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3 years ago

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Photo: My mom has this pillow and I absolutely love it. I am going to try to create something similar for the preschool auction this year (with items particular to the school, clearly). It would be a bit of an undertaking but, with thoughtful design and good time management, I think it is possible. I spent a lot of time looking over the techniques and taking pictures of each element so that I can reference it without pestering Mom.


It took 10 hours to get back here. (8 is par.)

We made 3 stops. (2 is par.)

We experienced 2 potty emergencies. (There should never be a par for that.)

And when we finally got here, our driveway was an ice rink, which created many simultaneous crises. Each requiring a lot out of both of us while kids took advantage by catching up on all the cartoons they’d missed.

The house just has piles of stuff to put away or wash or find a home for…I’ve got my hands full tomorrow.

Here are a few blessings that I’m grateful for right now:

new Kindles for little boys meant that they were entertained for the majority of the ride. Best gift ever. A powerful tool that I will need to use wisely. Then again, I refuse to be afraid of letting the boys use technology for learning and/or entertainment. Get thee behind me, sanctimommies.

We made it here safely, though exhausted, and the house is full of new treats and trinkets for me to put away.

My coffee maker is set. Thank you, Jesus. I missed my good coffee!

There are black-eyed peas and collard greens in this house that are ready to be prepared. Gotta thaw my pork shoulder and we are all set for a (modified) traditional New Years menu.

My husband is snoring as I’m tying this. It’s adorable. Poor man worked so hard to get us home today. I don’t know what I would do without him.

I will be able to write a full and regular Quiet Thoughts post on Friday. I’m fired up and ready to get back into routine. Matter of fact, I’m up at my regular time tomorrow (well…5:30…gotta ease into it… don’t laugh at me!), ready to outline my next project.

I’m back, Dear Reader. I missed you! Let’s end the year powerfully, shall we? Go forth and do something that’ll end 2015 with a bit of umph.

Then I’ll see you Friday with my first Quiet Thoughts of the new year. Can’t wait.


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