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3 years ago

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Photo: One of the many awesome pictures that my good friend took of us for our Christmas cards. She took so many pictures and it’s such a shame that only 3 made it on the actual card! Anyway, yeah, they’re cute or whatever… but they are taking years off my life, Dear ReaderYears!


I had a moment with the boys a few hours after I posted on Monday. It was one of those Mommy, The Great and Powerful moments. Because they just… they lost their little minds. Full blown hysteria: running around the house, dropping toys, throwing toys, jumping on each other’s stomachs… they done tore up my living room and ran through my kitchen while I was cooking! Nothing was broken, thank God, but there were many close calls!

Even Richard the First couldn’t seem to keep them in line. “Richard is watching you! He’s going to tell Santa that you aren’t following directions!” How many times do I need to say in a day “no, don’t do that,” “no, baby, stop that,” “little boys, I know you know better,” and so forth? It was one of those days when there just aren’t enough timeouts in the world, they won’t nap, and I’m not having it.

Finally, I’d lost it, and it had to go down.

I picked up my phone.

“I don’t think you understand, gentlemen. Mommy is a big deal. Mommy can call Santa directly and he will answer the phone!”

There was a moment of doubt, mostly from Minor. Minor is not fully bought in to the Santa thing. I thought he was going to call my bluff and I was going to be screwed. But Major, my conservative and cautious first born, he took the threat pretty seriously. Full stop, toys down, eyes wide.

“But… nooooooooo, you can’t do that!

“Oh, but I can! Why do you think Mommy keeps a land line? That’s the only way to call Santa! Can’t call Santa from no cell phone! So don’t test me any more! Go on to the playroom and play nicely, or I’m going to call Santa right now!”

That child went to the playroom so fast…

and when Minor didn’t follow, Major came back out and snatched up his brother.


Also…  probably the only time I’m going to be able to use that one. Hope I didn’t pop that weapon too early in the month.. that won’t come back to bite me, will it?

I really must say that the boys have been getting a lot better at this. I’m going for longer stretches of time between little boy “crises” that result in all of the air being taken out of the house. Minor is going through the 3 year-old stage of needing to fully meltdown at every whim at his discretion. Sometimes, things roll off his back. Other times, those same things will have him sobbing uncontrollably, hyperventilating and inconsolable. It’s the completely unpredictable nature of it that raises my blood pressure.

BUT, I think a key reason why little boys have been living more harmoniously of late is because we spent the whole entire summer outside. Lots of space to roam, lots of sunshine to warm relations, lots of time to figure it out…

but our outdoor days are numbered. Super duper numbered. Still in double digits, but dwindling down to nothing. You know what else we’re running out of time for? The playroom… eventually, it will be too cold in there for the space heater to compete with, so that means all toys are going to end up in the living room. The great debate between me and The Husband right now is this: are we putting toys in their room, too?

A year ago, this question would have been dismissed out of hand, but I think it’s something we really ought to consider. No playroom means that they are with me in the living room all day. There will be days when we won’t be able to go anywhere, not even outside. If we have a winter like we had in the early part of this year, we might actually go for upwards of an entire week without leaving the house sometimes. That means a lot of time in the same room of the house and a lot of pressure on me to keep them entertained without a) turning on the television or b) just allowing them to tear up the joint.


if there are some toys in their room and they can split their time between the upstairs and downstairs… could I make my life a little easier this winter? Without need for the changing table anymore, I have an entire corner that I could make use of… especially if I only put soft toys up there like teddy bears and junk… maybe a puzzle or two. Quiet toys…

or am I setting myself for epic morning and bedtime battles? Will loud toys just migrate up the stairs and wake me up at 6am?

Small house. Growing boys. Long winters. This is a recipe for disaster.

One of ya’ll must have a house in the tropics somewhere that I can borrow for a few months, right? Right?


There is a cold rain falling on the farmhouse today. But it’s still rain, so I’m grateful! Let’s hope it stays above the freezing mark for a while longer! I’m looking forward to a little knitting, a little writing and making a little pizza for my boys today. Good day for a movie too, hm? Maybe we’ll finally watch the Minons movie or something…

Stay warm out there, Dear Reader. Stay productive, too. I’ll see you Friday for Quiet Thoughts.


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