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Christmas at Home: Ready to Go Back

3 years ago

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Christmas at home is: Adults staying up until midnight every night. Up watching movies. her (shmeh.) one night, The Martian (awesome) the next. Mythbusters marathon also tempts us all to stay up too late. What can I say? We nerds are suckers for myths being busted with explosives and science!

Little boys, in bed early, are up and ready to play at 7:30. You were up late, adults? That’s not our fault. Let us at all the toys! Tech gifts are a big hit with Major. Minor still wants his matchbox cars and monster trucks. Both are fighting over the glow-in-the-dark race car track Nana bought off the QVC. Lordy…

Time with my sister and her cool artist boyfriend. Inside jokes and fun memories.

Lots of sofa, juice, cookies and restaurant food. Not enough water or vegetables. Feeling like blech. I threaten daily that we are going on a detox as soon as we get back. My husband only half believes me.

Too much alcohol, too. I’m too old for this behavior.

Life is full of friendly faces, happy hugs, kindly kisses. Little boys remember family members, name them and embrace them. People feel loved, that is always good. Everybody must be seen. A visit every day. Always something to do.

Warm weather means time at local playground. Boys play, tired parents sit on a bench. I admire the foothills in the distance, enjoy the diversity of the families who have also come to play. I ask my husband: “is there any way you see us moving back here?”

“No. Never.”

I’ll write more about that later.

Trip is coming to an end. Feeling anxiety about the coming year. So many things I would like to accomplish, so many surprises that are probably in store. I’ll write about that later, too.

Time to return to my routine, my computer, my coffee maker. Not excited about the long drive back, but it must be done. Regular posts return soon, Dear Reader. Thank you for your patience.

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