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To Major Went the Spoils

3 years ago

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Photo: It was a rare blue-sky November day and I just had to take a picture. This photo was taken today around 1:15, but already the sun is casting deep, deep shadows across the yard thanks to Autumn’s natural rhythm but also Daylight Savings. The change of seasons keeps life interesting. But oh… I’m not ready. It feels like the trees only just go their leaves, and now they’re gone, almost naked again…


I’m sitting here wondering where the hell my weekend went, Dear Reader. It seems like absolutely nothing was normal and thus it all went by pretty quickly. All of the moms gathered this morning and scratched their heads. Isn’t Halloween supposed to be a silly holiday? How does it just eat your life for an entire weekend like that?

There is also the added detail that The Husband was out all last week on business. So I had batty little boys who were too excited when they woke up on Saturday morning because a) it was Halloween,  b) their father told them he was coming back on Halloween and c) their father told them he was coming back on Halloween and bringing them presents. Sooooo, to recap: sugar-filled holiday, they were sick of me anyway, their father is clearly their favorite parent regardless and dude bro was comin’ back with gifts.

Saturday morning sucked.

But we all managed. I got work done, I was able to keep them playing nicely because I had all the leverage and so when we finally got in the car to pick up Daddy at Logan, they were actually doing ok. Picking up Daddy at the airport is big doings anyway: tunnels! airplanes! buses! Woo hoo!

Funny thing though: by the time we got to my friends’ place for trick-or-treating and Halloween fun, my boys were already fading. Minor especially! He’d actually fell asleep in the car and was difficult to rouse.

Major had enough energy to play and put on his costume. Last year was his first year really understanding Halloween and trick-or-treating, so this year was all about it being fun and not new anymore. He knew where to go, what to say, what to do… he couldn’t wait! When it was time to get started, he raced off!


Let’s put it this way, Dear Reader: about half-way down the trick-or-treat route, Minor was all set. He went to his last house, walked right up to me, took my hand and simply said, “I want to go to our home now.”

I told The Husband to stay with Major and I’d just sit with Minor at our friend’s house until Major was done. I walked Minor about half-way down the street, he came to a cold stop and was like, “I can’t walk anymore.” I picked him up (35 pounds plus costume… ooof!) and carried him. That boy was asleep before I got to the end of the block. Really! Poor little guy. Hopefully he’ll have more fun next year. I’m not going to force it, though. Lord knows, if I could skip this holiday, I would!

Of course, now I’m faced with the same dilemma so many other mothers are. I’m sitting here with all this candy (Not a single bag of Skittles… grrr… No Starbursts, either! What the hell, ya’ll?) and I’m waiting for little boys to get sick of it. The rule is very strict: no candy until after dinner, and that’s if you eat your dinner! They’ve been pretty good about it so far, but I know that’s gonna get old fast. We’ll see.

Did I mention that my husband went to California last week and then came back with a Level 4 ManFlu? *sigh* Of course, he claimed he was fine, did trick-or-treating (it really was a big help), went to (extra long All Saints Day) church, and then decided to do some yard work instead of resting. So what did I get this morning? Just… hot mess full sickness can’t get out of bed Husband…

and is he gonna go to work tomorrow? Your guess is as good as mine, Dear Reader!

So I’m still on all-day kid duty. It’s day 2 of NaNo, ya’ll and I’m supposed to have something polished to post on Friday. It’s gonna be a long night…

but I will prevail!

I’m off to keep writing, Dear Reader. I’ll see you Wednesday. Hopefully with a healthier husband so I can get a little more time back. 🙂

Until then, take care!

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