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3 years ago

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Photo: The massive leaf pile didn’t make it to the compost, so little boys were able to use it as their playground. There was much jumping, swimming, fighting, throwing, driving into it, digging into it, kicking it… A few last happy moments with the leaves that we’ve so enjoyed. Now time for them to break down so they can feed my growing garden next spring!

I took the ugly metal tower rack that we bought two weeks after Major was born out of the nursery today. It’s been used for four years as the “diaper tower,” holding the diapers, wipe warmer, diaper rash cream, lotion… it was an essential piece of furniture in that nursery.

But the last box of diapers was purchased last month and has gone hardly used. I have an entire box of baby wipes that has gone unopened (and a half box that is unused as well!). Diaper rash is a thing of the past… the changing table itself has collected a layer of dust.

So that diaper tower is now a shoe rack in the kitchen. A very ugly and out-of-place piece of furniture that still serves an essential purpose: keep the shoes out of my way so I stop tripping over them!

I don’t know what we’re going to do about that changing table. I don’t think it can be taken apart. I know my husband is going to come at me some day soon with the “do you want me to sell it?” or the “my co-worker is having a baby, and…” Same thing with those two cribs (now toddler beds)! What are we going to do with them when we do the big switch-over to the big-boy beds in the spring?

Is it awful that I don’t want to get rid of them? Would you believe me if I told you that I want to keep them? You know… just in case?

You’re like: “Girl, you are so cray.”

Clearly I am! Not enough sleep! Or maybe it’s the season. The trees are newly naked, the air is cold and raw, and the meteorologist is talking about snow in the northern portions of the region over the weekend, “but I wouldn’t be surprised if there are snowflakes in [far west MetroWest].” The warm time is so short around here! How can you possibly expect me to accept that snow is on the map again? There is entirely too much change in the air right now!

Anyway, it’s funny. When we found out we were pregnant with Major, we had this spacious apartment in a sorta sketchy area in MetroBoston. We’d just signed a new lease, actually, for a smaller place in a brand new development maybe two weeks before we found out. We moved our stuff into that tiny place and that was bad enough, but then we had to get all of that baby stuff: Swing! Playmat! High chair! bottles! Crib! Baby tub! Changing table! Sleep-sofa for relatives to crash on! The change to our home was jarring. Adorable, but jarring.

It seems that the dismantling will be just as abrupt. Now you see it, now you don’t. Wow… I don’t know if I’m ready.

They’ll make me ready. Major took it upon himself to pick up some chalk and write his name on the refrigerator. He has dabbled with the first letter of his name, even the last, but never putting all of them together. It was funky in the way that new writing is, but they were all there… he did it! I really couldn’t believe it! I was too proud–taking pictures and sending a bunch of texts and emails like a crazy woman. My baby, writin’ his name like a big boy! You should have seen the grin on his face. Later that evening, he wrote a letter E for his brother (calling it a “diagram”) and said to him, “here, I made a diagram so that you can write an E, too!”

You just want to squeeze them to little itty bits!

Then they run around your house and distribute their toys everywhere and destroy their painted macaroni necklaces in your kitchen and pronounce, “I know you’re gonna clean that up, Mommy.”

Then you want to smack their little bum-bums.

Speaking of bum-bums, here is the number one thing I hate about two little boys who are potty trained: my bathroom stinks. It just stinks all the time! I can’t keep it clean. I don’t know where the pee is going or how it is getting there, but I’m just saying that my bathroom seems to forever smell like pee. It’s just… I hate it. I hate it sooooo much. What woman has time to scrub her bathroom two, sometimes three times a week!? That’s what I’m doing right now! And yeah, I got the lovely lavender-smelling cleaning gel that sticks to the side of the toilet, hoping that would help with the smell. Well, now my bathroom smells like lavender and pee! Bleck!

It’s true what they say: it doesn’t get better, it just gets different.

I’m off to edit so that I can stay on par for NaNo. Then maybe I’ll knit…

(Who am I kidding? I’ll be asleep before 9:30. )

But you, Dear Reader, I hope you will be up and productive this evening! I’ll see you Friday for Quiet Thoughts (not about pee).

9 Replies to “All This Change!”

  1. Seven years with the urine smell. Never again. Bout made me lose my mind. However, i did find hat using the doggie urine cleaners and removers helped becuz theyre made to break those enzymes down.

  2. I’m so glad I’m not the only one who constantly smells pee! I figured out that those ‘misses’ behind the seat (and somehow completely behind the toilet) and drips down the front were the cause. I also started making him clean it up himself and its MUCHHH better now. He doesn’t want to touch the pee either so he makes sure it makes it to the bowl. I clean everything else in there but the toilet is all him.

  3. I still have my cot/ bed in the rafters in the garage. And the good, wooden high chair/ toddler chair and table. Yeah. My ‘baby’ is fifteen.

    As for pee, well. Can you believe that I used to have carpet in my bathrooms? That was replaced with tiles a month or so into the stage you are at now.

    1. Oh man… carpet in bathrooms. I remember when everybody had that! And remember when people used to put those fuzzy mats around their toilets? Like, right at the foot of them… those probably used to reek!!

      Do you think you’ll keep that baby furniture forever? Two of my friends just announced their third babies and I’m like… *sigh*. Is it natural to get baby blues after the “last” baby reaches a milestone like this? I just feel a strong urge to have another one, and that’s SO silly…

      1. I suspect husband has forgotten the baby stuff is there so will remain unless it gets in his way. We will not be having any more (I am old!!)

        In many ways I think our lack of planning, beyond stopping contraception, made things easier. I do sometimes wish I had found the energy for a fourth, as a friend for number three 🙂

        If you have another baby it will be loved.

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