also be nice.

“But, you know, you can have anything you want printed on your covers. Even Star Wars,” my husband said.

STAR WARS? WE CAN HAVE STAR WARS COVERS?” Both boys screamed in unison.

“Oh yes. Star Wars covers are pretty cool!”

Sabotage. Betrayal. Happy Valentine’s Day. I’ve got to get some more female energy into this house!

It’s school vacation week, so I’ve got little boys at all week. I feel like the three of us are going to see the Color Consultant to come up with a plan. Either that or I’m going to have to learn to love Pinterest… I kinda hate Pinterest… a lot.

Either way, I’ve got to come up with a plan. The painting and the purchasing of mattresses and new bed clothes has got to be done by  March 11th. We really only have weekends to get the painting done! I’m getting hives just thinking about it!

If anyone has any cool kids room painting suggestions, I’d be grateful for some links! I’d also love some suggestions on how to elevate the sophistication of this color palette. Major loves blue, Minor loves yellow. They can be made to work together… but the ratios are going to be really important. Any home design experts out there?

It’s Monday and it’s School Vacation week, Dear Reader. I don’t even know what to expect this week. Wish me luck. What are you up to this week?

10 Replies to “If the Walls Could Speak”

  1. I feel your pain on all of this. the double wallpaper especially. We had it through out our house stuck to straight drywall. Ug. A pale or brown yellow with a brighter blue actually looks pretty nice. The best combo with blue is orange so if you can convince him that an orange yellow is yellow you are golden. Good luck!

  2. I kinda like the bright blue & yellow’s the boys brought home!
    (& the alternate colors are yuck in my eye-book. Too drab!)
    The brights are very “Boy” for sure, but I think it’s doable!
    i like the combination of the top blue on the left, bottom blue on the right, & the bottom bright yellow as the anchor colors.
    Maybe two walls could be in blue?
    Or wainscoting (even false) could be one blue, & above could be the other blue…
    Playing with door & window trim of one color?
    Blue? Yellow?
    I dunno. It could be fun.
    Love the yellow beanbag & curtains idea.
    And star wars goes with everything! 🙂

  3. Hey again!
    Driving during work today, looking at the bright blue sky, the colors the boys chose came to mind, then flashed to an image of the flower forget-me-not.
    I wonder if that could be a place to look for inspiration…?
    Blue flowers often have yellow guide lines or yellow within.
    Anyhow- just wanted to share that!

    1. Wow! I had to Google the flower because I couldn’t recall how they look (oh irony)! Now THAT is a nice color pallet! Sophisticated, yet bright! Great call!

      Will have to see what my color consultant can do and how we can get that on the walls. I like how there are accents of pink/rosed white in the centers sometimes. Wonder how we can use that, too…

      Still have a Star Wars problem…

      And my current curtains would be too dark… I would have to make new ones…

      Thanks for the inspiration! I like where this could go!

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