I'll Sleep in December

Photo: Your eyes do not deceive you. That’s four flower beds ready for next year’s planting! They are filled with our compost, and we’ve just gotta buy soil for them next year. One will be for tomatoes and herbs, another for flowers, another for “fun” stuff like melons and pumpkins, and the other for greens! We’re already looking for seed catalogs! This has turned into a bit of an obsession!


I have to start this post with news from the front lines of the Second Potty War:

Guess who wore big-boy underroos to school on Friday!?!?!?!?!

I’m so excited!

Ursa Minor woke up on Wednesday and just decided that he was potty trained. One minute I’m fighting the same old battles around the potty and junk, then the next minute I hear that tell-tale plop and I’m screaming and dancing. Me and Major, just losing our minds: “[MINOR] POOPED IN THE POTTY!!!!”

“I sure did! I sure, sure did!” He sang.

And the best thing: “I get to wear underroos!”

Lemme tell you how cute this baby is: Minor was so proud of getting to wear his big-boy underroos that he didn’t want to play in the dirt when we went outside later that day because he didn’t want to get them dirty. “I don’t want to get dusty dirt on them!” He explained. Major and I had to tell him that his pants would protect the underroo, so no need to worry. This seemed to appease.

Have I bought my last box of Pampers!? Perhaps!

(Yes, that’s a bittersweet thing… then again, I’m pumped about saving $45 a month!)

Of course… he hasn’t, um… evacuated… since Saturday… so I’m sitting here holding my breath hoping that when he does do his thing, he does it in the right place. So I cannot declare full victory yet, but I am happy to report that we are very close!

Ok, now that’s out of the way, I don’t have anything to write about. 🙂

Not true. We were busy people all weekend. Popular little boys were invited to two birthday parties: the first, a smashing costume party where they got to show off their Halloween personas. Adorable pictures will come on Friday. Don’t wanna ruin it before the actual day. The second was an awesome Rainsforest Rangers Reptile Show birthday party where little boys got to see alligators and lizards and snakes. (I couldn’t be in the room with the big ass boa constrictor–who totally coiled around the ranger’s neck like he was gonna eat him whole. Why does everybody think that big crazy snakes hanging out and intermingling with humans is a good idea?) This is the second time I’ve seen such a show at a birthday party. They seem really easy and awesome, very tempting. but why snakes, ya’ll? Why snakes?

This is one of those rough weeks to be a parent because my boys already have a bunch of candy and that’s pretty much the only thing they can think about. Major has asked every single day for the last 5 days when Halloween is. “Is today Halloween? Do I get to go trick-or-treating today?”

“No, dear, we’re going to go trick-or-treating soon, but not today!”

“But I really want it to be today!”

I must admit that Halloween is my least favorite of the annual holidays. I get my bad attitude from my mother, who out-and-out hates it and was happy to tell us so when we were kids. She went through the motions of getting us costumes and getting candy for the house and marching us around the neighborhood… but her heart wasn’t in it. We weren’t the house with cobwebs on the bushes and ghosts in the trees. One carved pumpkin for each little girl and that’s it! I really must say that I get it now: It’s a lot to drop some $60 on two costumes for little boys and gear up for the 7-day long sugar-high that is the before-and-after for this thing. The boys are a handful on any given day, but add darkness and other people’s houses to the mix and it’s just a disaster. Major wanted to go in the houses last year! Minor often refused to go to the door! Who knows what will happen this year? All I know is, I’ve got a headache just thinking about it.

And then next day, I’ll get up early and get to writing. National Novel Writing Month starts on Sunday, Dear Reader! I can’t wait! I am taking on the same challenge that I did last year: I’m going to write the sequel to the story that I wrote last year in the same way: one act per week, written and fully edited and then posted to this blog on Friday mornings (hopefully. Might be afternoons). I have an outline that is over 30 pages long! I am also mentoring five over mothers who are taking on the challenge for the first time, and I really hope that they’ll be successful. Believe it or not, this is my fourth year mentoring. Many of my mentees have “won” NaNoWriMo and I’m hoping this group will too. We’ll see!

Are you doing NaNoWriMo this year, Dear Reader? If you are, please write with me! If not, I hope you’ll pop in here early and often in November just to see my wordcount keep climbing.

And yeah, I’ll be blogging. And helping with the Fall fundraiser at school. And doing all the Mom things that I normally do. And cooking Thanksgiving dinner. My big goal, aside from all my other goals? To not have any blog-fails next month. Not a one. I’m gonna do everything I want and need to do and I’m not gonna drop this blog.

Think I can do it?

(anyone wanna write me a guest post? You know… just in case?)

(I know, I think I’m crazy too!)

I’m going for it. Wish me luck!

I plan to have my word widget and a little description of my story up by Friday.

In the mean time, I hope you are enjoying the awesome autumn colors. It’s gorgeous out there! There is rain coming this week that is going to make a lot of these leaves drop! Enjoy while you still can!

See you Wednesday!

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  1. Tikeetha T says:

    It sounds like you have a busy November. But, yes you can do it.

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