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3 years ago

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Photo: While I like sharing my sacred spaces with the boys sometimes, it’s certainly not the same experience. Major did his time on the Old North Bridge on Friday, though. He leaned so far over on the rail that he scared me to death! Lordy, why do I take them anywhere?


Little boys woke up this morning all musty, crusty, hacking and sniffling. Lord, when it 2015 gonna scoot on out and take all of its challenges with it?

I’m actually glad that we’re getting this out of the way now so that way they’ll be back to health (hopefully) before we head out of here for the holiday. As long as we don’t get Mama sick. I got sick last year for Christmas and that shit really sucked.

Little boys went through the get-to-school routine fairly well this morning. Not a lot of fighting, not a lot of shilly-shallying… it didn’t all click for me until we got into the car and we were on our way to school. Major opened up with what both boys were thinking:

“Mama, how do we know if we’re on the nice list?”

Oh yes. Mama, how do they know? “Well, I don’t know. I guess you know in your heart. Have you been a good little boy this year?”

Minor: “I’ve been nice?”

Me: “Really? Weren’t you throwing toys in the playroom yesterday?”

Minor’s got no answer to that.

Major: “But I’ve been pretty nice. Right, Mama?”

Me: “Well, when you hit your brother yesterday, was that very nice?”

Major: “No, I guess not.”

Me: “I’m just saying… Richard the First sees everything that you guys are doing, and he tells Santa everything.”

A deep, fearful silence came over the back seat of our little Fusion. It was kind of amazing.

Now don’t jump all over me for being a cruel and terrible mother. I’m facing down probably the toughest week in December. There is an intersecting point in the month where parents hit their peak holiday bandwidth and children hit their peak holiday giddiness. We’re too far from Christmas to keep their excitement in line with last ditch efforts (and keep them busy with family gatherings and various parties) and yet too close to Christmas to keep our adult sentiments jolly and light. This is where the logistics of the holiday really start to ramp up and things are clicking at full capacity.

So, a healthy dose of “OMG I’m not gonna get any gifts if I keep hitting my bother” is just what the doctor ordered. I don’t have the time to deal with it this week, especially because I lost almost the entirety of last week!

It was enough, at least, to get through the car ride to school. It even got them through the car ride home. They got back here and, within 15 minutes of stepping into this house, proceeded to fall back into the nonsense. Throwing, hitting, pushing, screaming… can I take the bread out of the bag to make you lunch for God’s sake?

So I sent them right up for a nap. Seriously. And you know what? Their sleeping! Christmas Miracle! Being excited is exhausting.

It’s gonna be a long week, Dear Reader.

My biggest concern right now: how I’m going to give myself a retwist when I don’t have full range of motion in my right index finger? Also, there is a hole in that finger, so that’s gonna be awkward, seeing as there is a lot of shea butter and oils involved… That’s gonna be an adventure in the morning.

The good news? I can still knit. And that’s very good news indeed, because I have one more craft that must be done by Christmas or else! So I’m keeping this post short today so that I can get dinner started and get a couple of rows in before I serve, then I’ll knit until I fall asleep tonight. Oh, the joys of holiday crafting!

I’m telling myself it’s 1/3rd complete, but that might be a horrible, horrible lie…


What are you up to, Dear Reader? Happy Monday!

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