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3 years ago

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Photo: My past 30ish hours captured in a picture–4 loaves of brioche, 4 loaves of pumpkin bread, 15 cinnamon rolls and 1 tupperware-full of pumpkin cream cheese frosting for the school breakfast and fundraiser sale this morning. Off camera? A tray of brownies because little boys were pissed they couldn’t have pumpkin bread.  Yeah… that happened. Oh yeah, and it didn’t happen in a vacuum! I hosted the boiler man (boiler is fine), I did two loads of laundry, I took our old Comcast boxes to the UPS store, I even took the boys to the park and I still deal with bathroom incidents and still prepared three meals!  OH! And I finished most of the draft of Act III. Boom. Don’t tell me moms do nothing all day!


I think the ghost visited the house last night.

Seriously! There were strange beeps and shadows in the corner of my eye while I was writing. I think that he was here, just paying us a visit… wondering why the house is such a damn mess. The man who lived here died in this house during the holidays… so this is totally within the realm of possibility! 

I’m not kidding! I’m really serious! I know something was here last night and it tied my stomach into knots!

My husband: “You know… you’re kind of exhausted.”

Ok, but I still saw what I saw!

“You’ve been on your feet all day and you’ve been staring down at your notebook for a long time. You’re also a bit stressed out.”

I mean, ok, but seriously! I saw a shadow! I heard the beeps! 

He stayed with me in the living room last night until about 9:30 when I finished my scene and finally gave up on my day. “I’ve got one more scene. I really needed to finish today,” I yawned. But then he sorta shepherded me up the stairs toward bed and sleep.

When I woke up, my scene was still unwritten, my house was still a mess. But the feeling of the ghostly visit was gone… but that doesn’t mean that my husband was right! It just means that the ghost decided that his inspection was over and he went on his way to haunt another place!

Don’t make that face at the computer, Dear Reader! I’m not crazy!

I’m pretty exhausted, though. Much baking, much writing, much fighting with children. I’ve hit all the beats, but Lord have I done it in a hasty fashion. I’m sitting here dizzy tired.

You know how crazy I got this morning? I got the two kids, the 8 loaves of bread, the 15 cinnamon rolls and the pumpkin cream cheese in the car 10 minutes late this morning

and forgot my purse.

Which contains my wallet and my license. Not to mention the knitting and writing I had planned to do during the down-time while kids were in school.

Didn’t realize it until I’d arrived at school after driving like a crazy woman. God was really looking out today! So I set up for the fundraiser, served food and was very pleasant, made a bunch of sales, which was nice and then…

drove very safely back to my house! 

Thank you, Lord, for not giving me a ticket today. Thank you!

Here is the great news: I’m done with the school fundraiser. I have two “jobs” at school, the fundraiser and the occasional cleaning of toys. From here, it’s really easy. It’s annoying that this happened to fall smack in the middle of November, but it is what it is. I’m done and, while I’m feeling stressed about editing, Act III is drafted. I just need to get it into the computer so I can begin to edit.

I also need to wash my hair. My locs are just… straw. Crispy, crunchy straw. Awful…

But I can’t do that until I clean my bathroom. You know why? …. I’ll spare you the details. Let’s just say there is no way I can deal with that in its current condition. Which means, scrubbing.

You know what else is gonna have to be put back together? My kitchen. That big country sink is full to the brim…

Who decided that Sesame Street shouldn’t be an hour anymore? Can’t get any work done!


I’m going to step away from my computer to continue to make life happen. When I’m done doing all that stuff, you know what time it’s gonna be? Make-dinner o’clock. Probably stout ‘oclock, too!

I hope that you are also being productive, though hopefully significantly less stressed and significantly more graceful than I am right now. I’m grateful for being able-bodied, smart and capable of getting all of this done. Don’t tell me this stay-at-home motherhood thing ain’t work. I don’t think I’ve ever worked so hard!

I’ll see you Friday for some sort of Quiet Thoughts. Maybe about ghosts. I hear your snickers, Dear Reader!

10 Replies to “Totally Not Losing My Mind…”

    1. No way! Ghosts are totally real! I mean, maybe they are exaggerated in the movies with the death and the blood and junk… you can you REALLY say that you’ve never walked into an empty room and felt something there?

  1. KC, I am sorry I don’t have time to read all your posts but the picture of all the baked goods was like a magnet (maybe it was the ghost calling me?).
    Wow, you got it girl. Those baked goods look amazing. Now I’m in the mood for cinnamon rolls. 🙂 I hope you have a nice and relaxing tea/coffee break (after you scrub the bathroom floor).

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