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3 years ago

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Lemme tell you what a genius I am.

I’m the genius who decided that our house is just too big. We should, you know, seal off a room for the winter. Who needs the playroom this winter? Only the bourgeoisie needs such a luxury!

“Why are we wasting money cranking the space heater all winter?” I asked myself.

“Why are we heating a room that isn’t insulated?” I further asked.

“And you know, we’re wasting oil when we do this too, because the boiler kicks on when the space heater can’t handle the cold,” I said.

“You know what we should do? Take the majority of the toys out of the playroom and put them in the living room,” I concluded. Yes. Save money on the electric bill, stretch the oil in the tank. Genius, genius, genius!

Oh my God what the hell is wrong with me?

There are just… toys… everywhere.

Oh yeah, there is a place for each toy. Neat little clear plastic boxes. Elegant solutions to our middle-class first-world problem of our boys having entirely too many toys. Little legos that are all too delighted to nip your feet as you walk on them. Cars and construction trucks that stub your toes or make you lose your balance. Wooden blocks that happily bring down their solid heavy weight on the joint of your toes as you plow into them without looking.

Oh yes. Genius. I’m a damn genius.

So is this Mama going to get anything done for the next eight weeks? Hahahahahaha… not between the hours of 8am and 8pm. No way! Upside? No more wasting time watching daytime television. That stuff is the devil.

Here are the boys pretending to ride on a school bus while I tried to type this post out on my Kindle today:


It isn’t all so bad. I’m bitter today because I was parent-helper at school. I had 90 minutes for myself, my writing and my coffee this morning and then it was off to the races. I, like most other moms around here, was fighting my own no-early-morning-for-two-weeks entropy while trying to rouse the two little bears into action as well. It wasn’t easy at first, but eventually they got excited about seeing their friends at school and junk so… we got it together.

10 minutes late

whatever. We made it.

But that was my day. I’ve been with these two boys non-stop all day. By the time I settled into some time on the couch, it was time to get with dinner.

Our first Meatless Monday!


It was supposed to be tofu Pad Thai, but it ended up just being tofu stir fry with rice noodles. As you can see, my tofu just kinda fell part during the cooking. That picture probably looks unappetizing… it actually was quite good! I put a bunch of stuff in there–broccoli, carrots, onion, garlic, a bunch of cilantro–We didn’t miss the meat! And by “we,” I mean me and my husband

because little boys came to the table, looked at it and didn’t even try.

Didn’t even try! The rebellion started with Major (“I don’t really like noodles”) and then trickled down to his brother, who decided he needed to use the potty and then just magically never went back to the table. They are going to be complete punks in the morning about eating breakfast.

*sigh* I’m not looking forward to another year of not-eating-dinner blues. I just can’t make rice and beans or bread every night, Dear Reader! Those two are killing me.

My goal this month is for 2 meatless Mondays. Gotta find recipes that work for all of us and gotta make it so it’s not a chore. Any of ya’ll doing the Meatless thing this year? I’d love your ideas! Especially ideas that don’t involve tofu. I could eat tofu every day. My husband on the other hand…

Other fun things that happened over the weekend:

The quilted pattern for my next sewing project was designed:

quilt layout (2)

I’m still not great with working with Google Slides for this, but you can see it. I’m going fabric shopping on Wednesday and I’m looking forward to finding prints that bring this pattern to its full potential. There is a small fabric store in the area that I love to go to for this. I’ll have a picture for you in my next post!

The Husband also got our bird houses up this weekend!


So we’re on fox watch for now (we usually see them after the first snow, but not yet. Soon, though, as it’s finally really cold) and hopefully we’ll be on bird watch in the early spring! I hope that I will have a good enough camera to take awesome pictures of new Blue Bird residents by then. We’ll see!

It is 8:20 and the little boys are finally in the nursery. A book is being read and the lights will be out fairly soon. I want to tell you that I’m off to be productive–I’m outlining my next writing project and designing my embroidery project for the school auction (yes, it’s early, but it will take me a while and I’m doing this quilted thing first)–but my brain is mush. I’ve gotta go to bed too if I want a chance to get up tomorrow and get in my early hours before the boys wake up. It’s going to be especially cold, too, which means it’s gonna be the three of us in the living room all day!

*sigh* The things we do.

Don’t forget, though: I’m a genius. If I keep typing it, it must be true!

I think I’m going to buy a lottery ticket on Wednesday. Don’t need the full $400 million to make me happy. Just need enough so I can insulate the playroom. 😉

How was your first Monday of the year, Dear Reader? Everything you needed it to be? I hope so. I hope you are still feeling optimistic. We’ve got a lot to do.

See you Wednesday.

2 Replies to “How Long Can Winter Be?”

    1. Winter is pretty much forever here in Massachusetts, but it will feel shorter this year because December was so warm. I’m really going to do my best to keep my complaints to myself!!

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